Mansfield U3A Newsletter, August 2013


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Our monthly newsletter shows what members of Mansfield and District U3A in north Nottinghamshire have been doing recently and what's planned.

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Mansfield U3A Newsletter, August 2013

  1. 1. Mansfield and District U3A Newsletter Local History & Sci-Tech visit heritage railway: Pages 3 & 4 _____________________________ Established 1999 HMRC Charity Registration No.: XT30525 August 2013 Website: Noticeboard: Page 1 of 12
  2. 2. Welcome from your chairman BEFORE anything else, I’d like to thank Sheila Whalley for her generosity in opening her wonderful garden to us last month. It was a real life Secret Garden as garden ‘room’ opened into yet another hidden garden room, filled with plants and statues and comfortable places to sit. The hard work and dedication she has shown astonishes me and I can only thank her. Thanks also to the hard working Social Committee members who spent Sunday (and other days beforehand) ‘on duty’ providing us with tea and delicious cakes. We spent enough on cakes, plants and raffle tickets to give Air Ambulance nearly £200. Next year is our 15th Anniversary and I suggested that we celebrate this by holding an exhibition of U3A and its work in Mansfield Museum. It was all a little vague at the time, so now I want to firm things up. We have been given the back exhibition room in the Museum from May 24th to June 28th 2014 and I have accepted this pro tem. But firstly, I need to know if you, the members, think this is a good idea. Should we go to the trouble and possible expense of an exhibition of our work, and that of our neighbouring U3As? Secondly, I need your help: help with providing exhibits, manpower, ideas and enthusiasm. The museum people are totally positive about the idea – it would provide another insight into local life. And they will help us – by providing display cases and boards, by hanging our art works, by helping us to be as imaginative as possible. Just imagine that room (visit it if you can) with slide shows, projection of photos onto the wall, displays on specially painted walls, each group showing its ideas – the wine group with a map of the world and explanations of where the wines they drink come from, the music groups telling us about their composers or bands, the walking groups displaying their maps and photos. And, being more imaginative – how about having our meetings there, open to the public? The art group at work, a music group playing CDs, the choir performing for the public, a Digital World session? The only limitation would seem to be our own effort. So ... I shall go ahead in the short term, but I would like your feedback, your enthusiasm, your advice to drive me on to show Mansfield what fun we have, what ideas we have, what an excellent U3A we have. Mike Allen ______________________________________________________________________________ In this issue Page 2 Chairman's Welcome. Page 3 Subscriptions. Holiday Updates. Recent Events: Local History & Sci- Tech visit heritage railway (Start). Page 4 Recent Events: Local History & Sci-Tech visit heritage railway (End). Holiday Group in Tenby (Start). Pages 5 - 8 Groups Meeting Programme. (Book Table: P8) Page 9 Recent Events Holiday Group in Tenby (End), Groups News: Strollers at Pleasley (Start). Page 10 Groups News: Strollers at Pleasley (End), Luncheon Club, Digital World. Page 11 Reflections from the Committee Table Page 12 New Interest Group. Obituary. AGM Notice. Dates for your diary. Notices. Page 2 of 12
  3. 3. Annual Subscriptions 2013/2014 – Reminder OUR FINANCIAL year ended on 31st July and annual subscriptions are due at the September AGM. Due to the generosity of our members in supporting our social events and the tax we have reclaimed via the Gift Aid Scheme, we are yet again delighted to offer our members a refund of £2 on this year’s subscriptions. Existing members will therefore only pay £15 for this year. (Associate members: £11.50.) Subscriptions to Mansfield U3A remain at £17 for the forthcoming year for new members. Payment can be made any time between now and the September meeting so please let me have your cheque when convenient, made payable to Mansfield U3A. Post-date to September if you wish. Please remind any friends who wish to renew their