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DLM Innovative Arts

  1. 1. Transforming Marketing into MasterpiecesPRINT | WEB | IMAGING | PHOTOGRAPHY
  2. 2. New TOOL Tri Fold Brochure From the Earth… for the Earth® PUTS T NATU wHAT DOeS APeX-10 DO FOr New TOOL FOr LANDSCAPerS YOUr TreeS, SHrUBS AND TUrF? With APEX-10 the difference is simple. Plants and turf are stronger, healthier, and more resistant to stress. APEX-10 ABOUT NATUre’S wONDer Nature’s Wonder is the Agriculture and Horticulture division of JSH international (JSHi), a global Bio-Environmental company located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. The Company develops, manufactures and markets Eco-Friendly products designed to have a positive impact on our PUTS THE POWER OF environment. The vision behind Nature’s Wonder comes from the founder of JSHi, Jirair S. Hovnanian. Mr. Hovnanian understood the powerful and positive impact that unique products derived from natural materials could have on our lands, waters, and energy production. His vision remains NATURE IN YOUR with us today and is the driving force behind the Company’s mission to “harness the power of natural materials to promote environmental stewardship, operational efficiency, sustainability and a healthier work place while being cost effective and socially responsible in creating business opportunities.” • SUPERIOR STRESS TOLERANCE HANDS! Industry optimized variations of this organic product are offered within the JSH international Family of companies and manufactured in the U.S.A. Visit www.JSHinternational.net to learn more. • SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED Join us in making this a healthier and more environmentally friendly world to live in. TRANSPLANT LOSS RATE • FERTILIZER & WATER EFFICIENCY From the Earth... For the Earth® 303 Birchfield Drive, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 856-234-4540 www.NaturesWonder.com www.NaturesWonder.com From the Earth... For the Earth® $ wHAT IS APeX-10? An all-natural product that enhances natural reTUrN ON INVeSTMeNT processes: APEX-10 is an investment that will contribute to your bottom line. Using APEX-10 means less 4 A proprietary liquid organic formula labor, less inputs, less replacements! 4 Derived from highly humified peat sources 4 Blended through a patented stabilization and extraction process N P r OV e YOU SAVe SIX wAYS: HOw APeX-10 wOrKS D AND T e ST e vironm ental Sc iences As proven through University studies and Field use, Soil En 4 Save money on replacements the formula has the unique ability to: op and ch higher nt of Cr nditions” ined mu 4 De partme ught Co Dro X-10 reta the control . Plant successfully in weaker soil 4 Accelerate root growth ia Tech During ted with APE pared to A. Virg in ctivit y tgrass trea when com intain roo t 4 Cut fertilizer costs 4 Increase the soil microbe population & its activity nt Produ ons, ben function and ma ing Pla t conditi sustained to grow 4 4 Feed mycorrhizal fungi “Enhanc ½ weeks of drough ed growth and , a greate r ability Reduce water expenses ing 3 ing, sustain ncy 4 Optimize plant metabolism • Follow lity, less wilt ical efficie t stress. 4 Bring turf to maturity faster visual qua photochem during drough greater ivity 4 Have greener, stronger plants and turf under confirmed antioxidant act • Results greater wHAT IS THe APeX-10 DIFFereNCe? mass and drought conditions c. APEX-10 is derived from a source that is significantly more bioactive than lignite or leonardite, rig ation, In ing & Ir ted the and our advanced, patented process produces a formulation much more active than those La ndscap water. uld have trea ph’s t with less eph’s wo produced by other processes. As a result, you’ll find with APEX-10: B. Jose r under ext reme hea X-10, Jos Get APEX-10 today, and experience the ial Lette ch better hout APE 4 50% better performance than leonardite-based humic substances Testimon d up mu in 18 mo nths. Wit APEX-10 difference for yourself! have hel fertilization business. 4 Significantly higher survivability of new turf and transplants • Plants required s for new • Projec t has not s. employee 4 Fertilizer and water are used more efficiently ry 6 month freeing up project eve by 50%, 4 Plants and turf will be more tolerant to stress & drought nt loss rate half. 0 cut pla costs in ces 4 Soil retains higher levels of nutrients • APEX-1 lacement l Scien 4 Plants and turf will be more vibrant in appearance • APEX-1 0 cut rep nmenta Enviro ardite.” d Soil d Leon Crop an EX-10 an APEX-10 adds up to enhanced soil quality and healthier, stronger plants. Since it’s not a matter ment of with AP of if, but when plant stress will happen, be prepared with APEX-10. Depart Strength ia Tech & Root d. C. Virg in lopment sed. usly reporte ot Deve Tiller Densit y Increa n previo “Evalu ating Ro ngth and tha t have bee APeX-10 IS eASY TO USe Root Stre • Root Ma ss, Leonardite made from ic acids r to hum gy For planting and transplanting, dilute 2 ounces per tree in at least 5 gallons and 1 • Superio Patholo gy and egrass.” ounce per shrub in at least 2.5 gallons of water. t Biolo ck y Blu EASY TO MIX of Plan ed Kentu For lawns, dilute 3 ounces for cool season turf and 6 ounces for warm season turf rtment wly Seed in soil. ers Depa ity of Ne applied with sufficient water to cover each 1,000 square feet of turf. D. Rutg Height & Dens and den sity whenFrom the Earth... For the Earth ® “Increas ing ed turfgra ss height 0 enhanc For planting and transplanting trees and shrubs, just pour solution in planting hole • APEX-1 and over rootball. For flowers, dip roots in the solution and plant as normal. ed in Soil.” rporat tention growth. For new turf installations, apply when seed or sod are planted and every 60 days b, Inco trient Re protozoa ls of nutrien ts EASY TO APPLY Foodwe and Nu cteria, and higher leve throughout the growing season. E. Soil Biomass urce for fungi, ba retaining ing zing reso are For existing vegetation or grass, apply every 60 days throughout the growing “Increas ck coloni rganism s in the soil 0 is a qui 0, microo season. • APEX-1 of APEX-1 presence • In the n. EASY TO INTEGRATE and nitroge INTO YOUR EXISTING Mix in the same sprayer tank with fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides. PROGRAM
