Does management behavior affect employee productivity

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A business cannot make it without employees. However, so many times management loses sight on the best way to lead them to have them be the most productive.

A business cannot make it without employees. However, so many times management loses sight on the best way to lead them to have them be the most productive.

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  • 1. Global Strategic Management Solutions, Inc. DOES MANAGEMENT BEHAVIOR AFFECT EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY? Tags: Communications, Effective Management, LeadershipDr. Doreen McGunagle | 866.417.2415 | Page 1
  • 2. Global Strategic Management Solutions, Inc.A business cannot make it without employees. However, so many timesmanagement loses sight on the best way to lead them to have them be themost productive. When this happens employees become disgruntled workersoften and the quality of the work delivered suffers. Now a manager can alsobe a positive influence and lead his employees in a successful manner. It isjust how he approaches his job that will make the difference.I used to have a manager that came to work unshaven and would shave inhis office. That gave us employees the impression that he was unpreparedfor the day ahead. Not exactly the type of impression a manager shouldgive. You as the manager should show up prepared for the day in all waysand enthusiastically.If you are grumpy and grouchy your employees are liable to take on thesame attitude. This is not exactly a productive way to guide those underyou. It is best to be in a positive, pleasant mood as much as possible. Evenwhen you have to handle difficult situations you should do it in a dignifiedmanner.No one feels comfortable at work if the management is blowing a fuse everytime things to do not go right. This can intimidate employees and make itDr. Doreen McGunagle | 866.417.2415 | Page 2
  • 3. Global Strategic Management Solutions, Inc.hard for them to feel like part of the team. Under these conditions theemployees find is difficult to work to potential. They become braced for thenext blowup. To learn more download our white paper, Secrets to EffectiveLeadership.If things are not going like they are supposed to as manager do not justrake everyone over verbally. Ask questions and find out where the problemsare. Then work with your employees to find the right solutions. This makeseveryone feel included in the process.When you learn to instill enthusiasm in your staff of people, you see such adifference in productivity. This makes the employees fully engaged and candeepen their commitment to their jobs. This will also keep from there beingsuch a turnover in employees too.Workers who are happy in the jobs are much less likely to leave on theirown, even when other opportunities appear, than disgruntled ones. Thegoal of any management should be to make the work environment pleasantand productive. When this is done successfully everyone wants to beinvolved with the various projects and duties done each day. Turnover ofemployees can cost the company big time.So yes management can affect the employees productivity in either apositive or negative manner. Which type of boss do you want to be? OneDr. Doreen McGunagle | 866.417.2415 | Page 3
  • 4. Global Strategic Management Solutions, Inc.that encourages people to do their best, or one that discourages people fromcaring? Hopefully, you want to be the first kind of boss. Remember to set agood example for your employees on how they should handle theirworkload. If you go about your day with enthusiasm it will rub off down theline. When you do this the right way success will follow.Learn more about leadership by downloading our FREE white paper, Secretsto Effective Leadership.Dr. Doreen McGunagle | 866.417.2415 | Page 4