Moving From Presentation to Participation


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TED style talk at PCMA Convening Leaders Learning Lounge

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Moving From Presentation to Participation

  1. 1. Moving from Presentation to Participation Kathleen M. Edwards, CAE the Learning Evangelist, LLC @KathiEdwards #pcma12 January 10, 2012
  2. 2. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 Some portion of your anatomy must be connectedto a chair in order to learn something
  3. 3. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 Learning isserious fun allowed.
  4. 4. Think of the best learning experience you’ve ever had... What were its characteristics?@KathiEdwards#pcma12
  5. 5. @KathiEdwards It’s a new world for learners… #pcma12 Instant In short:gratification Just-in-time learning learners are in charge! The Internet Podcasts Blogs Wikis Virtual worlds Twitter…YouTube...Slideshare... Facebook…and more
  6. 6. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 Effective learningYou’re the learner advocate!
  7. 7. @KathiEdwards #pcma12“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” — Henry David Thoreau Walden Effective learning Thoreau statue at Walden cabin replica – Concord, MA
  8. 8. Learning is... Relevance Connection Opportunity Contribution Community Effective learning@KathiEdwards#pcma12
  9. 9. @KathiEdwards #pcma12What do you know about Brain science andHow people learn?Flickr image by Frank Gruber
  10. 10. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 What? Add up the numbers below: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Flickr image: basheem
  11. 11. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 Now answer two questions: 1. What answer did you get? 2. How did you get that that answer? You may come up with the answer in a different way than someone else. Brains seek patterns and make meaning based on past experiences. Activity from Using Brain Science to Make Training StickFlickr image: basheem by Sharon Bowman
  12. 12. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 So what? The brain: A mean, greenpattern-finding machine* * Dr. John Medina, in Brain Rules
  13. 13. Brain rule #4: We don’t pay attention to boring things Brain rule #3: Every brain is wired differently. Brain rule #5: Repeat to remember. Brain rule #10: Vision trumpsall other senses. Source: Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina
  14. 14. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 What conclusions might you reach abouteffective learning? Quickly write down what you most want to rememberabout what we’ve just covered Effective learning
  15. 15. Share this mantra far and wide… “It’s not what you give them; it’s what they take away that counts.” – Mel Silbermann Active learning guru@KathiEdwards#pcma12
  16. 16. SMEs have responsibilities in… How learning fits into the organization Becoming Contributing facilitator of to learner learning success Creating Effective use effective of visuals learning opportunities Engaging Effective audiences learning@KathiEdwards#pcma12
  17. 17. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 Definedlearning outcomesplay a critical role in success Effective learning
  18. 18. Give SMEs a blueprint for learning  Use stated outcomes as a content filter  Engage participants quickly  Create reasons for people to interact  Offer and ask for application ideas  Allow time for questions and tangents  Close powerfully@KathiEdwards#pcma12
  19. 19. @KathiEdwards #pcma12Why engageparticipants? Learner engagement
  20. 20. @KathiEdwards #pcma12“…[participants] believe they have something of value to offer… they see themselves not just as receptacles for instruction but as essential participants in the education experience.” ― Norman Cousins Learner engagement
  21. 21. Social media toolscan extend learning Learner engagement@KathiEdwards#pcma12
  22. 22. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 Coach learners on how to get maximum value Help learners discoverways to implement new ideas Learner engagement
  23. 23. @KathiEdwards #pcma12Every “event” is alearning laboratory for the next one Effective learning
  24. 24. @KathiEdwardsDelivering on the promise… #pcma12 ...the single most important thing expected of you and your learning leaders… Effective learning
  25. 25. @KathiEdwards #pcma12 A caveat to remember…Providing learning the “right way” takes more work; the long-term payoff is worth it! ...and a dirty little secret Success raises the bar for every program that follows
  26. 26. Thank you for your participation! Kathleen M. Edwards, CAE the Learning Evangelist, LLC Twitter: @KathiEdwards @KathiEdwards #pcma12