Soviet Mentality 2007
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Soviet Mentality 2007



An updated version of this PowerPoint that better complements by Russian Revolution PPT.

An updated version of this PowerPoint that better complements by Russian Revolution PPT.



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Soviet Mentality 2007 Soviet Mentality 2007 Presentation Transcript

  • The Soviet Union: Totalitarian State
    • Within the party not considered as a great thinker, writer, or effective public speaker
    • Often described as cold, hard, and impersonal, a “grey blur”
    • Played only a small role in the Russian Revolution of 1917
    The Grey Blur
  • Joseph Stalin
    • As General Secretary of the Communist Party, Stalin was able to consolidate his power by exerting total control over the details of party structure –
    • Stalin appeared to provide a sense of security and direction for the future
  • Joseph Stalin “ We are fifty or a hundred years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it or we shall be crushed” – Stalin
  • Socialism in One Country
    • Lenin’s worldwide revolution delayed, unattainable
    • Duty of USSR to first create strong socialist state - must be able to ward off enemies!
  • Socialism in One Country
    • Industrialization
      • Series of 5 year plans
      • Fantastic results - by 1930’s was worlds 3rd leading industrial power!
  • Socialism in One Country
    • Agricultural Revolution
      • 1928 seized 25 million privately owned farms
      • Established gov’t owned farms called collectives
  • Socialism in One Country
    • Costs
      • Brutal techniques used against workers and farmers
      • Secret police coerced population to meet economic goals
      • Massive famine un Ukraine kills 5-10 million
  • Socialism in One Country
  • Soviet Mentality
    • The people accepted difficulties and sacrificing – Czars and communists had controlled people through force, fear
    • Promises of prosperity and something great coming soon were believed
  • Soviet Mentality
    • Brutality of the state was for their own protection
    • Checka, then NKVD, terrorized people – they were genuinely afraid
    • “ Politicals” - Enemies of the people who were arrested for alleged spying, disloyalty, etc. Received worse punishments then common criminals
    • Gulags
  • Gulags
  • Gulags
  • Gulags
  • Gulags
  • Gulags
  • Gulags
  • The Great Terror 1937-38
    • Arrests - about 7 million
    • Executed - about 1 million
    • Died in camps - about 2 million
    • In prison, late 1938 - about 1 million
    • In camps, late 1938 - about 8 million
    • Only 10% in camps survived
  • The Great Terror 1937-38
    • Those arrested include original Bolsheviks, military officers, party members
    • Stalin’s signature appears on death warrants of over 600,0000
    • History is re-written
  • Changing History Four... Three... Two... One...
  • Changing History
  • Full Circle...
    • Stalin dies in 1953
    • “ All of us around Stalin were temporary”
    • “ Destalinization” of the USSR under Kruschev
  • Full Circle...
  • Thought Questions
    • Why didn’t the people of the Soviet Union rise up?
    • What do you think you could do to stay safe?
    • Who was probably most at risk?