  3. 3. Catalog
  4. 4. Catalog The Geese Chasers, LLC Franchise Program Who We Are Geese Chasers corporate is committed to your success. Ours is a Geese Chasers, LLC was founded in 1999 by unique concept, offered with a low capital investment and a total Bob Young. While throwing a Frisbee to his newly commitment from management to assist you in your endeavor. acquired, pure-bred, Border Collie “Boomer.” Bob and Boomer were approached by a local golf course owner who A Home-Based Business Opportunity… asked if he would be interested in “Chasing Geese” off his No office or warehouse is needed or required. This means you property in exchange for free golf. won’t have those related costs of leasing and outfitting expensive space to operate your business. The rest, as they say, is history. Bob and Boomer cleared the golf course of geese and they have cleared thousands of acres since then. Your Territory, Your Market… Working closely with you, corporate will assist you in trade area definition of your exclusive market. Criteria employed will be based on our corporate model. The territory will include more than enough prospective customers for a robust and profitable business. What We Do These will include: Geese Chasers, LLC uses highly trained Border Collies • Homeowners Associations in an integrated approach to rid client’s properties of unwanted Canada • Public Parks • Play Grounds Geese. While beautiful to look at, Geese are really “dirty birds!” They not only foul the • Schools • Business Complexes ground with their excrement, they also nest and then attack anyone who comes near. • Industrial Complexes • Golf Courses • And more… Geese Chasers, LLC is the fastest and most humane, effective and affordable method for Canada Goose control. Our method has been extolled on TV, Radio and print media for its Your defined market will be yours, humane effectiveness! exclusively, to work and profit by, with our constant help. For many years, Bob operated his geese chasing business right out of his home, with the help “Your Solution to Goose Pollution” of his wife, Deborah and have bred and trained these amazing and intelligent dogs to herd and “harass” geese, without harm. They have prospered and have built a very large list of satisfied clients. Complete Training and Support… Before you open your Geese Chasers, LLC business, you and your staff will be provided with a training program specifically designed to impart all facets of our proven system and services, sales development methods, customer service aspects, promotional techniques and other management procedures that will enable you to maximize your potential. From opening assistance – to continuous education and sales training – to our service hotline, Geese Chasers Corporate will provide the support needed to help you develop market share. Franchise owners receive a complete set of franchise operations manuals that we will update as developments require concerning marketing, trends and new procedures. Geese Chasers, LLC will train two representatives of your franchise with one week of on-site training in our home territory of Burlington County, New Jersey. This will be followed byA UNIQUE another week of training in your home territory once you have signed your first contract. Geese Chasers, LLC will make available to you our registered Trademark for use in advertising, networking and promotion of your new business.FRANCHISEOPPORTUNITYLearn about a businessyou can operate with... A Simple Operating System That Does Not Require Major Asset Purchases As a Geese Chasers, LLC Franchisee you don’t have the costs of construction or major asset4 mINImUm investment purchases that many Franchises require. No need for cash registers, office leasing, expensive signage, intricate equipment, furniture or fixtures.4 mINImUm staff You Are Never Alone In addition to the complete training program, Geese Chasers, LLC is with4 mINImUm time you all day, every day. Got a problem? Just call our support number for the solution. We cover all aspects of operating a successful business. You will be able to launch your business in full confidence of success. Local Market Advertising Support Geese Chasers, LLC will provide advertising and promotion materials for your use in your market. You will receive publication-ready ads for newspapers and magazines. You will also have a separate page on our Website. Direct mailers to use to recruit new business and be kept continually informed by our newsletter. Most important is Geese Chasers, LLC public relations activities. We will provide you with news releases, starting with your “Grand Opening”, continuing with stories about your business for local publications. And have access to our promotional programs. No Initial Start Up Costs Once you pay your franchise fee, sign the franchise agreement and get trained, you are ready to start. No waiting for construction permits, municipality approvals or finding an acceptable site.
