Unit 5 Mental Fitness


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Unit 5 Assignment

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  • Create a Power Point presentation that will “teach” the importance of mental fitness (thought process) and its implications to physical wellness. The power point must include the following four sections: Introduction: Introduce the main points of the presentation Part One: introduce the benefits of “mental fitness”. Include at least 3 research studies that have demonstrated the healing qualities of mental and spiritual focus.Part Two: Provide at least two examples of exercises, activities, or practices which can improve mental fitness. Give step by step instructions, explanations etc. and any other information that you believe is important to the development of mental fitness.Summarize the main points of the presentationSubmit your presentation to the drop box and upload it to your blog.
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  • Unit 5 Mental Fitness

    1. 1. Mind & Body Balance Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Healing Stacia TownsonProfessor Dorette Nysewander HW420: Creating Wellness Kaplan University April 19, 2012
    2. 2.  Benefits of mental fitness Research studies demonstrating healing qualities of mental and spiritual focus Examplesof exercises or practices to improve mental fitness Summary
    3. 3.  Decrease in depression, anxiety, and stress levels Increase in compassion and love Improve sleep quality Improve concentration & memory Decrease fatigue Reduces anger and frustration You will have more confidence Decrease in pain levels Reduces headaches Reduces blood pressure and pulse
    4. 4. Holistic – Developed through inner and outer aspectsEvolutionary – Conscious choicesIntentional – Shifting our focusPerson-Centered – Exploring ourselvesDynamic – Healing the issues by listening
    5. 5.  Dr. Ornish proved that blood pressure could be reversed and controlled by training your mind. He had 48 patients in a study A control group and a group that was in a lifestyle program. After a year the control group had an increase of chest pain, decreased blood flow and blockages. The therapy group on the other hand had reduction in chest pain, increased blood flow to the heart and reversal of coronary build up. Changing your mental being can change your physical well being. I believe this would be beneficial in treating many patients in the future(Dacher, E 2006).
    6. 6. The benefit of the mind/body connection He studies electrical brain activities, variation in brain blood flow and metabolic activity. He proved that, there are areas of the brain that become activated by negative and positive emotions. He concluded his results by comparing two groups, one that recalled good emotions and the other not, also one that was shown happy images and the other
    7. 7.  In the early 70’s Dr. Candace Pert found the opiate receptor. Eastern philosophy states that consciousness comes before reality. Westerners have taught for years that consciousness, thoughts and emotions are products of the physical brain and have little to do with the body or our health. Dr. Pert’s research proved that a biochemical basis for awareness and consciousness exists, the mind and body being one. It proves that our emotions and feeling are what links the mind and
    8. 8. Meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful. By stopping distractions and making our mind clear. You begin by sitting in an upright posture to prevent the mind from becoming sleepy. With eyes partially closed concentrate on your breath going in and out. Breathing in and out of your nostrils is preferred. This will be the object of your meditation your focal point. Trying numerous times to exclude all other distractions. PracticingGyatso,patiently inTo Meditate. Retrieved from http://www.how-to-meditate.org G. K. (2012). How this way, slowly
    9. 9. The ancient art of tai chi, to reduce stress and improve health. To be relaxed is the most important factor in stance training. Relaxing In The Horse Riding Stance Stand with the feet about shoulder length apart. Turn the toes in so the outside of the feet are parallel. Sit back in chair pose with up to a 45 degree bend in the knee. Roll the knees in or out if needed to be straight. Release your lower back to allow tailbone to hang. Hold arms as if you are holding reins with elbows hanging down. Let your shoulders sink. Use inhalation to expand body and exhalation to release unwanted stresses of life down into the floor using the bones as outlets.Yang. (1956). Taijiquan 24 Form. Retrieved 2012, from http://www.egreenway.com/taichichuan/short.htm#List Then you hold it for as long as you can without
    10. 10.  Mental fitness has many great benefits that would encourage one to take advantage of the many practices and exercises available. The great benefits of mental fitness are the promotion of inner self, oneness and wholeness. Creating a stable mind with persistent mental workouts will create inner peace.
    11. 11. Dacher, E.S. (2006). Integral health: The path to human flourishing.Laguna Beach, C.A.: Basic Health Publications, Inc.Schlitz, M., Amorok, T., & Micozzi, M.S. (2005). Consciousness andhealing: Integral approaches to mind-body medicine. Saint Louis, M.I.: Elsevier, Inc.Susan Krauss Whitbourne, P. (2012). Psychology Today. Retrievedfrom http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201102/get-out-and-walk-your- brain-will-thank-youGyatso, G. K. (2012). How To Meditate. Retrieved from http://www.how-to-meditate.org/Yang. (1956). Taijiquan 24 Form. Retrieved 2012, from http://www.egreenway.com/taichichuan/short.htm#List