Marketing Copy that Attracts and Not Repels


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TED style talk for Growing Attendance delivered at the PCMA 2012 Learning Lounge

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  • Why – what do we think of someone that only talks about themselves?Dropping names is like listing only features. Comes across as bragging. Instead understand who your audience is and talk to them on the benefits you offer. Listen to their needs and reflect it in your writing.
  • Ron Rosenberg
  • Institute of Food Technologists525 W. Van Buren, Ste 1000 Chicago, IL 60607Phone: +1.312.782.8424 |
  • Not easy to changeBut you would not still have a wives' program today during your show, why do we market the same?
  • Let’s talk about your name and logoWhere is it on your ad?Examples – all on the topWhy do we place our logo or name at the top of an ad?We think it is the most important thing!!!Is it the most important thing to the potential customer?NoAt least not at first – first you sell them, then they discover who offers this and I need to call/email etc.
  • TexterityWrite appsPersonal message from president – not slick but authentic
  • Know your peopleYour copy will attract attendees if you talk with them and not at themKnow what will cause your attendees to act.
  • OK – honest first thoughts?Too much copy right?Actually this ad workedIt worked because it was targeted only to potential attendees within driving distance. We knew some prospects had difficulty getting the time out of the office to attend, so offering a free trade show registration encouraged them to drive in after hours, some cam on their own time over the weekend.
  • I specifically say “interactive copy” and not “social media” because so many of us get caught up in social media being separate from you goals and your event, when actually, it is where your audience is – so let’s talk to themLink is to Velvet Chainsaw Consulting blog – great example of ways to use interactive copy for your event
  • Sampleof too much info form 2010 preview program
  • Left – Non member offer to stores in west coast areaRight offer to community collegesEmail - post cards – different covers on the preview program. Everything you do should be targeted – within reason
  • It is about you – but someone else is saying it.
  • We used to have a form like this. Not the greatest results. We still use from time to time, but the best way is to have your staff listen and if you hear something positive ask if you could use their comment. Write a draft, get their permission and use. This type of form could be a good starting place, but don’t rely on it – get out there and talk to your people.
  • Be ready and answer the Why Attend question – before they even ask
  • Using photos from your event help you personalize the feel of the message.
  • It can remind them of the excitement of the event
  • Be selective in your photo s – are they representative of your industry – are you trying to expand, so for us we try to use more 20 and 30 somethings
  • And had to work to obtain photos of younger people
  • We also work to ensure diversity
  • Knowing your audience is keyWe average 57 year old females – so this brings an ahhhh and reminds them of their grandkids
  • But then again their not dead – so this works too
  • It all goes back to your audience. It is easy to get caught up in what you offer, but think of your copy like a letter to a friend or as I mentioned at the beginning how you talk on a first date. Focus on the intended reader and make your copy something that they would find interesting. Always think of things from the reader’s perspective – the rest – attendance, participation, engagement - will follow
  • Marketing Copy that Attracts and Not Repels

    1. 1. Creating Marketing Copy that Attracts and Not RepelsWendy HollidayVice President, Marketing and Member ServicesNational Association of College StoresPh: (800) 622-7498, ext.
    2. 2. Great copy is like a great first date – don’t monopolize the conversation. How great to not hear sports stories all night I love that she listens.
    3. 3. Features VS. Benefits
    4. 4. Know Your Audience
    5. 5. Who is your primary attendee?Why is your conference important to them?
    6. 6. Interactive CopyWhere are your attendees? Website You Tube Twitter How else are you engaging? Google+ 25 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Next Event
    7. 7. Ease of InformationSometimes we are so close to the event, it is easy to miss the difficulties we cause our attendees.
    8. 8. Targeting
    9. 9. TestimonialsOk-this is about you, but you’re not the one talking.
    10. 10. Reconsider how you solicit quotes Interviews Questionnaires Committee Members Your BoardThe Secret – Write it for them
    11. 11. Why should I do this? 1. Ties to potential attendees 2. Market your show year round 3. Access to new exhibitors
    12. 12. Stories in Photos
    13. 13. Members Are Our Story
    14. 14. Questions to Ask1. Is the headline working?2. Is there a call to action with contact information?3. Was this a general piece or could you have broken the message into multiple targets?4. Is there a testimonial?5. Are you using member and event photos and not stock photos?6. Are you trying to do too much in one advertisement?7. Is there too much about you? 8. What does your attendee want to hear/see?