Part two ycta pac 2010


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Part two ycta pac 2010

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 2010 – THE END AND THE BEGINNING • YCTA Public Open Office to Meet the Candidates • The final effort – a Rally at the Mall • Election Day – Mobile banners and balloons • Thank you notes • Prize drawings and announcements • Dinner with the Board Members Continue We invited the community to Open Office to Meet the Candidates.From: Dina LuetgensSent: Friday, October 15, 2010 2:46 PMTo: AK Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; BarryTeachers; Bridge Teachers; BV Teachers; CGTeachers; DO Counselors; DO Literacy Coaches; DONurses; DO Psychologists; Gray Teachers; KingTeachers;; Lincoln Teachers; Lincrest Teachers; ParkTeachers; RB Teachers; RV Teachers; West WaltonTeachers; YCHS Teachers; cmcguigan@cta.orgSubject: YCTA Sunday Open House and other eventsHello,If you have not yet joined us for the Octoberactivities. There is still time to get involved.Please note we have an extra event this weekend - Come to the YCTA Office for desertand coffee - delicious home-baked cheesecakes and brownies - Sunday between2-4PM. This is an event open to our entire community. SO, please invite yourneighbors, family and friends. This is one of our first community outreach events. In additionto building stronger connections between our membership, we would also like to build moreconnections within our community.You can go to to download and print an invitation to distribute to others thisweekend. Share it at soccer games this weekend and church or anywhere else youare out and about in our community. Please help us build connections.Remember, there are also activities every Saturday morning at 9AM and every Mon- Thursfrom 5 - 8 PM.Rep Council is this Monday 10/18 at 3:45 PM.I look forward to seeing you during the month of October.Thank you,Dina
  2. 2. Scan invitation
  3. 3. Rally at the Mall –Day before Election At the crossroads of Yuba City – Highway 20 and Highway 99
  4. 4. Giving it one last effort.No regrets Tuesday morningfor things we did not try.
  5. 5. Election Day – Get the vote out YCHSAK LincrestLincrest Clever one here. She posted flyers for parents to take one.Lincrest RB Barry Vehicles parked in front of our schools on the morning of election.
  6. 6. From: Krista SmithSent: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 2:57 PMSent: Friday, October 15, 2010 2:46 PMTo: AK Teachers; AL Teachers; AP Teachers; Barry Teachers; Bridge Teachers; BV Teachers; CG Teachers; DOCounselors; DO Literacy Coaches; DO Nurses; DO Psychologists; Gray Teachers; King Teachers;; LincolnTeachers; Lincrest Teachers; Park Teachers; RB Teachers; RV Teachers; West Walton Teachers; YCHS Teachers;cmcguigan@cta.orgSubject: Election info and moreHello all, In case you havent heard, here are the results of the School Board election:Steve ScrivenLonetta RileyFred NorthernandMike Hudson. We are happy to continue our work with these dedicated folks. Steve Scriven has listenedand advocated for students and teachers when weve brought forth concerns over excessivebubbling tests and changes in conditions to our work day. Lonetta has listened and broughtforth issues that negatively impact our membership and continues to ask the tough questions,holding people accountable. Fred Northern has certainly displayed a long-standingcommittment to serve our District. Mike Hudson will bring his experience with youth and lawenforcement to help our District better support our at risk students, as well as seek input froma variety of sources before making decisions. We will continue a variety of activities with our Board, including the Dinner with a BoardMember. (Im already planning dinner choices from various restaurants!) Please considerjoining us, speaking with Board members, and actively taking part in what lies ahead. Thankyou again for the support youve provided Board members as well as your Exec. Board andmembership. I look forward to spending time with more of you.Krista SmithYCTA PAC
  7. 7. Dina,Insert Thank you notes