Unit 4 nutrition and young people

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  • 2. UNIT OBJECTIVES• Explain the importance good nutrition• Describe the 6 groups of food necessary for good nutrition• Explain the linkage between nutrition and HIV• Discuss the consequences of poor nutrition among adolescents and young people• Identify and discuss how you would promote good nutrition among young people
  • 3. IMPORTANCE OF GOOD NUTRITIONDefinition:• Food is anything that a person eats or drinks.• It is from this food that we get nutrients. Nutrients are necessary for life and our health.• Good nutrition means that the foods and drinks you are eating are providing you with the nutrients you need for life and health.
  • 4. Importance of Good NutritionMaintaining good health• Healthy eating or good nutrition contributes to overall growth and development• This includes healthy bones, skin, lowered risk of dental caries, eating disorders, constipation, malnutrition and also iron deficiency• Good nutrition maintains energy levels, immunity, good development of body cells and keeps people in good shapes.
  • 5. Importance cont…Prevention from infections• Good nutrition prevents us from infections and such keeps our immunity strong• The food we eat contains vitamins, proteins that help in building and keeping our immunity strong.• Poor nutrition facilitates risk to development of infections that will take advantage of the body being weak due to inadequate intake of certain foods
  • 6. GROUPS OF FOOD NECESSARY FOR GOOD NUTRITION The 6 groups of food necessary for good nutrition (Malawi balanced diet)Group main nutrient Examples of food Their role in the bodyvegetables Vitamins and Greens: Bonongwe, chisoso, luni •Fights infection minerals Fruits: Pumpkin, tomatoes, peppers Roots: Onion, garlic, Mushrooms Flowers: Pumpkin flowersFruits Carbohydrates Sweet or tangy fruits that are •Aids in food and vitamins often eaten raw. digestion (water and fiber) Fruits: (except for ones in the fat or vegetable group) papaya, Guava, Lemon, Tangerine, Banana, Mchisu, Granadilla Honey and sugar cane (these provide vitamins carboydrates)
  • 7. Group main nutrient Examples of food Their role in the bodyLegumes Proteins and Legumes are seeds in a pod. •Body maintenanceand Nuts carbohydrates Beans and Peas: Hyacinth bean •Muscle and tissue (Minerals, (Khungudzu, ground beans (Nzama), development Vitamins, Fiber, soybeans, pigeon pea (Nandolo), Fat) Peas (Nsawawa), Mucuna (Kalongonda) Nuts: MtedzaFrom Protein and Fat Flesh, Blood: Mice, Chicken, Pigeon, •Energy giving foodsfood (Minerals and Pig, Goat, Fish, Ngumbi (termites), •Body maintenanceanimals Vitamins) Caterpillars Eggs, Milk and products: Milk, Chambiko, CheeseFats and Protein and Fat Foods that feel fatty in your mouth: •Energy giving foodOils (Minerals and Oilseeds: Pumpkin seed, sesame Vitamin) seed, sunflower seeds, cooking oils Fruits: Avocado pear, coconut flesh Animal fat: Butter, Lard
  • 8. Group Main nutrient Examples of food Their role in the bodyStaples Carbohydrates Seed without a pod and starchy •Energy giving food (Protein, roots: Minerals. Grains: Rice, Wheat, Sorghum, Vitamins) Millet, Maize Starchy roots : Yams (Chilazi, Viyao), sweat potatoes, irish potatoes, cassava
  • 9. Linkage of Nutrition to HIV
  • 10. Linkage of Nutrition to HIV• There is a linkage between progression of HIV to AIDS and poor nutrition• Young people will progress fast to AIDS if their nutrition is very poor• Good nutrition will keep young people physically strong that will help to continue going to school, play, study, go to work, and do household chores• However poor nutrition does not lead to contracting HIV but it predisposes an individual to opportunistic infections that like tuberculosis, cancers that could make a person die.
  • 11. Consequences poor nutrition What could be the effects andconsequences of poor nutrition among adolescents and young people
  • 12. Consequences of poor nutrition among adolescents and young people• Obesity• Increased risk of diabetes• High blood pressure• Joint problems ( Gout)• Poor health status• Under development (malnutrition)• High risk of progression of HIV to disease• Poor wound healing• Increased prone to infections• Poor cognitive development• Bone malformation• Dental problems• Skin problems
  • 13. How can we promote goodnutrition among adolescents and young people?
  • 14. What is the role of health workers in promoting nutrition?