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Education for Design For Life
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Education for Design For Life



Opening keynote to Interaction South America 2010 in Curitiba, Brazil on 12/2/2010

Opening keynote to Interaction South America 2010 in Curitiba, Brazil on 12/2/2010



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Education for Design For Life Education for Design For Life Presentation Transcript

  • Education For Design For LifeDave MaloufProfessor, Industrial Design & Interaction DesignSavannah College of Art & Design@daveixd 1
  • Let’s learn about youQuem é você? 2
  • About meFather 3
  • Traveler, observer, student 4
  • Teacher 5
  • Community Builder 6
  • But how didI get here?Did I just use myiPhone as anavigator?(yes & no) 7
  • My JourneyDo as I say,not as I do
  • Look Mom,I’m aDesigner!In 1994coder = designer 9
  • This ain’t right!Come to 1999 - 2003 10
  • CapoeiraEu so Angoleiro 11
  • Tog asks forrespect!IxDA is born and Ifound my tribe.
  • Industrial DesignOh! so this is what design looks like 13
  • Playing catchupAND finding my own path 14
  • Again ...Don’t do as I do; do as I say ... 15
  • So now what?• What is the state of design?• What do you have to do? 16
  • CaveatI am an American! 17
  • Jump to the chaseEverything has converged 18
  • It’s all here: Architecture Industrial Design Interior design Service Design Graphic Design Interaction Design 19
  • DaVinci is not realNo 1 person could do this 20
  • It has been around awhile 21
  • This guy is kickin’ our asses 22
  • Wicked Problems 23
  • Social Networks 24
  • Distracted 25
  • Our focus is much simplerJust want to do my web site 26
  • Types of IxDsEach has its own needs and some are stagestowards others. Web/Software Designers Hardware Designers System Designers Wicked Problem Solvers 27
  • All are people centric 28
  • Know BrainPerception &Cognition 29
  • Know cultureAnthropology 30
  • EthnographyObserve ANDParticipate 31
  • Most of us are stuck here ... 32
  • We need to be talking 33
  • Out here!Observe, talk, interpret 34
  • Without thinking about thisData good, rigidness bad 35
  • All require creativity 36
  • Lots of ideasInteraction Designer’s weakness is in their lack ofcreative stamina 37
  • Where is our craft?It is NOT the wireframe 38
  • Envision the future 39
  • PrototypeCodeProduceBuild 40
  • PlayTry it & Let others tryit too. 41
  • Tell StoriesEnvision Embodied Situations within Narratives 42
  • Sell! Sell!Sell!No one is just goingto like your ideas, orbelieve you at facevalue. 43
  • Visual communicationYou CAN’T live without it! 44
  • So regardless of IxD type ... gotta know about people: individuals & groups gotta observe people: not just because you have to gotta be creative: sketch; volume is everything gotta envision the future: prototype & play gotta tell stories: narratives sell ideas & offer designs gotta be visual: visual communication wins 45
  • How do you learn all this? 46
  • Beats me! 47
  • It’s amarathonEveryone starts froma different place andtakes a different path. 48
  • The young get to start freshAnd like most youth start out sprinting 49
  • Bill MoggridgeOn Design Teaching & Learing 50
  • All creative exercise startswith these 3 things ... Criticism: Knowing what is right/wrong & why Craft: Ability to manifest yours or someone else ideas Creativity: Ability to conceive new ideas 51
  • Early Design Education Creativity: Think up stuff Criticism: Judge stuff Sketch Art History Visual Thinking Design History Craft: Make Stuff Context Production Knowledge Aesthetics Observation Foundation (Has its own craft)Not usually found in IxD programs Found in IxD, but not most other Design programs 52
  • Interaction Design 53
  • Besides general design ... Information Activity Structure Flow Relationships Process Content Procedure People Language Perception/Cognition rhetorics Ergonomics poetics Behavioral Economics semiotics Socio-cultural 54
  • What is interaction design? Interactivity? Technology management? Dialog aesthetics? Web? (the network)? 55
  • Try this ...Interaction Design is the attempt to use abductiveprocesses towards elegant & beautiful solutions forhelping people mitigate the increased criticalmass of complexity caused by technology.The designer does this by imagining new futuresinspired by insights gained through intentionallyexperiencing, describing, and analyzing specificcontexts. 56
  • NOPE! That’s just designJust change “technology” for “culture”. 57
  • Was that always “design”? 58I have come to believe that IxD is more a school of design than itʼs own discipline. That in the practice of every other major design discipline what we have learned through the creation ofinteraction design can be applied.This is not to say that IxD is everything but that IxD is everywhere. It is a tool to be wielded by every designer regardless of medium or connection to technology.and yet … It really isnʼt that simple.
  • Bill Verplank 59
  • Verplank translated Form to communicate what is possible Form to communicate what has happening/ed Form to communicate state & flow 60
  • It has to be also Designing what IS possible Creating understanding Designing flow 61
  • ANDKnowing WHY! 62
  • What was that thingabout foundation? 63
  • Usual designer skills Drawing Composition 2D 3D Basic theory Construction 64
  • The theoretical & criticalmaterial of the mediumExploring media Exploring properties GUI Time Tangible Metaphor Embedded Abstraction Spatial Motion Rhetorics Semiotics 65
  • PrattFoundationCombines theseissuesCore to criticism 66
  • You need more...Top 6 non-traditional IxD skills every interactiondesigner needs: 67
  • Idea Visualizationrapid idea communication 68
  • Information Visualization 69
  • ComputerProgrammingvirtual prototypingneeds to be more than“click-through” 70
  • Model Makingsketch models of the physical 71
  • Physical ComputingBuilding tangible interactions 72
  • Video/FilmEmbodied experiencesImagined futures 73
  • In 4 years?!?US standard length ofbachelor’s degree(undergraduate). 74
  • As noted above, it’s a long race.Long after school.Hopefully you’ll have people applauding, too. 75
  • PracticeBrazilian Carnegie Hall? 76
  • Exploration of multiple media 77
  • Evaluating case studies 78
  • Reading existing theoryTesting it out 79
  • The rightenvironmentPeople to work withPeople to teachPeople to learn from 80
  • Get MentorsIt is a lot of work touse a mentor 81
  • HaveHeroesBe inspired! 82
  • Draw a map 83
  • BePassionate! 84
  • Pet project(s) Don’t let them stall! 85Andrei Herasimchuk - Build your blog
  • Speak yourmindPresentWriteTeachEngage 86
  • It is really up to you ... 87
  • Thank youhttp://davemalouf.com/@daveixd 88