Russian Premier League - business development strategy
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Russian Premier League - business development strategy



Preliminary review of business development opportunities and strategy planning for Russian Footbal Premier League

Preliminary review of business development opportunities and strategy planning for Russian Footbal Premier League



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Russian Premier League - business development strategy Russian Premier League - business development strategy Presentation Transcript

  • 2009
  • INTRODUCTION Football as a major sport in Russia today shows high growth rates of all its components: sports performance, infrastructure, investments and etc. At the same time the Russian Premier League is far below by income level amidst the leading football leagues of Europe*Source: „Main directions of RFPL development 2008‟
  • ANNUAL RAVENUE Deloitte experts estimated Russian Premier League‟s revenue at €368 millions per 2009 year, the Russian Premier League estimated its own annual revenue at €150 millions in 2008 2,5 2,5 2 1,664 1,622 Billions 1,5 1,532 euro 1 1,072 0,5 0,368 0 Premier League Bundesliga La Liga Serie A Ligue 1 Russian Premier League*Source: Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance 2011 (track record up to the end of the 2009/10 season), „Main directions of RFPL development 2008‟
  • AVERAGE ATTENDANCE Average attendance of Russian Premier League is 2-3 times less in comparison with “big five” European Leagues 45000 41802 40000 34150 35000 30000 28186 25000 24957 People 20000 20089 15000 13334 10000 5000 0 Premier League Bundesliga La Liga Serie A Ligue 1 Russian Premier League*Source:
  • CHALLENGE The Russian Premier League set up a business task to increase annual revenue by 2 times by 2012*Source: „Main directions of RFPL development 2008‟
  • MAIN PREMISESThe League commercial revenuegrowth is inseparably linked withincrease of the audiencevolume and its qualitativegrowth: Stadiums spectators TV watchers Internet and other media users
  • MAIN PREMISESAudience growth requires araise of attractivenessof games as a sportshow and creating anddelivering the new Leagueimage in the media
  • KEY SUCCESS FACTORSFor the successful development of the Russian Premier League with apositive financial performance it is crucial:1. Set up an efficient business management structure 2. Develop high-quality sports product in “sport plus show” format 3. Activate marketing rights in full 4. Build up a positive image in the media 5. Raise a brand awareness
  • BUSINESS MODELThe Russian Premier League FINANCEneeds a clear long-term ORGANIZATIONdevelopment strategy strong effectiveto build abusiness structure, MARKETINGempowered to control andregulate all commercial andnon-commercial activitiesof clubs PURPOSE TECHNOLOGY
  • MARKETING REGULATIONSRules of commercialinteraction between League‟sclubs is to be formalizedin marketing regulationsof the League and binding onall Clubs
  • MARKETING REGULATIONS Unified marketing regulations allow to avoid any conflicts in commercial and marketing area on any level of management and help to establish comfortable business environment for all partners and sponsors
  • PRODUCTNot only sports details(quality of play, sports scores,etc..) determine audiencesinterest to football,but also many additionalcomponents are verysignificant for fansas for consumersof the product
  • PRODUCTConvenient matchdayschedule – days and time –is essential…
  • PRODUCTConvenient and clearsystem of ticket salesincluding online sale is vital
  • PRODUCTWell-appointed stadiums withall modern facilities to provideexcellent game viewingopportunities: No crush Security Comfortable seats Affordable food & drinks Friendly staff  Clean WCs  etc.
  • PRODUCTEvery game has to be a greatshow: Opening ceremony Presentation of the players Excellent work of the speaker Extra content on the scoreboard Music, lighting, pyrotechnic and special effects Interaction with the audience (incl. digital)
  • PRODUCTHigh quality TV and onlinebroadcast: Excellent picture (incl. 3D) Camera crew creative work Excellent work of commentators Various video effects Full detailed statistics etc.
  • PRODUCTThe Russian Premier League official website is a complete, comprehensive,easily accessible and constantly developing information web-portal FIXTURES & TRAVEL GUIDE & RESULTS PLANNER MEDIA VIDEO, PHOTO, TICKETS TV SOCIAL MEDIA LEAGUE GAMES EXPOSURE NEWS STATISTICS SPONSORS FULL ACTIVITIES PROFILE APPS SOCIAL PROGRAMS PLAYERS
  • PRODUCTComplete andconvenient onlinestatistic service is oneof the significant officialwebsite section (EA Index,Castrol Performance Indexfor Euro 2008, HewlettPackard & NBA …)
