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How to cancelate equations

How to cancelate equations



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    Davonte M Equations Davonte M Equations Presentation Transcript

    • The Cancellation Method By: Da Vont é Martin
    • FOIL First Outer Inner Last
      • Foil is a method used to cancel out parenthesis in an equation
      • (4x+2)+(3x+1) is a perfect way to explain FOIL.
    • How to use FOIL
      • First multiply the first numbers in each set of parenthesis : (4x+2)+(3x+1)
      • So 4x * 3x will be 12 2 .
      • Next multiply the first and last number inside of both parenthesis .
      • And 4x * 1 = 4x .
    • Foil
      • So far we have done the first and outer portion of foil . Now we have to do inner .
      • (4x+2)+(3x+1)
      • Now we have to multiply the last number in the first parenthesis by the first number in the second parenthesis .
      • And this will be 2*3x = 6x .
    • FOIL
      • Finally its time to do the last method of foil which is last .
      • You have to multiply the last numbers on each set of parenthesis :
      • (4x+2)+(3x+1)so multiplying 2 by 1 will be the final step .
      • And 2*1 = 2
    • Foil
      • Now the last thing you have to do is add like terms .
      • From the previous slides the answers we’ve came up with when multiplying were : 12x 2 + 4x + 6x+1
      • When you add like terms you have to find the numbers that are the same .
      • So now the equation will be 12x 2 +10x+1 .
      • Now that’s how you do F.O.I.L
    • Distributive Property
      • Another way to cancel out parenthesis is to do the distributive property . Here’s an equation to use distributive property .
    • Using Distributive property
      • First you have to add like terms inside of parenthesis and outside to use distributive property :
      • 5(3x+2x)=10+15
      The numbers circled are like terms .
    • Adding the like terms
      • Now that the like terms are identified you can add them .
      • 5(3x+2x)=10+15
      • 5(5x)=25
    • Multiplying parenthesis
      • When a number is beside a parenthesis , you have to multiply both numbers .
      • 5(5x)=25
      • Now multiply 5 by 5x .
      • The equation is “reduced” to
      • 25x=25
    • Dividing
      • Last , you have to divide :
      • 25x = 25
      25 25 25/25 is 1 and now the answer will be x=1 .
    • The Box
      • The box is a very simple way to distribute number equations :
    • Using the box plot
      • This is how you use the box plot .
      • If the equation is like the one we used for the foil method . (4x+2)+(3x+1)
      4x 2 3x 1
    • Multiplying inside the box plot
      • This is how you multiply using the box plot . You have to multiply all numbers outside of the box
      4x 2 3x 1 The arrows show How and what Numbers are being multiplied 2 6x 4x 12x