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Terry Starbucker Net Promoter

  1. 1. Promoters, Neutrals, and Detractors: How to Use The Net PromoterScore To Turbocharge Your Event By Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie January 9 & 10, 2012
  2. 2. The Classic Event Dilemma: What’s the best way to gather meaningful, useable, andactionable post-event feedback?
  3. 3. And…..How can we best identify our event “evangelists”?
  4. 4. The Solution:Ask “The Ultimate Question”
  5. 5. “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or relative”
  6. 6. What Do The Answers Tell You?• 0-6 “Detractors” – People very likely to be out there saying bad things about you• 7-8 “Neutrals” – Neither ready to bail or ready to leap for joy• 9-10 “Promoters” – Those literally telling you they are ready to shout to the rooftops for you (the evangelists)
  7. 7. The Metric: Net Promoter Score• Popularized by Fred Reichheld and his book, “The Ultimate Question” (www.netpromoter.com)• Major point: The customer satisfaction score with the highest correlation to profit• Has had wide adoption by many “customer centric” organizations (Apple, USAA, American Express, Enterprise Rent-A-Car)• Cited by Enterprise as the #1 success factor for their climb to become the top rental car company in the US
  8. 8. Calculating The Net Promoter Score• The Score Calculation: – Percentage of 9-10s less the percentage of 0-6s • Example: 100 calls – 60 (60%) 9-10 – 25 (25%) 7-8 – 15 (15%) 0-6 • 60% minus 15% = 45% NPS Score• What’s a “good” score? – Anything greater than zero is OK, but north of 50% means your customer service is making you $$$, called “Good Profits” by Reichheld
  9. 9. When should you ask the question?• Options: – Incorporate into onsite survey at event – E-mail immediately after event – E-mail a week after the event – Phone call a week after the event• What’s Best? – Depends on number of attendees and budget – Can combine methods – Better to wait a week….if you can
  10. 10. Why Wait?• Give your program and content a week to “sink in” with your attendees• Better judge any post-event “buzz factor”
  11. 11. Other Helpful “Scripting” Points– “Thanks for doing business with us!”– “Were the staff involved courteous and helpful?”– A few Content, Speaker & Flow questions (depends on the event)– Ask for the “why” if they are a Detractor, AND a PromoterThe answers to those “whys” will be real difference makers!
  12. 12. What Can Asking The Ultimate Question Do For You?• Refine processes and procedures and save significant money• Proactively deal with, and fix problems• Measure, track, and manage your customer satisfaction (the Net Promoter Score)And, two other game changers….• Dramatically increase your customer retention• Identify and leverage your evangelists
  13. 13. Cost & Size Considerations• Budget constrained? – Do SOMETHING; try calling a smaller sample of customers personally, and use an online survey for every attendee – Example: Hively (www.teamhively.com)• Time constrained? – Make the time, this is really important!!• Don’t have a database? – An Excel spreadsheet will do just fine!
  14. 14. On your “To Do” List for 2012 Ask The Ultimate Question!
  15. 15. Thank You!! Twitter: @starbuckerWeb: www.terrystarbucker.com Facebook: terry.starbucker SOBCon: www.sobevent.com
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