Planning & partnerships: strategic initiatives 20100423


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  • Majors: engineering;mechanical engineering;electrical and computerengineeringConcentrations: bioengineering; computing; materials science;systems engineeringEmphasis: design introducedimmediately & implemented inprojects throughout curriculum; heavy exposure to team-based project work; senior SCOPE project for allStudents startvery early withteam-oriented, project-based courses that incorporate the practice of designThe Learning Continuum fosters connections between the curriculum and the “extra-curriculum.” It consists of:CoursesResearch“Passionate PursuitsCo-Curricular OfferingsCommunity ServiceService to the CollegeClubs and OrganizationsRecreationGender: 45% women; 55% men
  • PhilosophyMultiple intelligences Community Escape from temporal exhaustionAccess24 x 7Wireless campus VPNService No reference desk Tiny staff, open doors, build connections
  • Goal: Olin’s library had moved from cutting edge and new to interesting with an edge that was becoming a bit dulled. I wanted to put the library back on a more innovative path and to choose strategic directions for financial and people resources.Groups to consider and their value: External faculty Corporate Librarians Vendor partners Industry experts Special knowledge
  • - Engineering faculty member Faculty perspective / practices at peer institutionPeer director from consortium Partnership perspective / what can group be doing? Director from major research university “Big player” perspective / depth and breadth of experience Director from scientific research institute Emerging practices / broad industry perspective / what our students need to know Corporate executive in technology sector Industry trends / further tech connections Director from engineering company Corporate perspective / what our students need to know to succeed in company Copyright and open access expert IP trends Olin alumni in industry Alumni perspective together with industry perspective Vendor partnerSTEM industry trends
  • LibGuides & instruction, research, tools
  • Helped revise mission & aspirationBrainstorming of financial ideasExamples from own work places
  • Vendors as partnersTrainingSnacks during finalsMentor through initial vendor fair
  • Timeline: 6 months for our first fairPlayers: compile vendor partner list as well as departments and external resources that will be necessaryBudget: Set amount that can be spent. Take a first pass at costs. Vendor input? Non-cash budget – raffle prizesCommunicate: Vendor partners invitation WFIM raffle prizes foodTo DoByConfirmContactPhoneCostNotesCreditsNotesTotal CostReserve space 20080328  Food/beverage  IT20080331Tables/cloths    Balloons20080905Publicity articlesTabletops20080905mini posters20080905prize poster + publicity posters (2)20080905  parking passes20080829Ö design raffle sheet20080815Photographer20080815$1,343.00 $291.00 $1,052.00
  • Two weeks before:Food / beverageTables / clothsProduction of all posters and raffle ticketsTabletop identificationPublicity articlesWork with facilities on plan for the dayDay before:Walk through space with facilitiesOversee set-up of tablesAsk IT for wireless password for vendor partnersTroubleshoot any last minute issues with incoming vendor partnersMeet early arrivals – possibly dinner, etcDay of:7:00 am Arrive early to oversee table set-up with facilities7:30 am Electrician wires7:30 am Name placards on tables, boxes of vendor supplies to tables9:00 am Linens arrive9:30 am Wireless access code copied and distributed to vendor tables; distribute highlighters10:30 am Catering arrives (2 hours late for linens, but employees had not received linen order)10:50 am Call on balloons – order was lost; vendor will come right over11:20 am Balloons arrive2:05 pm Hold raffle drawing with vendors picking names for their prizes. Library employees choose library prizes and vendor prizes of vendors not in attendance.2:10 pm Clean up and send out message to community on extra food3:00 pm Send e-mails to prize winners3:30 pm Compile comments from raffle tickets
  • Five College: Amherst, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke, Smith, UMass AmherstTri-college: Bryn Mawr, Haverford, SwarthmoreClaremont: Claremont Graduate University, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Keck Graduate Institute, Pitzer, Pomona, Scripps2CUL: Columbia, CornellCollected stories, practices, lessons learned, where else should I go
  • “Low hanging fruit”All consortium were practicing some level of thisColby, Bates, Bowdoin furthest along spectrumVendors happy to helpBOW, so complimentary that this has almost been a moot point
  • Stronger TogetherServices and ResourcesEfficiencies and Budgets
  • Bottom-up conversations; involve everyone in processIthaka
  • PhilosophyMultiple intelligences Community Escape from temporal exhaustionAccess24 x 7Wireless campus VPNService No reference desk Tiny staff, open doors, build connections
  • Planning & partnerships: strategic initiatives 20100423

    1. 1. Planning & Partnerships: Strategic Initiatives
    2. 2. Talking Points • A bit about Olin • What is a partnership? • Why partner? • Case in External Advisory Board • Case in Vendor partnering • Corporate - Academic • Case in Collection development • Staff possibilities FotoRita • Cases in Technology • What is success? • Lessons learnedApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 2
    3. 3. April 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 3
    4. 4. Olin’s Library • Philosophy • Access • ServiceApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 4
