Pawan content marketing now conf 2012 - curation_day1
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Pawan content marketing now conf 2012 - curation_day1



Pawan Deshpande, CEO & Founder at Hivefire, discusses how to launch a fast and effective content curation program with the tools you already have in-house. #contentnow Content Marketing Strategies ...

Pawan Deshpande, CEO & Founder at Hivefire, discusses how to launch a fast and effective content curation program with the tools you already have in-house. #contentnow Content Marketing Strategies Conference - May 2012.



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Pawan content marketing now conf 2012 - curation_day1 Pawan content marketing now conf 2012 - curation_day1 Presentation Transcript

  • Content CurationFeeding the Content Beast Pawan Deshpande Curata, Inc. @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawanEthical Sharing of Content MP3 IMLogic & Symantec
  • @TweetsFromPawanIntelligence from Content Microso ft
  • @TweetsFromPawan Empowering Content Creationcontentmarketing Google
  • @TweetsFromPawanAccessibility of Content MIT
  • @TweetsFromPawanCuration of Content Curata (formerly HiveFire)
  • @TweetsFromPawanWhat Great Content can do for you Thought Leaders hip Great Content Lead Nurturi ng do great things forGreat content can
  • @TweetsFromPawanGreat content worksThe more content you produce, the more likely you are to acquire a
  • @TweetsFromPawanMoveable Type Year
  • @TweetsFromPawanTypewriter Year
  • @TweetsFromPawanWord Processor Year
  • @TweetsFromPawanInternet 1990’s
  • @TweetsFromPawanBlogging Year
  • @TweetsFromPawanTwitter Year
  • @TweetsFromPawanMarketer=Publisher
  • @TweetsFromPawan How do youproduce all that content?
  • @TweetsFromPawanThe Content Beast’s Menu Your content beast needs a lot of content,
  • @TweetsFromPawan Hungry again?Your content beast has a high
  • What are your content marketing @TweetsFromPawan challenges? Content marketing requires time
  • What are your main objectives of @TweetsFromPawan content curation?Content curators have the same goals as content marketers.
  • @TweetsFromPawanContent Yum!Curatio n
  • @TweetsFromPawan Content Curation Defined“A Content Curator issomeone who continuallyfinds, groups, organizes andshares the best and mostrelevant content on aspecific issue online.” - Rohit Bhargava, Ogilvy
  • @TweetsFromPawan The Content Curation ProcessContent curation = Find, Organize,
  • @TweetsFromPawanCuration in MuseumsYou can create value simply by
  • Examples @TweetsFromPawanin thePublishing& Media
  • @TweetsFromPawanCuration & Aggregation for News 50% of the top U.S. media sites have a strong curation or aggregation
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawanThe 3 Stepsof Content Curation
  • @TweetsFromPawan Three ways of curating content• Manual – Hire an intern.• Ducktape - Piece together several tools.• Go Pro - Use content curation software
  • @TweetsFromPawan Step 1: Find Content• Sources • Tools – RSS Feeds – Feed Reader = Google – News Sites Reader – Blogs – News = Google News Search – Trade Pubs – Blogs = Google Blog – Twitter Search – Journals – Twitter = Twitter Lists – Email Newsletters Schedule a regular and consistent time
  • @TweetsFromPawanFinding a topic
  • @TweetsFromPawan Step 2: Organize Content • Use categories• Categoriz and tags in blog e software.• Tag• Group • Make your CTA• Index point to another piece of content.• Archive• Recomme • Create digests nd and roll-up Think like a librarian when summaries.
  • @TweetsFromPawan Step 3: Share Content• Website / • Tools Microsite – CMS / Blogging• Blog Software• Mobile devices – Email Marketing Software• Email – Hootsuite / Newsletter TweetDeck• Embeddable Widgets• Feeds Share content everywhere your
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • How do you share content @TweetsFromPawan with customers and prospects?
  • @TweetsFromPawan Content Curation & Fair Use• Share only a portion of the original content.• Always attribute sources.• Drive visitors to the original publication.• Follow the Google “Rule of Thumb” Create, curate, but never pirate
  • @TweetsFromPawan Think beyond your own brand• Include competitor content• Include content that may not agree with your position• Need this to become a trusted and reliable You may need to curate competitor authority to become a thought leader. content
  • @TweetsFromPawanExamples ofContent I’m full!Curation &Marketing
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawan Organizatio n• Reform • Patient • Business – Accountable – Consumer – Cost Care Impact Containment Organizatio – Vendor ns – Charity Management – Cost – Patient Reduction – Collections Obligations – Scoring – Contracting – Community – Improving – ICD-10 Benefit Collections – Value Based Purchasing – Quality – Business – Payment Improvement Process Models – Patient Improvement – Optimizing Friendly – Cost Reduction Workflow – Employee Billing – Meaningful Productivity Use – Patient Access
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawan
  • @TweetsFromPawanWe doubled our traffic this quarter over las “We have e-newsletter open rates of 20-25% and more than doubled newsletter subscriptions in only 4 months!” “I’ve tried to do this before, and the cost would have been astronomical – • even just the interface would be $5,000 - $10,000 • it would probably require a full-time staff member working on it • we spend maybe 20 minutes to an hour a week working on it.”
  • @TweetsFromPawan Picking the right tool• Get started by following, organizing, and sharing manually as a part of your daily routine.• Just share to one channel that you already use to start.• When you are ready to step it up, look into dedicated curation tools.
  • @TweetsFromPawanAt some point, it’s going to be painful“If I had to process just the 600 itemsevery single day that I had to manageon the Curata site, it would bephysically impossible. I justcouldnt do it.”Gary Kim. Blogger. Carrier Evolution. When you are ready, try Curata for free.
  • @TweetsFromPawan Learn how to feed your Content Beast5 Simple Steps to Becoming The Open and Shut Casea Content Curation Rockstar for Content Curation…in only 19 minutes a dayDownload eBooks at