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Portfolio Quiz


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Understanding Portfolios Stock Market Game QUIZ1. The SMG System automatically logs off any portfolio that has had no activity after 5 minutes. True or False2. If the region trade type is _____ ______, it means teams will get current stock prices; ______ __ _____ means teams will get their stock price based on the market price at the next market closing.3. The Coordinator Ranking reports shows the top 100 teams. True or False4. _______position indicates stock that has been bought; _______ position indicates stock that has been short sold.5. On the Account Holdings page, the Net Cost includes the Broker’s fee. True or False.6. The report that shows stock that is currently held in a portfolio is the ________________ Report.7. The ______________________Report shows stock that has been sold or short- covered.8. When stock is sold, the proceeds are added back into the Cash Balance. True or False.9. The Stock Market Game does not pay dividends. True or False.10. Total Equity = ________________ + ___________________.11. Teams are ranked on _______________________ in their portfolio.12. The _______________________ page is like an “error message” page; it tells if the order entered by the team was executed or not.13. On the Account Summary page, __________ _____ _____ indicates the total amount of money available for stock purchases and short sells when fully extended on margin.
  • 2. 14. A 2% commission fee is charged only on “buy” and “short sell” transactions. True or False15. In End of Day trading, teams can cancel a trade up until 4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. True or False16. On the Transaction History Report, Cost/Share includes the 2% broker’s fee. True or False.17. Students must use ticker symbols when making trades. True or False.18. Ticker symbols can be found in most any newspaper. True or FalseAnswers 1. False. It logs off after 15 minutes of inactivity. 2. Real Time: End of Day 3. True 4. Long; Short 5. True 6. Account Holdings 7. Gains and Losses 8. True 9. False 10. Value of Longs + Cash Balance 11. Total Equity 12. Transaction Notes 13. Buying Power 14. False (It is charged on all transactions; buy, sell, short sell, and short cover. ) 15. True (In Real Time Trading, they cannot.) 16. False 17. True 18. False (Newspaper symbols are typically abbreviations of company names, not ticker symbols.(