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International Expat Salon Presenters
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International Expat Salon Presenters

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  • 1.
  • 2. Keynote addresses by leading global visionaries.
    Lucy Wadham
    Dr. Michael Clark, MD, MPH, MBA
    Ruth E. Van Reken
  • 3. Lucy Wadham« Secret Life of France »
    Novelist (Castro's Dream and Lost shortlisted for the Macallan Golden Dagger Award) reveals the irresistible coquetry and why it took her a decade to adjust to being a woman in France
  • 4. Michael Clark, MD, MPH, MBAJohns Hopkins Medicine InternationalThe largest global academic, clinical, researchmedicalnetwork.
    Global Mobility: investing in executive and family wellbeing, the link to profitability?
  • 5. Ruth E. Van Reken“Third Culture Kids (TCKs)”
    New research suggests your “TCKs” share common psychological traits that are changing the world. For the first time, a US Presidenthas a staff full of “TCKs”
  • 6. Presenters that connect you to information to live, work and feel at home in Lyon Rhône-Alpes and the world
    Kelly Rigotti
    Alexis Hartmann
    Neal Draper
    Euronews journalists
  • 7. Kelly Rigotti
    Brandingyour self and your global curriculum vitae (CV)
  • 8. Alexis Hartmann
    Entrepreneurshipis a French creation
  • 9. EuronewsJournalists
    Every day’s news world coverage
  • 10. Revealing the unique flavors of French cuisine, the secrets of the macaron , the mood and the music mixed live by a DJ
    Chef Bernard Marriller Le Gourmet de Séze
    Maison Bouillet
    DJ Alvin
  • 11. Chef Bernard Marriller« Le Gourmet de Séze »
    Revealing the unique flavors of French cuisine
  • 12. MaisonBouillet
    The secrets of the macaron, freshly baked all afternoon
  • 13. DJ Alvin
    The mood and the music mixed by Londoner DJ Alvin
  • 14. Les Petits Bilingues
    Kids laugh out loud, storytelling, art and crafts, games and fun for every one ages 3-10 years old welcome