membership but are unable to attend the monthly meetings to contact the treasurer or any committee member. Online Banking For those members who use internet banking, why not pay your subscriptions ONLINE this year? Full details available from the treasurer. Thanks. Pauline Boucher (Treasurer) _______________________________________________________________________________________ Annual Picnic – Tuesday 20th August Queen Elizabeth’s Academy, Chesterfield Road (12.00-3.00) Join us for our annual picnic – bring food to share and hope for some sunshine so that we can have some fun in the garden. Alternative indoor accommodation in case of inclement weather. Admission is free and raffle prizes will include 2 FREE U3A MEMBERSHIPS for the lucky winners. Hope to see you there! Social Committee _______________________________________________________________________________________ Holiday Updates Thursford Christmas Spectacular – 4th, 5th & 6th December The balances of £194 for singles and £168 pp for those sharing must be paid no later than the September meeting. These prices include the driver's gratuity. Since cheques will not be cashed until the last week in September you can start paying now especially if you know you may be absent at any of the meetings before then. Cheques payable to Mansfield & District U3A. Margaret Burlinson Details of all holidays are on the website ... _______________________________________________________________________________________ Recent Events Local History and Sci-Tech combine to visit heritage railway IN THE June meeting of the Local History Group, we had a presentation of the history of Mansfield's Local Railways. The group had decided that the next meeting would be a trip to the Severn Valley Railway to sample the delights of steam rail travel which many of our group remember with affection. So on Friday July 5th along with members of the Sci/Tech group we boarded our bus on a glorious sunny morning to Kidderminster, the station where we were to board the train. Unbeknown to us the Page 3 of 12
  4. 4. Railway had a 1940's weekend with soldiers, armoured cars, children dressed in evacuation garb – all looking really good. There was even a Spiv! We had a carriage reserved so we boarded the steam train named The Jolly Fisherman for the journey to Highley. We left the train there to visit the Engine House Museum. Inside were many steam locos, exhibitions, shop and a café. I particularly liked the mock up of a Mail Sorting Van set at the time of the Great Train Robbery in 1963. We returned to Highley station and joined our next train, headed by Sir Keith Park, a loco from Southern Railways' Battle of Britain Class built in 1947 and named after the New Zealander who devised the tactics for the Victory in the Battle of Britain. It is the latest addition to the stock and the overhaul has taken 13 years and a million pounds, money well spent, even though she burns two tons of Russian steam coal per round trip at a cost of around £1 per shovel! After a stop at Bridgenorth, where we tasted the local beers in the station pub, we again joined the loco Sir Keith Park and returned to Kidderminster. We journeyed back to Mansfield Woodhouse still in sunshine after a day of nostalgia remembering the days of Steam. Bob Longden More pictures here ... Holidays Group in Tenby WHATA gem of a place Tenby is! From our hotel we had the perfect view of the beautiful sands and harbour and of the old life-boat station, now converted into a comfortable home, which some of you may have seen featured recently on TV. The town itself had narrow, winding streets (too narrow for our coach), a thirteenth- century town wall and ancient buildings and there were plenty of small, independent shops to explore too. Down one of the almost hidden alleyways was the Tudor Merchant's house - not many rooms, but full of interesting details of Tudor life, all well displayed. A bonus was that, sitting down to read information or simply to absorb the atmosphere, was actually encouraged, not forbidden. Continued on page 9 ... Page 4 of 12
