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More Visibility Twitter Social Media Boot Camp Series


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This is the last presentation in our Social Media Boot Camp series. This webinar focused on Twitter + Blogs in Business.

This is the last presentation in our Social Media Boot Camp series. This webinar focused on Twitter + Blogs in Business.

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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA BOOTCAMP PART 4 Tactics & Techniques to Maximize Twitter & Blogs
  • 2. Today’s Presenters: Khrysti Nazzaro Director of Optimized Services, MoreVisibility Joe Teixeira Manager, Web Intelligence, MoreVisibility
  • 3. Presentation Overview
    • Twitter
      • Twitter at a Glance
      • Microblogging
      • What Is Twitter?
      • Creating a Profile
      • Formulating a Strategy
        • What to Tweet?
        • Pulling Blog Feeds
        • Engagement
      • Integration with Existing Online Channels
    • What Is the SEO Value?
    • Tracking Performance
  • 4. Twitter at a Glance
    • Launched in the summer of 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams.
    • Free service where users can “microblog” by posting status updates of 140 characters or less.
    • Posts can be made via web, tweetdeck, text message, etc.
    • Real-time keyword searches are available via internal search.
    • A large variety of third-party applications are available.
    • Nielsen cites Twitter’s biggest demographic as 35-to-49 year olds.
    • Recent press and societal buzz is expanding interest and reach.
  • 5. Microblog? But I’m Just Getting the Hang of Our Corporate Blog … !
    • Blogs:
      • Have huge marketing potential and value -- to share news and information with prospects and clients.
      • “ Link Bait” and keyword usage are important.
      • Blog content is a “push”.
      • “ Recency” factors make blogs get picked up quickly by Search Engines.
    • Twitter:
      • Has huge marketing potential and value -- to share news and information with prospects and clients.
      • “ Link Bait” and keyword usage are important.
      • Twitter content is a “pull”.
      • “ Real-time”
      • information is revolutionizing online news and search.
  • 6. So, What Is Twitter?: Twitter Glossary
    • Tweet : A “What are you doing?” update; 140 characters.
    • Retweet : Abbreviated “RT”; reposting another tweeter’s tweet, but ascribing credit to them.
    • @ Reply : The @ symbol plus username, i.e., @MoreVisibility, is used to respond to another tweeter’s tweet or as part of a Retweet. E.g., RT: @MoreVisibility … Tweeters do not need to follow each other to send @ replies.
    • Direct Message : Abbreviated DM. A message sent from one tweeter to another when both are following each other.
    • Hashtag : The # symbol is used to signify an event, group, or location, e.g., #sesny.
    • “ Tw …” – anything!
  • 7. Creating Your Twitter Profile
  • 8. MoreVisibility’s Twitter Profile:
  • 9. Creating a Twitter Profile
    • Create corporate,
    • product-specific, and/
    • or personal profiles.
    • Authenticity and
    • transparency are the
    • keys to success.
    • You can use Twhirl
    • to manage multiple
    • accounts.
    • Apply for Co-
    • Tweet beta at
  • 10. Creating a Twitter Profile (con’t) – Custom Backgrounds, Designs, etc.
  • 11. Creating a Twitter Profile (con’t): Who’s on Twitter?
    • Follow based on relevancy.
    • After you find people you know, conduct searches for those who you should know .
  • 12. Creating a Twitter Profile (con’t): Don’t Just Take Their Word For It
  • 13. Searching for People and Topical Tweets: Real-Time Knowledge of What’s on Customer’s Minds
    • Advanced Search has incredible marketing potential.
  • 14. Creating a Twitter Profile (con’t) – Start Tweeting!
  • 15. Formulating a Strategy
  • 16. What to Tweet? Walk Before You Run…
    • Just like the Twitter birds rescue the “Fail Whale”, so too must your business be helpful and engaged and join the community.
    • Automated efforts (available through many Twitter tools) and repurposed content will make your account stale and uninteresting.
    • However …
