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Solar energy
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Solar energy

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  • 1. Solar Energy By: Mitch, Danny, and Nicky
  • 2. Advantages:
    • Non polluting, no noise, no harmful or unpleasant smells
    • 3. Very reliable, most solar panels have a 25 year warranty
    • 4. Source: the sun(reliable resource)
    • 5. Expensive, but saves money and the environment in the long run
  • 6. Disadvantages:
    • A solar energy installation requires a large area for the system to be efficient in providing a source of electricity
    • 7. Location, can possibly be a bad source of sunlight
    • 8. Very expensive
  • 9. How It Works:
    • Solar energy is harnessed through a process called photovoltaic cells, cells made up of two types of silicone
    • 10. Sunlight is made up of little units of energy called photons
    • Solar cells made up of negative and positive layers, which creates an electrical field
    • 11. When the photons hit the solar cell, the electrons flow to form what we know as electricity
  • 12.  
  • 13. Fast Facts on Solar Energy
    • The first working solar cell was invented by Charles Fritts in 1883 and operated at 1% efficiency
    • 14. Every minute enough solar energy reaches the earth to meet global energy demands for a year
    • 15. The sunlight that reaches the earth is about 200,000 times the total electrical energy generated by humans everyday
  • 16. Pictures:
  • 17. Quiz:
    • 1. Name one advantage of solar energy.
    • 18. 2. T/F- Solar energy is cheap.
    • 19. 3. Name one disadvantage of solar energy.
    • 20. 4. Each solar panel lasts for how long?
    • 21. 5. Who first invented the use of solar energy?
  • 22. Quiz Answers:
    • 1. Cheap, no noise pollution, no harmful smells
    • 23. 2. False
    • 24. 3. Expensive
    • 25. 4. 25 years
    • 26. 5. Charles Fritts
  • 27. Sources: