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  • 1. AutoCAD
  • 2. What is AutoCAD?
    • computer aided design and drafting
    • Is a popular software used by many designers
    • Software is sold by Autodesk Inc.
    • Allows user to create architectural drawings
  • 3. Who Uses AutoCad?
    • Anyone who wants to create an accurate drawing or design can use AutoCad
    • It is used by Engineers Architects, Interior designers, Landscape Designers and many more.
  • 4. A little History
    • The concept of Autocad was always thought up by other companies but never carried out until Autodesk released it. Cad was created in 1982 and was translated into 18 different languages.
  • 5. Where is it used?
    • Architecture, Interior design, Construction, Engineering, Landscape design and Product design Firms
    • By Naval and Aeronautical engineers
    • Piping and Cabling specialists
    • This program found in 85% of design companies, architecture firms and Design Colleges.
  • 6. How Does it Work?
    • CAD helps to assembled Drawings the exact way you want it
    • The "snap" Commands allows you to snap to particular points to allow the correct positioning of a  line
    • There is a rotate and mirror command which helps to draw geometric figures 
    • There are many hatch patterns to Fill in areas of drawings in many colors
    • There are many different texts
    • You can  import different files into CAD so an image can be retouched
    • You can zoom in and out to help measure and  drawing to scale.
  • 7. Some Benefits of AutoCad:
    • Most important reason is  competition.
    • Productivity is improved by using cad 
    •   Companies use CAD to produce better designs quickly
    • It is also cheaper to print. 
    • It enables to  easily draw many geometric figures
  • 8. More Benefits…
    • AutoCAD is relatively easy to use 
    • drawings can be edited many times.
    • using  layers, styles, blocks and sheet sets can improve how easy it is for a drawing to be modified
    • These techniques also allow the drawing to be redistributed easily.
  • 9. How Easy is it To Learn?
    • AutoCAD training can be completed in only a few days
    • Becoming comfortable with the program takes a little longer
    • " Creating drawings for your own portfolio is a way of breaking this cycle, getting some experience and producing evidence that you can do the job."
    • All it takes is a little practice once the training is done!
  • 10. References
    • ormation