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DMA   Behavioural marketing - If you got to know me - jonathan lyon - presentation
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DMA Behavioural marketing - If you got to know me - jonathan lyon - presentation


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. If you got to know me…Jonathan Lyon, Global Director of Strategic Insight, LBi#dmaemailSponsored by
  • 2. IF YOU GOT TOKNOW ME…Jonathan LyonGlobal Director of Strategic Insight
  • 3. people are more than theactions we ask them to take
  • 4. we need to understand thembeyond the context in which weasked them to act
  • 5. the math and the music
  • 6. the pixel and the portrait
  • 7. It’s about data drivenstorytelling to uncover truth
  • 8. mining and mapping digitaldesire paths
  • 9. not charting customerjourneys
  • 10. It’s about going beyond theanalysis of impressions
  • 11. and mapping expressions
  • 12. of intent, desire, passion andinterest
  • 13. mining the big data flows tocreate a representation…
  • 14. not of all of us
  • 15. but each of us
  • 16. think, feel, say and do
  • 17. With a more granular and forensicunderstanding of people as people we canarchitect new brand engagements...engineered serendipityanticipatory advertisingpersonalised persuasion
  • 18. “I AM THE QUERY”
  • 19. Hit me with me some serendipity.Given data about me, find new things I willlike. If I like a thing, find more of it, orremove the thing I don’t.
  • 20. the new imperative• Leverage data derived signals to uncover actionableinsight• Understand people better, in depth, individually and atscale• Interrogate evidenced based behaviour to provideactionable intelligence that shapes, guides and informsstrategy at scale and pace
  • 21. the web is changing
  • 22. big data landscapeImplicit and explicitsignals of- Behaviour- Interest- Lifestyle- Perception- Consideration- Recommendation- Advocacy- Purchase Propensity
  • 23. evidenced insight through real dataprovides a unique opportunity to understand whatpeople are paying attention to and engaging with.Not by asking them, but by measuring moment bymoment what they engage with, when, where,with who for how long, and how it makes themfeel and how it makes them behave.
  • 24. our approach• Our approach is to provide a forensic understanding of consumers beyondtransactional metrics and performance• By understanding the ‘whole’ consumer weprovide an acute understanding of how best to driveengagement• We believe in moving beyond numbers andhumanising data to understand people as people,not metrics• In todays omni-channel, multi-device ecosystem,our marketing promise needs to be "right place,right time, right offer"• This requires forensic insight at scaleThinkFeelSayDo
  • 25. big data implicationsIt’s not aboutBIGGER spreadsheets, it’sabout biggerideas
  • 26. data distinctionsocial media is the setof applications andplatforms allowingpeople to participatein online social activitiessocial datais the collectiveinformation produced bymillions of people as theyactively participate in onlineactivitiesVs
  • 27. social data DNAsocialdatademographicproductintentionpsychographicInterestbehaviourallocationrecommendation
  • 28. Data approach• We focus not just on collecting data on historical behavior, but onconnecting data to anticipate how, where and when to engageconsumers• We go beyond transactional and online behaviour• The true significance of the massive digital and big data flows is ourability to uncover the interests and passions through which brandscan engage consumers
  • 29. SO HOW DO WE THIS?
  • 30. How?• Massive ingestion of social signals from across the social web• We classify, categorise and map all behaviours and actions toentities, people, places, cultural references and brands• We create interest maps and relationship networks for each identifiedprofile• We then cluster these to create tribes with behavioural markers andaugment and enrich prospect and customer profiles with this data
  • 31. addressable audiencesIdentifyingaddressableaudiences beyondthe base is key.Knowing who theyare, where they areand how to engagethem is today’smarketingimperative.BrandConnectedBrandAffinityBrandReferenced
  • 32. ObjectiveIdentify prospects across social touch points andmap interests, likes, behaviour, to betterunderstand key drivers to improve conversion withcontext sensitive, relevant messaging acrossdisplay, email, social and DMAddressable Audience Profiling
  • 33. Match Addressable Audience to Social Identities+ additional knowndata pointsSocial Identity ResolutionCirca 25% match rate tosocial identityRecursive Iterative Identity ResolutionCirca 75% match rate tosocial identity
  • 34. Profile Addressable Audience with Social DataBrand, app, tv, music pagelikes, engagement andsharingFollowing who classified byinterest and engagementlevelsPins pinned, on whichboards, from where, whichcategoriesBrand / product taggedphotosFollowing, circles,engagement by brand,interest, topicChannel subscriptions,video likes and commentsby theme, subject areaCheck-ins by brand centriclocationinterest graph mappingpassions, interests, consumer tribesocial touch point behavioursocial data ingestionAt scale in real timesocial touch point behaviourengage, share, like, comment, contribute
  • 35. experience continuationinterestmappingdisplayCRMconfigurator
  • 36. “mapping audiences –fashion retailer”
  • 37. Audience Interest Mapping• Clustered Network Analysis for communitydetection using algorithmic approach to identify‘communities’ of interests• Three can clearly be seen:- Football (blue)- Popular culture (largely females, yellow)- General sports and sport news channels (red)This gives us a solid foundation upon whi to understand at a higher level, what our audience is intersted in.
  • 38. Interest Engagement0%5%10%15%20%25%30%BBCSporfpiersmorganGaryLinekerJoey7BartonfootballaccaUberFactsSkySportsNewsMarioBaloltellirioferdy5BBCSportYouTubethemichaelowenfrankieboyleRobbieSavage8FootyAccumsFootballFunnysrickygervaisRoyCropperNOTtimlovejoyLord_SugarsickipediabotFooty_JokesSkySportsGazGShoreWayneRooneyJodieMarshGNev2JeremyClarksonComedy/ banterFootball players/ punditsFacts & newsCelebrities
  • 39. Venue Identification
  • 40. Content Engagement (video)
  • 42. digital information is justpeople in disguise
  • 43. THANK YOU