Lamberti Adjuvants for the Agro Market


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An overview of the \"Custom Chemistry\" that Lamberti is bringing to the US Agro pesticide adjuvant market.

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Lamberti Adjuvants for the Agro Market

  1. 1. USA the value of custom-made chemistry Adjuvants for the Agro Market Don Leming September 2008 Property of Lamberti USA
  2. 2. Introduction: Lamberti Group • The Lamberti Group headquarters are in Gallarate (Italy) about 40 kms North of Milan and 10 minutes' drive from Malpensa international Airport. • The main Production facilities, the Technological Centre and Logistics Offices are located in Albizzate (Italy). • Lamberti S.p.A., founded in 1911, leads the Group which achieved a sales turnover of approx. Euro 370 million in 2007. • The Group's 1200 employees are distributed among Production, R&D, Sales and Services.
  3. 3. Group Technologies Lamberti produces a broad range of specialty chemicals for a large variety of industries and applications. Our Portfolio includes five Technological Areas: NATURAL POLYMERS FINE CHEMICALS BIOTECHNOLOGIES • Carboxymethylcelluloses • Dyes & Pigments • Enzyme Derivatives • Guar Derivatives • Photoinitiators • PVC Stabilizers SYNTHETIC POLYMERS OLEOCHEMICALS • Acrylic Polymers • Oleochemical Derivatives • Polyurethanes • Surfactants • Esters
  4. 4. USA International Presence Poland Italy Germany France Beijing PA (USA) Spain TN Korea TX (USA) (USA) Shanghai Mexico Hong Kong Turkey Indonesia Brazil South Africa
  5. 5. USA New Generation of Anionic Surfactants Property of Lamberti USA
  6. 6. USA EUCAROL AGE Lamberti has created a new generation of anionic surfactants called EUCAROL AGE, characterised by good biological efficacy and environment friendly performance. The range includes: EUCAROL AGE SS ( Disodium Cocopolyglucose Sulfosuccinate) EUCAROL AGE EC ( Disodium Cocopolyglucose Citrate ) EUCAROL AGE ET ( Sodium Cocopolyglucose Tartrate ) DERIVED FROM NATURAL, RENEWABLE RAW MATERIALS GOOD BIOLOGICAL PERFORMANCE BOTH AS BUILT-IN AND TANK MIX MILD TO THE SKIN AND ADJUVANT NON-IRRITATING FOR THE EYES FREE FROM DIOXANE, BIODEGRADABLE, ETHYLENE OXIDE AND NOT HARMFUL FOR NITROSAMINE PRECURSORS THE ENVIRONMENT
  7. 7. USA EUCAROL AGE OX O OH OH O OH O OH OH O OH n m O X= C C H2 C H C O O Na Alkylpolyglucoside Sulfosuccinate S O 3 Na Sodium Salt O OH X= C C H2 C C H 2 C O O Na Alkylpolyglucoside Citrate C O O Na Sodium Salt O OH X= C C H C H C O O Na Alkylpolyglucoside Tartrate OH Sodium Salt
  8. 8. USA EUCAROL AGE EUCAROL AGE are free from Ethylene Oxide, 1,4 Dioxane e Nitrosamines, toxic impurities present in standard surfactants. Shown below are the simplified chemical structure of EUCAROL AGE SS compared with a traditional ethoxylated fatty alcohol sulfosuccinate. The polyoxyethylene chain, which is the hydrophylic part in the traditional molecule and can generate free EO and 1,4 dioxane, is substituted by glucose units. Moreover, differently from common amphoteric surfactants, EUCAROL AGE does not contain nitrogen atoms, precursor of nitrosamines. SO3Na R-O--------- (--CH2--CH2--O-) -------CO--CH2--CH--COONa n ETHOXYLATED FATTY ALCOHOL SULFOSUCCINATE CH2-O-------- O SO3Na R-O------- OH O--------H OH m ALKYLPOLYGLUCOSIDE SULFOSUCCINATE
  9. 9. USA EUCAROL AGE CHEMICAL-PHYSICAL PROPERTIES • The low surface tension at the Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) highlights the effectiveness of the products as surface- active agents • CMC value is low compared with other anionic surfactants; i.e. lower concentration of monomers – surface-active molecules not associated in micelles which leads to lower toxicity
  10. 10. USA EUCAROL AGE ECOLOGICAL PROFILE INHERENT READY AQUATIC TOXICITY PRODUCTS BIODEGRADABILITY BIODEGRADABILITY ( Da phnia Ma gna a nd (OECD 302 B) (OECD 301 D) Arte mia sa lina ) EUCAROL AGE SS > 90 % 55% 10 -100 mg/l EUCAROL AGE EC > 90 % 68% 10 - 100 mg/l (Ready Biodegradable) EUCAROL AGE ET > 90 % 68% 10 - 100 mg/l (Ready Biodegradable)
