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DLI Travel - Dates & prices 2014 in Eur

  1. 1. Dates for all Tours 2014: DLI TRAVEL You are the first ones to be notified about these Special Prices, as a V.I.P. Member but please remember we have over 650 members in our list. Sacred Malta – Foot steps of St. Paul 6 Days Normal Price: €743 + Flight 3 Star or 4 Star hotels €68 Discount Book now and get €55 Ticket to Folk Dance Extravaganza Show and also lots of other complimentary tickets. From Price: 675 EUR + Flight Date: 1 - 8 October 2014 Northampton Cathedral Group (fully booked) Date: 9 - 14 October 2014 Discounted Price: 675 EUR + Flight (enrolling) Spiritual Spain – Barcelona & Montserrat 4 Days Date: 13 - 16 May 2014 Discounted Price: 440 EUR + Flight (enrolling) Medjugorje & Dubrovnik 5 Days Date: 5 - 10 May 2014 New w New w Discounted Price: 405 EUR + Flight (enrolling) Sacred Poland – Foot steps of Pope John Paul II 7 Days Normal Price: € 710 + Flight Over €65 Discount Date: 23 - 29 April 2014 Divine Mercy Special Discounted Price: 645 EUR + Flight (enrolling) Date: 21 - 27 May 2014 Discounted Price: 645 EUR + Flight (enrolling) Date: 28 May - 5 June 2014 USA Group (fully booked) Date: 19 - 25 June 2014 Discounted Price: 645 EUR + Flight (enrolling) Date: 7 - 15 August 2014 USA Group (fully booked) Date: 18 - 24 August 2014 Discounted Price: 645 EUR + Flight (enrolling)
  2. 2. Prague & Vienna – Infant Jesus & two fascinating cities. 7 Days Book now and get €50 Ticket for Classical Mozart & Strauss Concert and also lot of other complimentary tickets. Normal Price: € 875 + Flight Discounted Price: 795 EUR + Flight €80 Discount Discounted New Price: 795 EUR + Flight for 7 days (enrolling) Date: 27 Aug – 2 Sep 2014 Amazing Thailand & Bali 20 Days Polish Group (fully booked) Date: 28 June - 16 July 2014 Amazing Vietnam & Cambodia 14 Days Normal Price: € 1958 + Flight New w €178 Discount Your Special New Price: 1780 EUR + Flight (enrolling) Date: 4 - 17 November 2014 Call or email us for a detailed itinerary of these tours. Note: For Prague& Vienna, Sacred Malta and Poland There are limited number of Discounted Seats and Classical Concert Tickets of £40 on each Tour, so please call us and take the benefit Each of these Holidays or Pilgrimages are with great hotels, Palacial Stays, amazing dinners but everything in a relaxing way. Call us : 0207 193 5459 (UK) Email: info@dlitravel.com website: www.dlitravelindia.com website: www.dlitravel.com
  3. 3. What others are saying about us? “It is marvellous value for money. The personalised friendly service is brilliant. A very thoughtful mix of spiritual and secular. The Devine Mercy and Black Madonna days were wonderful...” “...Overall, I have loved this trip; it has been the best holiday I've had in the last five years or so.” Sue Betts, Croydon, UK “Dear Shubho & Anna Thank you both for the wonderful trip and the entire entertainment you gave us not forgetting the lovely guest house, good breakfasts, dinners in different restaurants and we just cannot mentioned anything further as the list will be endless. We enjoyed the trip very much and love to sing praises in your honour. We are recommending your travel and I have already given my friend Dorothy Gomes, your email address and we also explained to her there will never be another "Shubho & Anna" who will treat you as they treated us!!! May God bless you both and your near and dear ones.” Placie & Bonnie, London, UK “It was more than I expected - the extra special little things put it, over the top.” Gilbert, California, USA “It was a wonderful experience with a relaxed atmosphere and well organized. I would definitely recommend to my friends and would be happy to help in providing information to my church and elsewhere.” Josephine, Kent, UK “DLI Travel has given us few once in a life time experiences which make them different from other Tour Organisers. I have travelled with 5 or 6 differnt
  4. 4. Pilgrimages Companies but travelling with you Shubho, it feels it’s just not a business. You have put your soul into it.” Ann & Tim, St Margaret’s Parish & St Edmond’s Parish, London, UK “Everything about this pilgrimage was the best ever. This is my third Pilgrimage. I liked this one best of all. So much to do each day. The food and accommodation excellent. Please God I will be able to go on the next one…” Mary Dermody, Northampton, UK “It was a well-planned, organized and implemented. – Time management was maintained. The organizers were co-operative and supportive. – We fulfilled our expectations on the program. – Great value for money. Thanks so much. DZIENKUJE :-)” Betty Changa, St Mary’s Parish, Croydon, UK “The whole tour was the best we have ever been on. There are no complaints at all. Your organizational skills are excellent. You inspired all of us with your words and actions. It has been a pleasure to be with you…” “Thank you, Shubho, for a wonderful pilgrimage and holidays.” James & Mary, Northampton, UK “Our pilgrimage has been just the best one could imagine, from the start to the finish. Much much more than I expected and all the surprises Shubho had for us each day. I would definitely recommend you to everyone – the pilgrimage of a lifetime.” Rita Bonner, Northampton, UK “Thanks for a great Pilgrimage and holiday. I will come again.” Paul Ducker, Northampton, UK
  5. 5. “Thank you so much for making our Polish pilgrimage a unique spiritual, cultural and social experience. It was wonderful to be on pilgrimage in a devout Catholic country and to meet people who are so warm and friendly and value what is important in life.” “Especial thanks to Shubho for your enthusiasm and desire to please and give delightful surprises, It is good to find a travel company which treats its customers so well!” Julia Bell, Northampton, UK “The great thing about this trip was the balance between pilgrimage and holiday. We never felt too hurried and always had the opportunity to have personal as well as group time. It was also appreciated how you tried to make each day as special as possible – thank you!” Martun Furman, Northampton, UK