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C Logic Defense

C Logic Defense






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    C Logic Defense C Logic Defense Presentation Transcript

    • CLogic Defense www.clogicdefense.com CLogic Defense Progressive Armaments Technology and Force Protection Solutions
    • Overview ARAT 1 > 65,000 produced Integrated Electronics Specialty Fabrication Armored Weldments/Structures OGPK - Over 7,000 produced
      • CLogic Defense is an innovative, woman-owned, small business that has been taking on the toughest challenges of our Military customers for the past eight years
      • We have a passion and a reputation for tackling hard technical problems and developing smart, effective solutions to bring next generation military critical products to the soldier
      • Speed, creativity, entrepreneurial culture and a staff rich in military technology experience results in innovative solutions and products that exceed expectations
      • Full range offering...concept to production
    • To This ... From This... Abrams ARAT2 CLogic Defense has been the sole Contractor to produce all Abrams add-on parts kits – over 150,000 kits...millions of parts along with FMS...
    • What we do …
      • Provide integrated product solutions... fast … cost effective and insightful (30+ yrs DoD, Threat Protection Experience) …
        • Design support and creative “solutioning”
        • Prototyping and development convergence
        • User Evaluation Hardware/Support
        • Limited and Rate Production
      • Provide broad product offering...
        • Metal/Textile/Energetics based products
        • Integrated Armor and System Solutions...
        • Unique Material Science Capabilities
        • Power and Electronics – Integration
      • Our differentiated approach works!
      XM19 Tile, 62 per vehicle set Inert Shown Have Produced All Abrams Add-On Armor Metal Parts Kits...when done in 2010, over 165,000 units will have been shipped, ~ 6.5M Pounds of Hardware!
    • How we do it …
      • Repeat customers, referrals, project difficulty drives customer base...
        • We work to understand the big picture
        • Our approach retires risk early
        • New technology integration is an core expertise area...we make it simple...
        • Our customers are successful and attach a large part of that to CLogic...
      • Once CLD...hard to revert back to less effective methods...
      • We simply make things better and catalyze program success...
      • Recent Projects Include:
      • XM44 System - Upgrade
      • XM45 Advanced Development
      • JIEDO Advanced Development
      • Advanced Battery Technology for mobile gun and mobile platforms
      • 81mm High Speed Gun System
      • Remote Gun System Hardware
      • I-20 Advanced Performance System
    • MRAP, GCV, FCS...
      • Existing Platforms are ideal for CLD driven upgrades...
        • Low cost with recycling potential
        • Fast turn around – years become weeks
        • Performance Plus...
          • Example: XM44 System...
      • New Systems Benefit from CLD Expertise...optimization/integration
        • Technical understand is our core
        • Material science is our DNA
      • FCS and Innovation...ideal for accelerated CLD Innovation...
      • Unique understanding of the blast environment
        • “ High Plastic Regime” material dynamics
        • Blast Physics
        • Energetics and energetic systems
      • Significant past performance in the design, fabrication and integration of hardware solutions and military power generation or a number of weapons platforms to include
      • Introduced advanced processing technology and materials to Army and Marines systems...directly applicable to all of DoD/Govt Agencies
      • 30 years experience in military power generation and systems integration into various platforms (guns, rockets, missiles, etc.)
      DoD Unique Expertise and Capabilities
    • DoD Unique Expertise and Capabilities (cont’d)
      • US Army ARDEC’s “Go-to” contractor to solve complex technical problems – and for PM driven programs that must meet objectives for performance; cost; schedule...etc...
      • DoD Security Clearances and Common Access Cards
      • Thorough knowledge of DoD processes and methods
      • Key exposure to and support of the Warfighter needs in Theatre
      • Key understanding of the threats
      • Defense Acquisition University Level III Certified, Systems Engineering
      • Senior staff has over 75 years combined experience with DoD programs
    • On-Going Efforts
      • Production of LAV Gunner and Commander Kits
      • Production of HMMWV/MRAP OGPK/OHC
      • Production of Vehicle Integration Kits…including corrosion protected hardware kits
      • Fire Control Metal Part Hardware…and Electronics integration – Box and System level
      • Special Operations Vehicles – Direct Theatre Logistics
      • Gun Hardware…Armaments –M119 Digitization; US81MM; etc...
      • Cooperative Research And Development Agreement (CRADA) with US Army RDECOM-ARDEC to develop advanced force protection materials
      • Advanced Hybrid Armor Materials
      • Reactive Armor Prototyping and Full System Offering
      • Indirect Fire Control System Prototyping/LRIP/FRP
      • JIEDO Hardware Support
      • UMR and other highly successful Past Performance
      • .
