Content Marketing Strategies Conference: Jesse Odell Story in the Age of Mass Content Consumerism

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The 2011 Content Marketing Strategies Conference ( had some amazing speakers and lively conversation. This is one great example. Continue the conversation at …

The 2011 Content Marketing Strategies Conference ( had some amazing speakers and lively conversation. This is one great example. Continue the conversation at

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  • I captured this video of my son last week: show videoAnd then put it on FacebookEvery morning I read Tweets with links I readEgypt had a massive revolution because of Facebook: Naguib Sawiris: “FB united the youth of Egypt in a revolution for freedom and justice!”


  • 1. Story in the Age of Mass Content Consumerism
    Why Storytelling Matters
  • 2. My Story
  • 3.
  • 4. Husband, dad, sports nut, PR guy, entrepreneur
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7. We’re about BIG ideas and innovation.
  • 8.
  • 9. We LOVE our work.
  • 10. We create stories, influence and awareness for companies and ideas that are changing the world.
  • 11. Content is everywhere
  • 12. Content is everywhere
  • 13. Content is Everywhere
  • 14. But it’s getting overwhelming
  • 15. Why?
    Anyone can publish
    Distribution has become a science, filled with pipes, tools, analytics and insights
    Social media has turned everyone into a distributor
    The impact is a world of massive content production, disruption and consumption
  • 16. Numbers
    Twitter registers 50M Tweets per day
    30B photos uploaded to Facebook every year
    12.2B videos viewed per month on YouTube in U.S.
    There are more than 3.5B pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, etc.) shared each week on Facebook
  • 17. But Volume ≠ Quality
  • 18. Social is a Huge Filter
  • 19. Filters Give Us:
  • 20. Cool Beans
    All the tools and science are there for publishing, distributing, analyzing and socializing. They exist. They work. Use them!
  • 21. The harder questions to answer are: Do you have an original idea? Do you have a story that will make people care?
  • 22. A Good Story
    Has interesting characters we care about
    Is credible and authentic
    Is sustainable, not just a blip on the screen
  • 23. 3 Stories
  • 24. A Good Story
    Product discovery focused on high-end luxury beauty products
    One part media company, one part e-commerce, one part subscription one part social network
    Founded by two female entrepreneurs from Harvard
    Crushing it and reinventing several businesses
    Their entire business is centered around storytelling, being authentic, capturing attention and keeping their audience engaged long term
  • 25. A Good Story
    ServiceMax makes software for managers of fleets and field service agents
    Audience is very niche but thirsty for insights, new technologies
    Industry press dying
    We’re building an independent media property aimed at this audience.
  • 26.
  • 27. Content platform
    Original blog content - 70+ posts, Q&As
    Aggregated content from custom news feeds
    Sponsored content (ServiceMax blog)
    Industry whitepapers from content partners
    Twitter/FB integration, mobile browser & app
    Since Jan 1, 2011
    5,000 PVs
    2,199 visitors
    #2 Google rank for "field service news”
    Small numbers but high quality and translating into very high CPM audience
    What’s Next?
    ServiceMax blog on SmartVan
    Newsletter (to build a targeted list which the client owns)
    Contests - Pimp Your Van, Van Rally
    News section (with custom feeds organized by topic)
  • 28. A Good Story
    Quidsi: fastest growing e-commerce company in the world (parent of brand)
    Began working with them in December 2010
    They wanted to get mainstream visibility and prime the pump for the launch of
    We created a video about “robots” to support a PR push in advance of the launch
    Goal was 10K views. We’re now at 47K views
  • 29. Think Legendary!
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33.
  • 34. Four Things
    The content economy is wonderful. Drink it up, take it on and embrace it as the future of business.
    Publishing, distribution, social and analytics tools make it easy to produce in volume.
    It’s up to you to produce great stories!
    Thank you for your time!