  5. 5. Key to Meetings details: THIS TABLE SHOWS THE DAY of the month, time and frequency using the first two letters of the day, followed by numbers 1 - 5 to represent the week number. The final letter M (or F, W or V) indicates that the group meets monthly, fortnightly, weekly or at variable intervals. So 'Tu2, 2.30 - V M' would mean a group meeting on the 2nd Tuesday at 2.30pm Monthly but with Variable finish times. The main Mansfield and District U3Ameetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (exceptAugust and December) at the Oakham Suite, 155 Nottingham Road, Mansfield from 10 am - 12.30 pm. All members are invited to contact the relevant Group Leader if they would like to participate in any interest group or attend an event. NB: * indicates a waiting list. Interest Group Meetings Meeting Places Leader/Contact Antiques & Collectables (New) Tu 2, 10 - 12 M Stanhope Centre, Bridge Street Pat Blackwell 01623 481745 Inaugural Meeting: October 8th Art We3, 10 - 12 M Big Barn Lane Methodist Church, Mansfield Linda Spray 01623 795176 Next Meetings: August 21st – Still Life; September 18th Art Appreciation Mo1, 2.00 - 4.00 M Baptist Church, Rosemary St. Mansfield Pauline Boucher 01623 644798 Next Meeting: 2nd September – My Favourite Impressionist Next Visit: 7th October – Visit to Nottingham Art Gallery and Museum. Beginners' Bridge (With Ashfield U3A) Mo, Various 6.30 - 9.00 Enviro Centre, Derby Rd College, Mansfield Maxine Rose/Glenis Carr 01623 459081/627735 Next Meetings: Sept. 16th & 30th; Oct. 14th & 28th; Nov.11th & 25th; Dec. 9th (Also Acol sessions at the Mechanics Institute – Th, 10 - 12.30 W) Bowls Th, 1.30 - 3.30 W Mansfield Bowls Club, Chesterfield Road Don Wright 01623 628946 Next Meetings: Aug. 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th; Sept. 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th. (End of season.) Caravan & M'home Rally Various TBA Terry Lammas 01623 471963 Next Meetings: 1st & 2nd Nov. – at Swinethorpe, nr. Lincoln, with hog roast, entertainment and firework display; 1st to 29th June 2014 – France Chat and Stitch Mo3, 2.00 - 4.00 M St John's Centre, Mansfield Doreen Storer 01623 407731 Next Meetings: No meeting in August; 16th September Page 5 of 12
  6. 6. Interest Group Meetings Meeting Place Leader/Contact Current Affairs Tu2, 2.00 - 4.00 M St John's Centre, Mansfield Norma Shillinglaw 01623 466934 Next Meetings: No meeting inAugust; September 10th Digital World Fri 2 & 4, 2.00 - 4.00 2/M Stanton Hill Baptist Church, Albert St, Skegby David Ling 01623 822994 Next Meetings: No meeting inAugust; September 13th – Back to Basics & 27th – Treasure Hunt Summer Theme: TheAlphabet in Pictures Family History Tu4, 10.00 - 12.00 M St John's Centre, Mansfield Max Clarke 01623 621744 Next Meetings: TBA Film Studies * We1, 1.30 - V M Joy's home Joy Crowe 01623 645400 Next Meetings: 7th August; 4th September Garden Visits During the Summer Various Janet Whitlam 01623 635607 Next Visits: TBA Gardening Tu1, 10.00 - 12.00 M St Peter's Centre, Mansfield Avril McGee 01623 452688 Next Meetings: 3rd Sept. – Cooking with edible plants & flowers; 1st Oct. – Native Trees of Britain with Phil Holmes Heartstart Th3, 1.00 - 3.00 William Kaye Hall, Ladybrook Lane Linda Leivers 01623 471963 Next Meetings: 22nd Aug.*; 19th Sept. (10.00 - 12.00); 17th Oct. (1.00 - 3.00) Holidays (Home & Abroad) Various TBA Margaret Burlinson 01623 632538 Next holidays: 4th, 5th & 6th December – Thursford Christmas Spectacular; Monday 27th to Friday 31st January 2014 – Warner's Thoresby Hall (Contact Terry Whitehead on 01623 626991) Local History Fri1, 10.00 - 12.00 M Bridge Street Methodist Church Bob & Sue Longden 01623 486903 Next Meetings: No meeting in August. Sept. 6th – Clipstone Camp with John Danbury Luncheon Club Th after 3rd Tu, 12.00 - 2.00 M Various David Ling 01623 822994 Next Meetings: No meeting in August. September 19th – Bestwood Lodge,Arnold Movement to Music (New) TBA TBA Linda Leivers 01623 471963 Inaugural Meeting: TBA Page 6 of 12