      M119 Digitization HUSKY Armor Upgrade Overhead Cover
    • Prototype 81MM
    • Integrated Electronic Prototypes for M119
    • Picatinny Blast Shield
    • Gunner Protection – Overhead Cover
    • CLogic Stryker Cupola after Impact in Combat (all soldiers in this vehicle were unharmed by the blast)
    • AR5 and LR Reactive Armor
    • Quality Systems
      • ISO 9001:2008 developer and manufacturer of armament products for DoD
      • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Personnel
      • Geometric Tolerance and Level 2 and 3 TDP expertise on staff
      • Variance reduction aided by significant investment in robotic processing
      • Modern QA tools and methods
      • Exceptional Past Performance track record in First Article, On-Time Delivery, Production Quality, Solving Govt related issues (materials, TDP, etc.); UMR and Critical Need Program fulfillment...
      • Low cost, highly repeatable, high speed production of military critical parts and assemblies
      • Quality assurance and engineering for vehicle integration of up-armor systems
      • Laser cutting, robotic welding, automated forming and finishing operations…automation is a key focus area!
      • State-of-the-art processing technology enhancing rapid fulfillment capabilities
      • Innovative recycling and reuse technologies for scrap – critical materials and obsolete munitions/systems
      • System Safety engineering for Energetics and Weapon Components/Systems
      • Solution Engineering support for new technology integration…
      • Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills in support of DoD Development and Production Programs…many CLogic innovations incorporated…
      Other Unique Capabilities
      • 2007/8 Top 10 Army Greatest Inventions of the Year Award for:
        • XM32 Reactive Armor Tile (photo classified)
        • Objective Gunner Protection Kit (OGP-K)
        • Picatinny Blast Shield for the LAV-25
        • Overhead Cover (OHC)
      • Key sponsorship by Marines to LAVUNG based on performance – 2008 and 2009
      Product Development Team Recognition OHC Picatinny Blast Shield OGP-K
    • Armored Structures...
      • ARAT Brush Guards...Complex Weldment
        • Produced versions for XM19 and XM32 RAM Vehicles – Plus Advanced Variants
        • Fielded UMR Quantity of 81 VS plus spares for XM32
      • Large Structures Capability ...fully integrated w/multiple hardware types
      • Unique Corrosion Prevention Capabilities
        • Key Need Area for DoD
        • Refurbishment – Key Market Potential
        • Demil; Reset; etc.
      • Readily available material assets
      • Preeminent Scalability Capabilities
      Armored Structures – Core Capability – Large Size – Can Process Full Vehicle Sides Brush Guards
    • National Warheads & Energetics Consortium (NWEC)
      • CLogic Defense is a member company and serves on the Executive Committee of the NWEC
      • NWEC is a consortium of over 150 companies and academic institutions brought together to enhance Warfighter lethality and survivability through the research, development and deployment of technologies for Advanced Warheads, Explosives, Propellants, Pyrotechnics, Fuzes/Sensors, Demilitarization, Enabling Technologies, Insensitive Munitions, and Ordnance Protection and Survivability
      • Performing development & prototyping of advanced armaments and manufacturing technologies under four (4) Other Transaction agreements (OTA’s) for the Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC).
    • DoD Protégé Company
      • CLogic Defense was selected in 2009 to participate as a protégé company under the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP),
      • The MPP is the pre-eminent program within the DoD’s Office of Small Business Programs for the transformation of selected small business firms with high potential to perform for the Department of Defense as a Prime Contractor
      • Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) acts as the Mentor Company to CLogic Defense
      • Program participation runs through July of 2011
    • Contract Vehicles
      • W15QKN-11-A-0122 : Blanket Purchase Agreement, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot Systems and Parts
      • W15QKN-10-D-0012: Rapid Prototyping of Armaments
      • W15QKN-10-A-0031 : Blanket Purchase Agreement, Armaments Prototyping & Packaging
      • Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium
      • W15QKN-09-9-1001, BRG 54 : Advanced Armaments Manufacturing Technologies
      • W15QKN-09-9-1001, BRG 55 , Optical Processing, Coatings, and Finishing Technologies for Reactive, Active, and Passive Armor and Armaments Products
      • W15QKN-09-9-1001, BRG 56 , Indirect Fire Control Systems
      • W15QKN-09-9-1001, BRG 57 , Advanced Hybrid Reactive Armor Materials
      • Cooperative Reach and Development Agreement (CRADA) with US Army RDECOM-ARDEC for Force Protection Technology
    • Contact Information:
      • Len Mecca
      • Vice President
      • CLogic Defense, Headquarters
      • CAGE: 4FHH6
      • 26 Sky View Drive
      • Avon, CT 06001-2885
      • 860.404.2176 (Office)
      • 860.324.2227 (Cell)
      • [email_address]
      • Diana-Lynn Herbst
      • Director, Contracts and Business Development
      • New Jersey Operations
      • CAGE: 5Y2E9
      • 11 Farview Terrace
      • Paramus, NJ
      • 973.934.5223 (Office)
      • [email_address]