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Unit 6 mental health
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Unit 6 mental health

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  • 1. Mental Health Learning objectives By end the topic participants would have learnt the following:
  • 2. Learning objectives Definition of mental health Why is mental health of particular importance among young people Consequences of poor mental health Promoting mental health among young people
  • 3. Definition of mental health Mental health is an essential dimension in the definition of health according to WHO Mental health can be conseptualized as a state of well being in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with normal stresses of life, can work fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.
  • 4.  Mental health also relates to a person’s ability to manage and cope with feelings that may arise as a result of their understanding or experience of social, physical or psychological events. Young people are dynamic and energetic , as such, their mental health is very important.
  • 5. Why is mental health of particularimportance among young people? Keeping young people health will translate to a vibrant nation contributing towards development of the nation. This means less juveniles,less mental illness cases and disorders, less violence. Good mental health among young people means more young people finishing school,
  • 6. Importance of mental health to YPMore young people will be able to manage their own businesses; but there will also be a reduction in incidences of HIV associated with abuse of drugs and substances .
  • 7. Factors influencing Mental health Physical factors – brain injuries/ trauma, accidents, birth injuries/ developmental disorders. Psychological factors – These events are so traumatic that YP feel incapable of handling the events and they become compromised.
  • 8. Social factors Social problems especially those that cause stress are recognised as a cause of mental health eg poverty, failure in shool, abuse , unemployment, violence , high incidence of HIV and substance abuse
  • 9. Consequences of poor mental health Anxiety and stress Depression Deliberate self harm Eating disorders Obsessive compulsive behaviours Psychosis
  • 10. Promoting mental health Interventions of promoting mental health among young people Early childhood interventions eg home visiting for pregnant women , pre school psycho social interventions etc Support to children (eg skills building programmes, child and youth development programmes)
  • 11. Interventions cont’d • Socio-economic empowerment of women ( eg improving access to education, micro credit schemes) • Social support to old age populations • Programmes targeted at vulnerable groups • Mental health promotion activities in schools eg child friendly schools • Mental health interventions at work eg stress prevention programmes
  • 12.  Housing policies eg house improvements Violence prevention programmes eg community policing initiatives . Community development programmes eg intergrated rural development
  • 13. Critical elements in promoting mentalhealth among adolescents and YP 1 Power of communication 2 Holding boundaries 3 Asking questions 4 Emotional literacy 5 Exploring options vs giving advice 6 Challenging 7 Knowing your limitations
  • 14.  Giving constructive criticismSummary Promoting mental health among young people is very important to prevent mental illness Mental health of YP is affected by physical, social economic and psychological fators.
  • 15. Summary cont’d Counselling and guidance are very paramount at all levels and this could be part of comprehensive YFHS. Consequences of poor mental health could be difficult to manage and could take time, however, professionals , parents and peers need to support YP so that we can reduce incidences of mental health
  • 16.  Health workers, social workers, parents should help young people realise who they are, be empathetic to them and offer constructive criticisms.