  7. 7. Interest Group Meetings Meeting Place Leader/Contact Music Groups Classical Music 2 Mo4, 2.00 - 4.00 M Members' homes Peter Hart 01623 620940 Next Meetings: No meeting in Aug. 23rd September – Scandinavian composers with Peter Hart Concert Visits (With Southwell U3A) Various Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham David Ling 01623 822994 Next Meeting: TBA Music 2 * Mo4, 2.00 - 4.30 M Members' homes Eric Prescott 01623 631160 Next Meeting: TBA Popular Music Appreciation * Tu4, 2.00 - 4.00 M St John's School, Mansfield Peter Haynes 01623 610886 Next Meetings: TBA (Subs are due. PH) Pudding Club * Tu1, 4.00 - 6.00 M Members' homes Sylvia Slack 01623 633981 Next Meetings: Aug. 6th at Janet's. No meeting in September. Reading 1 * Th3, 2.00 - 4.00 M Peter Dawson's home Peter Dawson 01623 882191 Next Meetings: 15th August; 19th September Reading 2 Tu3, 2.00 - 4.00 M Ravenshead Library Joan Hufton 01623 557488 Next Meetings: 20th August; 17th September Science & Technical Tu1, 1.30 - 3.30 M Stanton Hill Baptist Church, Albert St, Skegby Ian Boucher 01623 644798 Next Meetings: No meeting in August. 3rd Sept. – Steel with Bob Longden; 1st Oct. – DNA with Jill Pullan Scrabble * Mo2, 2.00 - 4 .00 M Brenda Thurkettle's home Brenda Thurkettle 01623 628136 Next Meetings: TBA Singing for Fun Th V West Notts College, Derby Rd. Mansfield June Fell 01623 623547 Next Meetings: Sept. 5th & 19th; Oct. 3rd & 17th Tai Chi Mo, 9.30 - 10.30 W St John's Centre, Mansfield Cliff Laycock 01623 481985 Next Meetings: Sept. 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th; Oct. 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th Page 7 of 12
  8. 8. Interest Group Meetings Meeting Place Leader/Contact Theatre Visits Various Various Sheila Whalley 01623 453908 Next Meetings: Wed. 21st Aug. – Ghost The Musical; Wed. 18th Sept. – Fiddler on the Roof; Sat. 12th Oct. – Our House; Wed. 16th Oct. – To Sir With Love (Matinees at the RCH, Nottingham) Walking Groups Hikers (all-day, 6 - 8 miles) Th1 & Mo3, 9.30 - V 2/M Tesco car park, off Oak Tree Lane Peter Thurkettle 01623 628136 Next Meetings: Mon. 19thAug. – Southwell and the River Trent; Thurs. 22nd Aug, Lunch Walk – Hardwick Inn; Thurs. 5th Sept. – Ashford-in-the Water; Mon. 16th Sept. – Tithby / Cropwell Bishop Shufflers (short & gentle) V Lunchtimes Various Sylvia Slack 01623 633981 Next Meeting: TBA Strollers (a leisurely 2 miles) We2, 10.30 - V M Various Barbara Massey / Marion Thornton 01623 628357 / 01623 651528 Next Meetings: 14thAug. – Teversal Trail; 11th Sept. – Oak Tree Heath; 9th Oct . – The Lawns, Sutton inAshfield Walkers (an easy 4 - 5 miles) We4, 10.30 – V M Various Joy & Nick Crowe 01623 645400 Next Meetings: 28th Aug. – Thoresby; 25th Sept. – Calverton Wine Appreciation 2* We3, 7.30 - V M Members' homes Mike Allen 01623 653345 Next Meetings: Aug. 21st – Chardonnay with RB; Sept.18th – Whites with John & Margaret Wine Appreciation 3* Tu4, 7.30 - V M Members' homes Graham Allin 01623 473662 Next Meetings: Aug. 27th – Lesser-known Rhone with Barrie & Lynne; Sept. 24th – Wide price range White with Ron Writing for Pleasure * Mo2, 2.00 - 4.00 M The Stanhope Centre Mansfield. Sue Ford / Hilary Miller 01623 844286 / 620067 Next Meetings: 12th Aug.; 9th Sept. Book Table SALE OF BOOKS in July raised £47.20. As you are reading this online you will know there is no book stall until September. Save your holiday reading and bring it to the stall as soon as possible. The reduction in annual subs announced last month was in part made possible because YOU purchased books. If you bought twice as many we could get another discount next year (probably). Lilian Whitehead. Page 8 of 12
  9. 9. Holiday in Tenby, cont. from Page 4 Only a twenty-minute boat ride away was peaceful Caldey Island, where there was a Cistercian monastery. Here people had the chance to attend a short service and listen to the monks' chanting and, by contrast, to visit the chocolatiers. It rained for our visit to St. Davids, the smallest city in Britain – only village-size with 1800 inhabitants, but, as we stepped through the ancient gate-house, we were not disappointed: there was the cathedral tucked away into a hollow, blending into the landscape. Inside, some of the pillars leaned outwards – the legacy of a thirteenth-century earthquake. As we toiled up the steps (all 39 of them) back to the coach, we may have given a thought to all those pilgrims of old treading the same path. Another highlight, reached by many winding lanes through the Pembrokeshire National Park, was the wood-worker's shop, where we heard the history of the Welsh love-spoons his family made and saw some remarkable examples. There was plenty to do: walking, sight-seeing, evening choral concerts, even a ghost walk and, as usual, U3A members made the most of it and of the excellent food at the hotel. What a pity we could not bring the chef back home! Thank you Margaret for another very enjoyable holiday. We do appreciate all your efforts on our behalf. Marjorie