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Carla Johnson - Sales Enablement


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Content Management: Carla Johnson, Principal, Type A Communications. The Man Behind the Curtain: Understanding content’s role in sales enablement.

Content Management: Carla Johnson, Principal, Type A Communications. The Man Behind the Curtain: Understanding content’s role in sales enablement.

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  • 1. The Man Behind the Curtain:Content’s Role in the SalesEnablement ProcessCarla JohnsonPrincipal@CarlaJohnson
  • 2. SALESENABLEMENTEnsuring that every seller hasthe right tools, information,skills and processes theyneed to make the most of aconversation with a buyer.
  • 3. THECONVERSATIONWe create tools thesales team asks for andthey never use them.We send qualified leadsthat fall into a blackhole.We are trying tocreate meaningfulconversations, andmarketing’s tools aren’trelevant.We continually have totell customers that ourproducts don’t do whatmarketing and salestold them they would.MARKETING SALESPROFESSIONALSERVICES
  • 4. Marketing determines what tools salesneedsMarketing often fails at telling how asolution -• Achieves a goal• Solves a problem• Satisfies a needMARKETING AND SALES
  • 5. Source: The Fornaise Marketing Groupof collateralcreated bymarketing isnever usedby sales50%90%TO
  • 6. 20% of an organization’s salespeoplegenerate 60% of its revenue (CSO Insights)Misalignment between sales and marketingcauses the typical company to underperformby 10% in annual revenue (IDC)MARKETING AND SALES
  • 7. Thinking of your initial meeting, what percent ofreps were:ExtremelyPrepared16%Very Prepared27%SomewhatPrepared31%Not Prepared26%Source: IDC Customer Experience Panel, January 2009CUSTOMERCONVERSATIONS
  • 8. “The conversations field salespeopleor channel partners have withprospects and customers may bethe last bastion of competitivedifferentiation in today’s rapidlycommoditizing markets.”- American Marketing Association
  • 9. Delivering the right information to the rightperson at the right time and in the rightplace.MARKETING AND SALES
  • 10. Create “Promise Keepers”
  • 11. CARLA JOHNSON :: Principal@CarlaJohnson
  • 12. TODAY’SCONVERSATIONCollaborateEducateLiberate
  • 13. “People willforget what yousaid, people willforget what youdid, but peoplewill never forgethow you madethem feel.”- Maya Angelou
  • 14. CollaborateLearn and understand what saleswants to achieve• Brand awareness• Lead generation• Customer acquisition• Engagement• Thought leadership
  • 15. Can’t we all just get along?
  • 16. EducateWhat’s your “story”?How are you telling it?What do you want toaccomplish with it?
  • 17. LiberateYour story only works if peopleare free to tell itContent is key
  • 18. V E R Y W H E R EU B L I S HN C ER E A T EEPOC
  • 20. CASE STUDY• Handwriting Recognition Software(1996)• Serviced postal markets and checkprocessing – declining industries• Needed to move out of siloed marketsand provide technology for moreapplications
  • 21. CASE STUDY• Needed better market and partnerrecognition• Needed to provider partners and endusers with more tools to becomesuccessful• Believed sales tools and leadsparamount as they built partnerprogram
  • 22. CASE STUDY2012 – Foundational Year• Refreshed branding• Persona development• New website/refresh collateral• Content audit• Mapped content to persona/buyers’journey• Began email communications• Partner portal
  • 23. CASE STUDYIn 2012, Parascript commissionedresearch with AIIMResults• Hundreds of registered downloads andwebinar attendees• Blog content• Media coverage• Interviews with nearly everytechnology analyst firm• A year’s worth of storytelling andinternal reinforcement to position ourproducts that continues to evolve
  • 24. CASE STUDY2013 – Build Leads• Estimated outbound leads 50%• Bigger focus on content marketing forother 50%• Because of budget, needed prospectsto find Parascript and self-qualify
  • 25. CASE STUDYSalesMarketing
  • 26. CASE STUDYIn 2013 they refreshed the research, inan easy-to-read infographicResults• Hundreds more registered downloadsexpected• Instant media coverage resulting inmore downloads of the completestudy from our website (all tracked inHubspot)• More blog content
  • 27. CASE STUDY
  • 28. CASE STUDY
  • 29. CASE STUDY1000s 1000s 1000s 18.1% 4.6%YTD 2013:
  • 30. CASE STUDY
  • 31. CASE STUDYStudy and Infographic continue toprovide content opportunitiesAdditional Benefits• Foundation for a recent channelwebinar and upcoming end-userwebinars, anticipating several hundredmore prospects• Top-level content for our nurturingcampaign
  • 32. CASE STUDYKey Learnings –Content helped validate a new marketUsed content to generate a storyarcand extended that seamlessly into salesenablement
  • 33. FINALTHOUGHTS• Think: Buyer Enablement• Commit to culture change• Find your common purpose• Go beyond information – createinsights• Make it easy to give content “legs”
  • 34. Carla Johnson, PrincipalType A Communications(720) 344-0987carla@goTypeA.comwww.goTypeA.comType A Communications@carlajohnson