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Designed to allow you to pull all of your external email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.) into one easy-to-use system. Collaboration features such as shared calendars, secure file sharing, and instant messaging are all available. Swoopmail is completely mobile, and includes real-time, over-the-air, syncing to smartphones or tablets. So, you can take Swoopmail with you, wherever you go.


Swoopmail allows you to consolidate all of your email accounts into a single centralized interface. Calendaring and scheduling, appointments, tasks, and todo lists are available for the individual, group, and at an enterprise level. File sharing and collaboration are intregal parts of Swoopmail. Add files to your briefcase, and they are always available to you. Create and share multiple briefcases to promote collaboration and idea sharing among your team. Files in your briefcase are versioned allowing you to see a complete history of your file.

The Problem

Communication for the modern business includes multiple email accounts requiring continuous monitoring, emails that are distributed across multiple computers, meeting reminders written on scraps of paper or in notebooks left at the office, the inability to coordinate or plan across the enterprise or with customers, locating files or locating the most current version of a file, are just some of the problems that all organizations face today.

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SaaS Business Email and Collaboration

  1. 1. Swoopmail<br />All-In-One Business Email<br />and Collaboration Suite<br />
  2. 2. Swoopmail : Overview<br /><ul><li>All-In-One Business Email
  3. 3. Consolidate all your email accounts into</li></ul>a single centralized interface (Gmail,<br />Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.)<br /><ul><li>Revenue stream for your business</li></ul>(commission sales to your customers)<br /><ul><li>Calendar Scheduling
  4. 4. Individual appointments, tasks, todo lists
  5. 5. Group based appointments, meetings, tasks
  6. 6. Enterprise level appointments, meetings, tasks
  7. 7. Customer coordination of appointments, meetings, tasks
  8. 8. File Sharing and collaboration
  9. 9. Add files to your Briefcase so that they are always available to you
  10. 10. Create and share multiple Briefcases with other users to promote collaboration and idea sharing
  11. 11. Files in the Briefcase are versioned, allowing you to see a complete history of your file</li></ul>2<br />
  12. 12. Swoopmail : The Problem<br /><ul><li>Multiple email accounts requiring continuous monitoring
  13. 13. Time consuming and tedious
  14. 14. POP mail is only on the computer that</li></ul>downloaded it<br /><ul><li>Central location for scheduling appointments and meetings
  15. 15. Need multiple calendars for multiple groups
  16. 16. Need to be able to coordinate and view schedules across the enterprise
  17. 17. Need ability to coordinate schedules with customers
  18. 18. Central location for file sharing and collaboration tasks
  19. 19. Between franchisees
  20. 20. Between franchisees and corporate headquarters
  21. 21. Between franchisees and their customers
  22. 22. Need mechanism to distribute finished documents to customers
  23. 23. These problems exist for all organizations world-wide
  24. 24. New cloud based technologies provide a solution</li></ul>3<br />
  25. 25. Swoopmail: The Solution<br /><ul><li>Swoopmail is a centralized cloud-based solution for all your business communication functions
  26. 26. Consolidation of multiple email accounts
  27. 27. Centralized collaborative calendars and schedules
  28. 28. Secure file sharing
  29. 29. Active Sync with Smartphones and Tablets
  30. 30. Income producing
  31. 31. Draws in customers by providing all-in-one communication functions</li></ul>4<br />
  32. 32. Swoopmail : Technology<br /><ul><li>Zimbra Collaboration Suite
  33. 33. Customizable
  34. 34. Extensible
  35. 35. Expandable
  36. 36. Disaster Recovery
  37. 37. Communication is first function needed during DR</li></ul>implementation<br /><ul><li>Expensive for franchisee
  38. 38. Nightly Backups
  39. 39. Zimlets provide the ability to add functions as needed
  40. 40. Development of new functions can be performed quickly and easily
  41. 41. Will be added as requested</li></ul>5<br />
  42. 42. Swoopmail : In Action<br />The Swoopmail Mailbox<br />6<br />
  43. 43. Swoopmail : In Action<br />While Swoopmail is a web / cloud based application it behaves like any other normal app. Right mouse clicking shows the standard menu you would expect.<br />7<br />
  44. 44. Swoopmail: In Action<br />This is the Briefcase you can use to store your files.<br />These files can be opened from any computer or tablet that you use to access Swoopmail.<br />8<br />
  45. 45. Swoopmail : In Action<br />This is a shared Briefcase. Notice that the file is versioned each time it is checked out, and then checked back in.<br />At any time you can retrieve an older version of the file. <br />9<br />
  46. 46. Swoopmail : In Action<br />Sharing and collaboration are the driving factors of Swoopmail. You can share almost anything that is in the application. <br />When you share something in Swoopmail you can set the level of permissions you want the other user to have. Also, the user does not have to be part of Swoopmail to be able to see your share.<br />10<br />
  47. 47. Swoopmail<br />For questions or suggestions, please contact:<br />Sean Phillips<br /><br />Jeff Meeks<br /><br />Thank you for your time today.<br />11<br />