Godwin MS Assessment data 2010 2011


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Jessica Surdam Highlights Middle School Assessment Data

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  • GMS uses data from multiple assessments given throughout the year. The data from these assessments are used by staff to find deficiencies in student scores that need remediation and intervention.
  • The Explorer test is a national test that provides a indicator, as to how well the student will perform on the ACT test when they are juniors. This is the first year GMS has received specific data from the test , that can be dissected for weaknesses. The scores show each subject area along with a composite score, which would be equivalent to your overall ACT score. As you can see it also breaks down specific skills within the test. The two lowest skills include grammar usage/mechanics and rhetorical skills.
  • This slide shows a comparison to the between the Explorer test and the ACT. These scores are those that equal college readiness. The 8 th Grade Godwin scores or equivalent to are in parenthesis.
  • This slide breaks down our students college readiness. As you can see we are behind the national average in all subject areas. The science component is extremely low, not only for us but the nation as well. This is an area that needs to have a strong focus in the upcoming year.
  • This slide includes or Fall 2011 MEAP Scores that were previously reported to you. These scores were broken down and found specific skills and standards that need to be addressed on a more consistent basis.
  • This slide shows our 5 th Grade STAR Data. We will compare this data with the 8 th Grade data to show growth.
  • As you can see the green designates students at benchmark. Although this is a large chunk, it only equates to 35% of our student at or above benchmark.
  • This table shows the growth within each grade level for STAR Reading scores. This will allow us to see growth but also when the weaknesses in reading occur.
  • This is our 5 th Grade STAR Math end of the year scores. Using this data we can compare it with our 8 th Grade scores, just like the reading as previously mentioned.
  • As you can see our 8 th grade scores are lower than our 5 th Grade scores. Providing an intervention to our lowest kids will need to take place with these bottom 27%.
  • A table showing the growth for all student grade levels throughout the district.
  • Throughout the year the number of students that were not fluent readers dropped. As you can see gains were made, in getting students to the benchmark level.
  • This slide shows the overall growth of our 5 th Grade students fluency. This shows us that more core instruction needs to happen, to provide growth for all students, just not our intervention students.
  • This slide is the 6 th Grade growth. As you can see gains due occur, but a stronger core instruction will allow for more growth.
  • Godwin MS Assessment data 2010 2011