  5. 5. Professional Data Systems offers end-to- end medical technology support systems. From the wall jacks and infrastructure to the computers, peripherals and software, PDS can handle the entire integration. Our Hardware Solutions include: • Computer Equipment • Office Buildout/Relocation • Cabling & Networking Tri Fold Brochure • Network Design & Development Our Software Expertise includes: • EMRs & Clinical Solutions • Surgical Center Management • Billing and Practice Management Systems • SchedulingSince 1997, Professional Data Systems, • Appointment Reminders • System InterfacesInc. (PDS) has been providing practical • PACS systemsInformation Technology (IT) solutions Our Network Solutions include:to meet the specialized needs of the • Installation and Integration of EMRs & Clinical Solutionshealthcare industry. From hardware • On-site and Remote Back-up Here’s why Su rgical • Remote Access Solutions Centers choosupport to complex network and EMR • BlackBerry Enterprise server support se PDS… A few words Healthcare & EM from satisfie • Hosted e-mail R Expertise d customers and partnerinstallations, PDS is a trusted and • Microsoft Exchange mail servers Professional Dat a Systems is focu s. the needs of sed on serving “Based upon • Microsoft Active Directory design the healthcare a strong reco been providing industry and has another surgical mmendation frominnovative leader in medical IT solutions. and set-up hardware support provide our on-s center, we cho se PDS to “We initially eng and integration , installation, ite IT suppor t aged PDS to services to surg the network des assist us with • HIPAA/HITECH Risk Assessments medical practice ical centers & new network infr astructure whi and to design a ign, implementa s for more than implementation ch included the and hardware tion of layout a decade. of a virtual serv infrastructure er. PDS’s upfront network for a new of the compute Because our fo planning and han Ambulatory Sur rOur extensive experience in deploying cus is on medic al IT, we are no ds-on installation Brooklyn, NY. Afte ger y Center in Call us today. Let PDS care for your only a technolo gy resource but t to a flawless tran process led r experiencing practice manage also a medical post-project sup sition. Furthermore, their assessment and hands on man their thoroughsophisticated IT services in a medical computers so you can spend more ment resource por t has bee was also awarded agement, PDS your workflow, H . We They are availab n exceptional. time caring for your patients. IPAA /HITECH req understand le when we call the coordinatio the workstation design, and have a dedicat uirements (we are consistentl and our issues n with the cabling ed HIPA A Com y resolved in a and security , phone systemenvironment, coupled with our team of billing challenge pliance Officer) timely manner. systems for Bro s, EHR issues, , ” Center, LLC. oklyn Surger y recognize the etc. In short, w — Claudette Dow Because of thei needs of the Hea e ns, COO/Admin remarkable cus r knowledge, and have built lthc Short Hills Sur istratorhighly qualified and personable tech- our company arou are Industry ger y Center tomer service this project, they and dedication the IT challeng nd overcoming have also bee to es you face eve provide the on- n engaged to ry day. going IT suppor t needs.”nicians, enables us to effectively manage Reliable and Res Jack Mortell, President ponsive “Somer s Orth — Giovanna Gue rci, With PDS as you opaedic has Chief Operatingall your IT support requirements. r technology sup been a client Offi Tel: 888.816.3819 you can enjoy port partner, PDS since 200 1. They have of Friedlander & Ass cer the benefits of through the grow been our par tner ociates, LLC Email: jack@goprodata.com solutions that are fully support end-to-end IT th of our prac tice, and have Ambulatory Sur ger y Consulting networki SUPPORT ed by medical identified num & Managemen erou THE TRUSTED LEADER IN MEDICAL ITng experts 24 hours been instrumenta s IT solutions that have t www.goprodata.com year. When you do have a prob a day, 365 day s a focus their ene l in helping our physicians is a phone call lem, all it take rgies on prac and we will imm s and caring for ticing medicin your issue. It’s ediately resolve their patients. e, that simple. for an IT par tner If you’re looking , I highly reco www.goprodata.com Hands-On am so pleased with how they mmend PDS. I “Professional Dat suppor ting our a Systems was instrumental in Approach with us to ach ieve our visio have par tnered hard as we transitioned ware and networking needs The medical IT anyone to visit n, that I invi our practice thro specialists at PD our office with te with another grou ugh a merger and tirelessly with S work persona themselves!” PDS to see for p of physicians. the staf f at med lly with the softwar They worked and hospitals. ical practices e vendor s of our We management and call away to add are on-site or just a phone — Bet ty Lander, Office Manage electronic reco new practice ress any train r for bring about a smo rd systems to needs required ing or star t-up Somers Orthopa oth transition with with new hard edic interruptions… out service installations. ware or softwar They truly wer After we get eve e and we recomm e professionals running, PDS rything up and end them high provides continu ly.” each practice ous support to ensuring that — Dr. Jon Rie, from your medic you get the mos “I think Professi Mid-Westcheste al IT investments t onal Data System Medical Associa r . best companies s is one of the tes that we have the last five yea worked with in rs. Everyone that contact [with] we have had was professiona knowledgeable l and extreme . They have resp ly our needs in a onded to all of timely manner. ” — George Rus sell, Integrated Management Ser Physicians vices, Inc.
  6. 6. Product Packaging
  7. 7. Retractable Banners ar For more information ant • B nter Restaur nference Ce call 856.845.8200 g • Co Caterin www.adelphiaweddings.com
  8. 8. 3 Sided Table Tent
  9. 9. NOw EvEN Postcard ClOsEr tO sErvE yOu Professional Data Systems 140 North Rte 17 BEttEr!Our new office is located at: Paramus, NJ 07652 140 North Rte. 17, Paramus, NJ 07652 You care for your patients ted at : We care for your computers Our new office is loca s, NJ 07652 140 North Rte. 17, Paramu | 888.816.3819 x2128 Contact Mark Fernands Contact Mark Fernands 888.816.3819 x2128
  10. 10. Sell SheetDaily We’ve made recontactingOmnibus respondentsA simple way to getquick, dependable, easy andanswers from the Our daily Omnibus surveys give market reliable – Conducting market research projects that require contacting respondents at multiple points in time can saving you researchers the ability to take a pulse amonggeneral population – a census-balanced (age, gender, and region) nationally representative sample of 1,000 be stressful and time consuming. And costly if it involves shipping product to households for testing.any day you need it. U.S. adults. Any day of the week. time, resources, reInvention’s comprehensive profiling system - combined with our intelligent communications Here’s how easy it is…Omnibus surveys are a great way toget feedback on: and worry. platform and our panel of loyal survey participants - makes it easy and cost-effective to • Concept tests Submit your questions* recontact respondents. Whenever you need them. • Trends any day (Monday-Friday) • In Home Usage Tests (IHUTs) at 12:00pm EST • Diaries and Longitudinal Studies We Know More than Just an Email Address • Products and packaging • Qualitative (Online focus groups) Studies While other sample providers only rely on email, • Ad testing reInvention uses numerous access points to • Price points communicate and recontact with respondents. • Pre/Post campaigns Maximizing overall project response rates. Get results at 4:00pm EST • Attitude and usage 3 days later • Incidence Choose a standard data format deliverable such as SPSS, ASCII, or Excel Respondent Care Makes a Difference Respondents expect to be fairly compensated for $300 per question* their time and participation, especially for more *Question Guidelines: 3 question minimum, 15 question maximum complex projects. That’s why reInvention uses cash (contact us for volume discounts) incentives, via easy-to-redeem debit cards, when we conduct recontact studies. Our panelists truly appreciate this payment method making them exceptionally loyal and more engaged throughout the length of the study. Call us today 1-800-651-8240 Call Us: 1-800-651-8240 | Email: info@reinvention.com | www.reinvention.com Data Collection Made Easy
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  14. 14. BEFORE AFTER acne smooth complexionunder eyeshadows brighten eyes tattoo tattoo removal
  15. 15. Transforming Marketing into Masterpieces | PHOTOGRAPHY |