  • PRODUCT League‟s web-portal provides full service not only as official online ticket seller but also as a touristguide and travel planner: Tickets & availability Special offers Stadiums & cities info Travel guides & planners Special activities in Social media etc.
  • PRODUCTCreate its own or partnershipnetwork of stores for saleof certified merchandiseof the League (like „NHLpowered by Reebok‟) Good quality Wide selection in stock Ability to order online
  • PRODUCT lineMake its ownof collectiblesand memorabilia: Jersey cards Figurines Albums Posters etc.
  • PRODUCTUse football players likebrand ambassadorsof the Premier Leaguein media - charismaticpersonalities, bright,interesting, smartand popular amongthe wide audience
  • PRODUCT newIt‟s high time to createentertainment footballprojects using variousdigital media platformsin collaboration with variousmedia and production companies- games, reality shows and etc.It reveals new commercialopportunities in addition to theincome from traditional TV andsponsorship rights
  • SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESImprovement and development of the product will enable the PremierLeague to discover additional niche to attract sponsors from variousbusiness fields: Online statistic services  Certified sports merchandise  Catering  Tourism  Hospitality  Social and charitable projects  etc
  • SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Partners of the League can communicate with a wide audience of football fans and make them to become theirs own fans They can use fan sites to fuel interest, to find out what consumers think, and to come up with new products that the company might be able to sell the fans
  • BRANDStrong, powerful and filled with emotions brand is essential for thesuccessful development, promotion and for implementation of all marketinginitiatives of the Russian Premier League
  • BRANDThe new modern brandof the Premier League will: Strengthen its reputation Correct the image Create the target audience loyalty Attract a more wide audience
  • BRANDFirst step towards a new brandof the Russian Premier Leagueis creation of new modernvisual identity, whichreflects new brand valuesand is true to the audienceinsights and mindsetsDescription of all the elementsof the new brand as a wholeand formalized standards of usein all media is to be enclosedin brand-book
  • COMMUNICATIONSTo win over new audienceand to form desired loyaltythe Premier League needsfollowing: Use all available channels of communication Deliver relevant messages to all target groups Obtain ultimate share of voice Manage reputation
  • COMMUNICATIONSMain target groups: Football community: clubs, players, agents, sport officials, etc. Media: not just sports, but also lifestyle and business, etc.Fans: active fans, stadium watchers and the TV audience Business community: sponsors and partners Political community: the first person in the country, officialdom
  • COMMUNICATIONSStrategic communications plan includes:1. Segmentation of the target audience 2. Communication objectives for each segments 3. Messaging strategies translating brand towards the audiences4.Insight generation and creative solutions 5.Channels planning
  • COMMUNICATIONSFor maximum coverage, penetration and engagement of the audience theLeague has to use the entire spectrum of communication tools: SOCIAL CROSS RESPONSIBILITY SPECIAL PROMO Engagement in various PROJECTS social programs and In various business Branded content in fields community funds various media BTL, ATL PR GR DIGITAL CRM
  • CONCLUSIONSNo doubts, targeted, long-termand continuous marketingactivities of the League willraise up the quantity andquality of football audience,and therefore will lead to anincrease in commercial income -from the sale of TVand sponsorship rights, and newcommercial products andservices
  • RECOMMENDATIONSTo successfully meet the challenges facing the League today it is required:1. Analyze the current structure of the league and develop a more effective business model with the legal and financial assessment2. Develop a strategic communications plan, aimed to form new positive image and attract the widest audience3. Create a new modern brand identity reflecting new brand values4. Constantly develop the product - make it more spectacular, more affordable and comfortable, create more new interesting services for football fans4. Use the interests of the League audience as a source of income, and constantly examine for new forms of commercial opportunities
  • CONTACTSDmitry Terentievdterentiev@mail.rumob: +7 925 051 17 90skype: dmitry.t75 37