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Helping organizations develop solutions to respond to challenging market conditions. Creating your competitive advantage.

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GSMS Client Brochure

  1. 1. About Global Strategic Management Solutions GSMS has considerable experience in solving com- plex assessments and interventions. Strategies are based on the ideals of solving problems for the benefit of our client while striving to create a sustainable or- ganization. By aligning competencies to corporate strategic business objectives, everyone in the organization drives toward achieving the goals of the busi- ness. Applying a systemic approach integrates devel- Let us Create opment mapped to the competencies to create consis- tency across all human performance areas, thus ena- bling the organization to achieve higher return on the Your Competitive time and money invested in its human capital. Advantage Helping organizations develop solutions to respond to challenging market conditions. Tel. 561.208.1071 | 866.417.2415 Visit us on the web Global Strategic Management Solutions Global Strategic Management Solutions We constantly face new challenges and devise solu- tions to solve complex problems with an entrepreneu- rial spirit. GSMS would be pleased to discuss how we can work with your organization to cost-effectively Tel: 561.208.1071 solve your organizational challenges
  2. 2. Our Clients Motto: Recipe for Success Let’s Get Started Right Now! Change is necessary and good…. Culture of an Empowered Organization focuses on questioning how and why things are done, and its man- Hiring & Retention agers constantly refine best practices and take risks. The success any company hinges on its ability to make intelligent Our clients recruit for attitude and train for skill. They choices when hiring and retaining its top talent. Our proven know that empowered people grow like trees. Atti- methodology behind how we assess job candidates has saved tude is the root system. Core competencies are the companies millions of dollars in costly turnover and increases trunk. Specific skills are the branches. the quality of the hires. Reduce your costs by hiring the right em- ployees! Our clients develop an empowered workforce by coaching, training, and nurturing their team members. They keep coaching and training. Empowered employ- Culture ers accept the fact that people make mistakes. Mis- takes are treated like learning experiences. Mistakes We believe that the GAP Metrics are Leading Indicators for do cost money but an empowered workforce will make overall organizational performance, including financial perform- far more money for its employer. ance, and if you proactively work on these root cause leading indicators, you can improve or forecast financial performance Empowered people lead outside the organization lines and other backward looking accounting measures. by owning their jobs. They don’t do just what needs to be done but they think about how they could work Development & Planning smarter. When it comes to solving problems, they do their homework and make recommendations that are Your growth depends on effective coaching, training, and pro- backed by implementation plans. moting the right people to the right job at the right time. We GSMS would be pleased to discuss how we can develop customized training and coaching that is specific to the work with your organization to cost-effectively needs analysis from your GAP Metrics. solve your organizational challenges. Change Management To be successful, changes in competitive strategy will require a consistent change in people, work roles, organizational structure, and technology. Internal changes in the organizational approach to improve human capability will require organizational learning, and an alignment of the strengths and values within the organiza- tion. By aligning the strengths and values within the organization, it will improve the overall success of the competitive strategy Global Strategic Management Solutions and meet with the long-term goals of the organization. Empowered employees also accept responsibility and accountability for their actions. They make things happen, rather than let things happen. They are win- ners, not whiners. They do not think of their job as a job, but as their business. They want to make their business succeed. Phone: 561.208.1071 Toll-Free: 866.417.2415