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  • 1. Digital Innovation New Technologies– something for everyone. DMA Detroit | Melissa Fisher February 2014
  • 2. 2.5 Billion Searches Daily
  • 3. But wait, there’s more…
  • 4. by James Faulkner
  • 5. NFC-Enabled Smartphones Replace Hotel Room Keys and Check-ins at Clarion Hotels
  • 6. Digital Innovation Workshop Social Media – something for everyone.
  • 7. 600 Million Active Facebook Users 9
  • 8. Rapid Fan Page Growth Requires Focused Effort 2010 2011
  • 9. Social Media: Facebook Leads while others are rising fast
  • 10. 2+ Billion Videos Watched Daily
  • 11. Twitter: 200 Million Users Tweets: Almost 100 Million per day Source: Mashable
  • 12. 200+ Million The number of blogs on the Internet.
  • 13. 227 Million Users 187 Million Unique Visitors per Month
  • 14. • 40% check in daily, 92% after work • 3M company sites but only 1.2 featuring products/services • 2.1 Million Groups • 75,000 developers using Linkedin’s API
  • 15. • • • • • • • • • • • your clients your customers your employees your channel partners your volunteers your investors your donors your critics your fans your competition.... anyone who has internet access…..and an opinion.
  • 16. Social Innovation for Marketers DMA Detroit | February 2014 Melissa Fisher
  • 17. 1. They Experiment 2. They Plan 3. They Listen 4. They’re Transparent 5. They Share 6. They Get Personal 7. They Contribute 8. They Welcome Criticism 9. They’re Proactive 10. They Measure
  • 18. 1. With their customers 2. With their customer data in mind 3. With their agencies in new ways
  • 19. Socially Innovating Innovation: Doing something different Social: With other people
  • 20. Social Media as Innovation CAPABILITY Outside Inside Incremental Disruptive  Increase Revenue Reduce Expenses Improve Customer Experience Another Company Strategy or Goal
  • 21. Crowd Sourcing to Improve… Submit, Discuss, Vote
  • 22. Crowd Sourcing to Improve…
  • 23. Crowd Sourcing to Improve… Strategic Planning Process Improvement Sparx Retiree Solutions, EAG/Key, Health Plans, Accredo, Wireless Strategy, DNA Direct, Verbal Rx Proposals, UHG, Accredo Sales Forum, PBM Revenue Admin., UBC Recruiting, Accredo Nurse Scheduler Technology Enhancements •Screen prototypes across all BPR work streams •iPad screen prototypes for Accredo in-home nurses SWAT 30 events 3,000+ unique participants 2,800+ ideas Healthcare Operations, Physician Operations, Patient Operations, Order Processing
  • 24. Sponsor Testimonial “Our main focus was strategic planning for this year and beyond. Specifically, we wanted to identify ways to enhance our existing programs and create a future road map aligned with Medco’s objectives of winning and retaining new business, improving profitability, and driving a sustainable service margin. Sparx enabled us to seamlessly connect all of our employees and expedite our planning process that otherwise would’ve taken a much longer time to complete. The amount of idea generation and documentation that we accomplished through virtual conversations was incredible.” - Event Sponsor 29 Medco Extra, January 20, 2013
  • 25. Crowd Sourcing to Develop the Next… “One challenge. One idea. Millions of dollars in results. One idea. Several billion dollar businesses.” MIKE NEFF, Director Consumer Products Computer Science Corporation, Detroit Mr. Neff is a partner in CSC's Global Technology and Consumer Vertical and a Practice Director for the Consumer/Retail Segment. “115X ROI” JEFF PIERCE, Innovation Architect PITNEY BOWES
  • 26. Targeted Social-Mobile to Drive Trial
  • 27. Keeping Fans Engaged 32
  • 28. Why Are People Doing This? “Self Expression is the new entertainment.” - Arianna Huffington
  • 29. Crowd Sourcing to Improve… Create Your Own Private Online Communities
  • 30. Crowd Sourcing to Improve…
  • 31. Crowd Sourcing to Improve…
  • 32. Crowd Sourcing to Improve… If you don’t, they will… • http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=RDAy7h FIYQFnw&v=5YGc4zOqozo 1:36
  • 33. Crowd Sourcing to Improve…
  • 34. Crowd Sourcing to Improve…
  • 35. Crowd Sourcing to Improve…
  • 36. Crowd Sourcing to Improve…
  • 37. Crowd Sourcing to Improve…
  • 38. Crowd Sourcing to Develop the Next… Social Product Development https://www.quirky.com/ge
  • 39. Crowd Sourcing to Develop the Next… Fan Favorites
  • 40. Adding FB, Twitter, to enterprise innovation
  • 41. “Social” as the Innovation Platform
  • 42. Google’s Invitation …to Play in Their Lab
  • 43. Using Linked In to Engage Innovators
  • 44. Business School. Interns & Insights Business Development Partnership Got Stuck. Got Help. Knowledge Exchange Stayed Connected Customer Insights Knowledge Exchange Knowledge Exchange Career Opportunity
  • 45. Takeaways • It’s a blend: use Social Innovation leveraging your networks inside + outside • Social Innovation builds community + company • Communities = shared entertainment + shared innovation • B2C Social strategies can be repurposed for B2B • Where do you focus? Internal or Externally • What do you use? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn • Get going…
  • 46. Experiment!  Experiment personally before professionally  Join some LinkedIn groups  Try a variety of social tools Be yourself, make some friends, and share
  • 47. Workshop Instructions • • • • • Pick one quadrant you want to explore Borrow one of these takeaways or another idea Blend Share with partner Share with us and get feedback / questions Takeaways • • • • • • Giving it away “free” is not free, i.e. have a social media budget Free (great) content builds community + company Communities = shared entertainment + shared innovation Social strategies can be repurposed for B2B Internal or Externally: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, etc. Get going…
  • 48. Workshop on Social Innovation Innovation: Doing something different Social: With other people Outside Inside Incremental Disruptive (product, service) (the future) Increase Revenue Reduce Expenses Improve Customer Experience Another Company Strategy or Goal
  • 49. Customer Centric Innovation Marketing & Gaining Executive Buy In Linking new marketing strategies to core business value
  • 50. Winds of Change http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxDfcyT92wQ
  • 51. Define Your Market Segments Both Internally & Externally What motivates your CMO, CFO or CEO?
  • 52. Price Ancillary Sales Service Time C.O.G.S. Margin 8 Cash Flow & Profit Drivers A/R Days Labor Cost G&A Expenses Errors & Mistakes
  • 53. Filter for Priorities That Deliver One of 4 Key Deliverables Increase Revenue Reduce Expenses Improve Customer Experience Another Company Strategy or Goal To get the true attention of senior leaders… When selling new strategies & tactic's, correlate them to delving business value.
  • 54. Do You Find Gaining Funding Easy? How do you gain support? (group discussion)
  • 55. • http://thenakedbrand.com/
  • 56. Thank You… Personal email: melissafisher7@gmail.com Professional: melissa.fisher@peakroadpartners.com LinkedIn.com/in/MelissaFisher7 Twitter.com/MelissaFisher7 Google+/MelissaFisher7 www.RebootPartners.com ©