Smith More pictures here ... ______________________________________________________________________________ Groups News (Check the Interest Group web pages for updates) Strollers on the Pleasley Pit trail ON A DRY, but cool day on 10th July, I drove to the little car park near the old Pleasley Pit at 9.45 am to wait for the other members of Strollers. By 9.55 no-one had appeared. I felt sure our walks always started at 10.00 am so got a bit worried, I may have got the date wrong. Anyway, I saw a car or two drive past and up a small hill, so I followed and blow me down, there was one of our group near the entrance to the pit building. Seems I’d got the time wrong – we don’t assemble until 10.30 and should have met at the top car park, not the bottom one. Soon the others started to arrive and 18 of us set off for our leisurely stroll around the Pleasley Pit Trail which is now a country park and wildlife reserve. What a lovely place to be in July. We saw lots of bird life, fields glowing red with poppies and some mixed with bright yellow rapeseed. From a distance this was a fantastic sight to behold. At the entrance to the walk there is a Page 9 of 12
  10. 10. large board with a map showing the different routes to be taken around the park. Our leaders, Marion and Barbara, took us round a rather short walk, so we didn’t have hills to climb or stiles to struggle over. Everyone chatted happily and marvelled at the fauna and flora along the way. We ended our walk at the small café near where we had parked our cars. The smell of sausages and bacon filled our nostrils, but most of us opted for coffee, tea, toast or scones. A leisurely chat followed, surrounded by a large selection of historic photographs of the old pit and its workers which represented the life-force of the Pleasley area many years ago, before closure in the 80’s. The pit is currently being renovated into a mining heritage site. There is a museum, but we didn’t visit it on this occasion, but one day I would like to go back and see more. The wonderful thing about Strollers and the other walking groups in the U3A is that we get to see places in our local area that we perhaps did not know existed. You have to go along and see these gems whilst getting to know like-minded congenial souls who eventually become your friends. Linda Spray More pictures here ... Luncheon Club ATTENDANCE on 18th July at The Lion at Farnsfield was hit by a combination of hospital appointments and grandparently duties but thanks are due to John and Karen Troop for arranging an attractive menu we all enjoyed so much that several doggy bags were needed. We'll explore new ground on 19th September, after the holiday break, when Pauline and Ian Boucher are taking us to Bestwood Lodge Hotel, a Victorian Hunting Lodge just north of Nottingham, where our 2- and 3-course menus are priced at £10 & £15. We'll be dining in their elegant Parkside Restaurant overlooking the beautiful gardens. Bookings are open now, and please make a diary note that our annual Christmas fine- dining lunch at Launay's in Edwinstowe will be on 12th December. There'll be a choice of 2, 3 or 4 courses of French family cuisine, including oysters for the adventurous, priced from £15.95 for 2. Please book with a £10 deposit at the September meeting (cheques only please, payable to Mansfield and District U3A.) David Ling More pictures here; menus on the website ... Digital World OUR EXPLORATION of the alphabet in commonplace subjects produced some interesting examples at our last meeting at Stanton Hill Baptist Church before the holidays and we'll revisit the subject on 13th September. We'll also have another back-to-basics session then to help less- experienced members with the camera settings and menus that may seem daunting until they're explained. Everyone welcome! Then we're hoping to hold another treasure hunt on 27th September, weather permitting, when members will be tasked to find and photograph a list of subjects that we'll discuss on 11th October. (Details next month.) David Ling Page 10 of 12