  11. 11. USA EUCAROL AGE PHYSICAL PROPERTIES PRODUCTS a . m. APPEARANCE GARDNER pH CMC SURFACE TENSION % a t 20°C COLOUR (2% w a te r solution) % a t CMC, m N/m EUCAROL AGE SS 45 liquid 7 MAX 4.5 - 6.5 0.0087 26.5 EUCAROL AGE EC 30 liquid 7 MAX 4.5 - 6.5 0.0084 26.6 EUCAROL AGE ET 30 liquid 7 MAX 4.5 - 6.5 0.0068 26.1 REGULATORY SITUATION PRODUCTS CAS EINECS TSCA INCI (1) Disodium Coco EUCAROL AGE SS 151911 - 53 - 4* No Longer Polymer Registered Polyglucose Sulfosuccinate Disodium Coco EUCAROL AGE EC 151911 - 51 - 2* No Longer Polymer Registered Polyglucose Citrate Disodium Coco EUCAROL AGE ET 151911 - 52 - 3* No Longer Polymer Registered Polyglucose Tartrate (1) : Adopte d in Europe * = UVCB (Unknown or Variable composition, Complex reaction products and Biological materials)
  12. 12. USA EUCAROL AGE Agro Applications EUCAROL AGE can be used in combination with different herbicides BUILT IN TANK-MIX GLYPHOSATE 360 g/L SL MESOTRION 480 g/L SC ATRAZINE 500 SC PHENMEDIPHAM 90 g/L+ DESMEDIPHAM 70 g/L + ETHOFUMESATE 110 g/L EC
  13. 13. USA EUCAROL AGE BIOLOGICAL EFFICACY ON SUGAR BEET Weed control effect using the adjuvant in combination with Phenmedipham, Desmedipham, Ethofumesate herbicide. 100 90 80 70 EUCAROL AGE 60 50 TALLOW 40 AMINE 30 NO ADJUVANT 20 10 0 AMARE POLLA
  14. 14. USA EUCAROL AGE BIOLOGICAL EFFICACY ON MAIZE Weed control effect using the adjuvant in combination with Mesotrione and Atrazine herbicide. 99 98 97 96 EUCAROL AGE 95 TALLOW 94 AMINE 93 NO ADJUVANT 92 91 90 AMARE CHEAL
  15. 15. USA EUCAROL AGE PATENT POSITION EP 258814: Surfactants coming from bi- or tri-carboxylic hydroxy-acids EP 510564: Procedure for the preparation of surface-active agents derived from di- or tri-carboxylic acids EP 510565: Surface-active agents derived from sulfosuccinic esters WO 0069261: Mixtures of surfactants used as wetting agents and/or emulsifiers in agrochemical preparations
  16. 16. USA ADJUVANTS: Agrochemicals • Improving biological performance • Lamberti can provide a wide of a pesticide is a becoming more portfolio of adjuvants designed for and more important in Crop the most selective applications. Protection to optimize the amount For example: of pesticide applied, improve – combinations of surfactants in handling and safety by applicators the form of emulsions and micro and consumers. emulsions (e.g. patented • Adjuvants can enhance the MICROBIO) performance of the pesticide by – our patented quot;green productsquot; affecting the penetration into leaf like EUCAROL AGE or soil (wetter) , or by improving (alkylpolyglucoside esters) that rain fastness by prolonging the are made from naturally derived activity of the pesticides (spreader materials and sticker), or by reducing drift during spray application (anti- drift).
  17. 17. USA Lamberti ADJUVANTS ADJUVANTS Product name Chemical composition A.C. Form Application IMBIROL OT/Na70 Di-Octylsolfosuccinate 70% Liquid Wetting agent EMULSON AG/ISD 90 Formulated fatty alcohol ethoxylate 90% Liquid Wetting agent EMULSON AG/GPE3/SS Tallow fatty amine ethoxylate 100% Liquid Adjuvant EMULSON AG/GPE3/SSM Formulated tallow fatty ethoxylate 70% Liquid For glyphosate EMULSON AG/ 50 Formulated tallow fatty ethoxylate 50% Liquid Adjuvant EMULSON AG/ 650 Formulated tallow fatty ethoxylate 100% Liquid Adjuvant EMULSON AG/ NHT Tallow fatty amine ethoxylate 100% Liquid Adjuvant AEG 102/61 Alkyl-ethoxy-glucoside 65% Liquid Tank Mix adj EUCAROL D Alkyl-Ether-citrate 25% Liquid Adjuvant EUCAROL D/M Alkyl-ether-citrate 100% Liquid Adjuvant EUCAROL AGE-EC Alkyl-poly-glucoside ester citrate 30% Liquid Adjuvant EUCAROL AGE-SS Alkyl-poly-glucoside ester sulfosuccinate 45% Liquid Adjuvant EUCAROL AGE-81C Alkyl-poly-glucoside ester citrate 35% Liquid Adjuvant ROLFEN BIO Alkyl-ether-phosphate 100% Liquid Adjuvant MICROBIO Complex mixture 100% liquid Adjuvant 17
  18. 18. USA
  19. 19. USA THANK YOU