    5. 5. What is a Partnership? Vendors Customers Info Center Internal Other Partners CentersApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 5
    6. 6. Why Partner? • Global mindset • Think strategically • InnovateApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 6
    7. 7. Creating a Station Alosh BennettApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 7
    8. 8. Case in External Library Advisory Board • What was the goal of my board? • What groups did I want to consider? • What value would each group Ken Bosma bring?April 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 8
    9. 9. Creating THE LIST & Recruiting • Considerations: – Geography – Diversity of representation – Existing relationships – New relationships – Balance of expertise – Win-win relationship James Montgomery FlaggApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 9
    10. 10. First Meeting BindersPlan Logistics • Purpose • Strategic • Food • Agenda plan • Presentation • Date • Members • Internal • Time • Biographies guests • Space • Background • Note taker questions • Name tags • Directions & tents cara fealy choateApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 10
    11. 11. Meeting Content Discussions• Players introduce • Gather feedback themselves throughout • Strategic plan discussions and• Plan for the day • Other during lunch• Olin presentation questions, such as • A good scribe helps faculty research support Introductions FeedbackApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 11
    12. 12. Beyond the 1st Meeting• Agenda of current topics – Partnerships – Circling back to the strategic plan in our new financial climate• Each meeting – Update of library initiatives – Any campus or external events that impact libraryApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 12
    13. 13. Impact Administrative Impact Network of Experts Wisdom of GroupApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 13
    14. 14. Value of Board Outside of Meetings • Where the Network of Experts Shine – Copyright advice – Strategic plan meets a new budgeting environment – Running a large marketing event – One good link leads to another Ian BurtApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 14
    15. 15. Case in Vendor Partnering• Vendors as Partners – Think win-win – Training – Prizes and materials – Snacks during finals – Industry advice & mentoring roles April 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 15
    16. 16. Library Vendor Fair: Planning Set your goal, and then… Communicate! Budget Players TimelineApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 16
    17. 17. Library Vendor Fair: Execution 2 Weeks Before Day Before Day OfApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 17
    18. 18. Library Vendor Fair: Comments I• Students answering raffle question “What did you learn?”: – We have access to a lot of online resources! – Where/how to do my research. – I learned how to customize my search windows. – E-book note taking – pretty nifty! – That our library is the most awesome ever! So many resources, so little time!April 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 18
    19. 19. Library Vendor Fair: Comments II• Vendor feedback: – “I very much enjoyed the experience at Olin’s vendor day and we would certainly love to participate again next year. What was particularly interesting from my stand- point, was the students’ reaction to our technology...” Credo – “It was great to get a chance to meet with students, faculty, and staff.” Elsevier – “We had great foot traffic and the students asked thoughtful questions and really showed interest in our resources. I was really glad to be able to speak with them.” Thomson Reuters April 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 19
    20. 20. Corporate - Academic Olin & Analog Devices Mentoring Flow of Projects & & Lifelong Customers Internships LearningApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 20
    21. 21. Local Partner Possibilities • Babson-Olin-Wellesley • Complimentary Curriculum & Distance • Cultures and Sizes • History • Presidents & Moving ForwardApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 21
    22. 22. Partnership Journey• Five Colleges• Tri-College• Claremont• Colby-Bates-Bowdoin• 2CUL• Partner Spectrum James JordanApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 22
    23. 23. Case in Collection DevelopmentApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 23
    24. 24. Staff Possibilities • Liaisons / Subject Experts • Embedded Librarians • Technical Services • Library IT Expertise • Staff DevelopmentApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 24
    25. 25. Cases in Technology • ILS Systems, Skins and the like • Institutional Repositories • Shared Databases • Wikis, Blogs • Chat, Twitter • Subject Guides • MobileApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 25
    26. 26. What is Success? Mission / Vision / GoalsApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 26
    27. 27. Lessons Learned• The tent• Communicate, commun icate, communicate• Time• Outside organizations can be useful• Grants are goodApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 27
    28. 28. Resources I• 2CUL:• Claremont University Consortium:• Colby, Bates & Bowdoin:• Five Colleges:• Tri-College background: ennsylvania.pdf• Tri-College site: 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 28
    29. 29. Resources IIApril 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 29
    30. 30. A Special Thanks To Creative Commons On Flickr 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 30
    31. 31. Contact me 13 2010 Computers in Libraries 31