  11. 11. Reflections from the Committee Table ON BEING THE MINUTES SECRETARY My name is Jennie Roberts and I have had the honour of holding the position of Minutes Secretary on the Mansfield U3A Committee since September 2013. My role involves recording the matters discussed, and the decisions reached, by the Committee at their monthly meetings and twice yearly at the Committee and Group Leaders Meetings. I really enjoy working with the other Committee Members who are all friendly and dedicated to helping to make our U3A enjoyable and progressive for all of us. My role involves using email to communicate with other Committee Members and Group Leaders and to circulate the Minutes of the meetings. This has benefited me greatly, as I have learned to evolve from “Computing for the Overwhelmingly Petrified” to “Computing for the Cautiously Optimistic”. Serving with the Committee has been a revelation into the thought and effort many of our members willingly invest in sustaining and improving Mansfield U3A, and the pleasure that our members derive from it. Jennie Roberts. ______________________________________________________________________________ Museum to showcase Mansfield's industrial history ... Page 11 of 12
  12. 12. New Interest Group Antiques & Collectables THIS NEW GROUP will have its first meeting on Tuesday the 8th of October, at the Stanhope Centre on Bridge Street, Mansfield. There is free parking at this venue and a lift. The Group Leader will be Pat Blackwell, who has her own interests in this subject. The hope is that people will share their own interests and knowledge with others. The format for the following monthly meetings will be discussed at the initial meeting. The subjects and objects need not be of great value and can range from medieval to mid-sixties, junk to jewellery, clogs to cloisonné, European to Oriental. So root in the attic and find granny's teapots, tapestries and tat. And be prepared to do a little research and share your finds with friends. The group may also plan visits to places of interest and auctions so come along and find a new interest. Please contact Pat Blackwell on Linda Leivers ______________________________________________________________________________ Diaries. Orders for 2014 diaries (£4) close at the Sept. meeting. Contact Linda Spray if you want one. ______________________________________________________________________________ Ken Smith. It is with regret that we have learned of the death of Ken Smith on Monday July 8th after a short illness. The funeral on Tuesday 23rd July at Mansfield Crematorium was followed by a reception at the Mansfield Manor Hotel. ______________________________________________________________________________ Mansfield U3A 14th AGM: Tuesday September 17th. 2013. MEMBERS are reminded that motions for the AGM must be proposed & seconded by the 20th August. Please contact the Chairman or send the information to the Secretary via the website Contact form if you want a motion to be discussed. ______________________________________________________________________________ Dates for your diary (Check the website for more information and updates.). Tues. 20th Aug: SUMMER PICNIC at Queen Elizabeth's Academy. 12.00 to 3pm, with garden games. FOC, but bring food to share and your own drinks. Details from Jean Hinds (414393) Sat. 12th Oct: FLEADRIVE. Cancelled due to lack of support. ______________________________________________________________________________ Event and Visit Payments MEMBERS are reminded that deposits and payments for events and visits organised by Mansfield U3A and its interest groups are non-refundable, but places so reserved may be offered to others. ______________________________________________________________________________ Changes of address, etc. PLEASE contact the membership secretary, Avril McGee (01623 452688), if you've changed your address, phone number or email since joining Mansfield U3A so that she can update our records. ______________________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer THE VIEWS expressed here are those of the contributors, only, and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the committee of Mansfield U3A or the Third Age Trust. Nor can any responsibility be accepted for members' announcements or any errors that may occur. ______________________________________________________________________________ Next Issue PLEASE SEND contributions for the September issue to, or in typescript to the editor, as soon as you can and by 1st September at the latest. Thanks! ______________________________________________________________________________ Editor: David Ling (01623 822994) Page 12 of 12