        • You have to start somewhere! What better place than the content you already have? Post tweets about your most important content, starting with your blog.
  • 17. 1. Twitter Feed – Setting Up Your Blog or Blogs on Twitter
    • Login to Twitter Feed with your OpenID password. Don’t have an OpenID password? You have to have one to use Twitter Feed: . Once set up, you can use Twitter Feed to post a link to your blog’s RSS feed directly to Twitter.
  • 18. 2. Twitter Feed (con’t)
    • Once logged in, click on “go to my Twitter Feeds”:
  • 19. 3. Twitter Feed (con’t)
    • The next screen is your main interface. Here you can edit previous Twitter Feeds, or create a new one:
  • 20. 4. Twitter Feed (con’t)
    • On the “Create a New Feed” screen, enter your Twitter login info and the URL of the RSS feed you wish to pull into Twitter:
  • 21. 5. Twitter Feed (con’t)
    • Note that you can edit how often Twitter Feed visits your blog to check for new posts and how many posts you want it to post at a given time. These options are important for staggering the amount of Tweets, especially if your blog is updated multiple times per day.
  • 22. 6. Twitter Feed (final)
    • Other options include:
      • Create title and/or description tags for the Tweet.
      • Include a link to the blog post.
      • Choose “pubDate” or “GUID”, depending on the type of RSS feed your blog uses*
      • Select the prefix for the Tweet, such as, “My Latest Blog Post….”
    • After making all your custom selections, click “Create” and your Twitter Feed is complete. Depending what you picked for the “update frequency”, the tweet will then be automatically sent to Twitter. You can log back into Twitter Feed at any time and change any setting you wish.
    • *According to the “help” section on Twitter Feed, to determine whether to choose “pubDate” or GUID there are a couple of methods – we recommend you review those and make the selection that is right for your company.
  • 23. Cutting Through the Clutter: Too Many Tweets Not Enough “Twalue”
    • Using TweetDeck as an example, let’s dissect the kinds of engagement and participation that Twitter offers …
    • Tweet Deck Is a Marketer’s “Tweaven” if Used Properly:
    • Login with your Twitter Credentials.
    • Set up a Custom Dashboard …
    • Including: Friends, @ Replies, RTs,
    • DMs, and all your most valuable
    • searches.
  • 24.
  • 25. Read the Tweets of Those You Follow
    • Reading tweets of those you follow is vital for engagement – you can’t just “push” information out there; you have to “pull” dialogue out of people’s tweets.
    • And, you can always read the public
    • timeline, if you have the time…
  • 26. Respond to Tweets: @ Replies, DMs, and RTs, Oh My!
    • Tweeters you know and don’t know will @ reply you, will pose questions to the Twitter “universe” in hopes someone “hears” them, and will need information. Share (RT), Reply, and be a Resource.
    • Respond to Keyword Searches…
    • Avoid automation – Be polite –
    • Acknowledge – Say “thank you”
  • 27. Monitor Keywords (News), # Tags, Locations, etc.
    • Using tools like Tweet Deck to monitor important keywords (geo-targeted or not) demonstrates the power of real-time info. (Think, in comparison, the time delay for traditional news sites.) Take advantage and reply quickly while your topic is front of mind and your well-matched prospect is within your reach.
    • Save a search for a # tag for an event, a location, a group, etc. – monitor what people Tweet about it – reply accordingly.
    • Please use #MVSMW4
    • to Tweet questions / feedback on today’s presentation.
  • 28. Summary: Top “Twips” for Tweeting
    • Keep it fresh; don’t just repurpose content.
    • Don’t brag, or overly self promote.
    • Add value – answer questions, reply to brand feedback (good or bad – customer service); be a resource.
    • Post useful content – links, images, @replies, etc.
    • Be the first to “break” news.
    • Stand out – be different.
    • Tweet incentives; promo codes; local or national business.
    • Poll your audience –
  • 29. Other Helpful Twitter “Twools”
    • TwitPic –; share pictures.
    • Twhirl –; manage multiple accounts simultaneously.
    • Tiny Urls –, snurl, twurl, etc.; More tools than you can tweet!
    • TwitterLocal –; watch unlimited feeds based on location.
    • TwitterVision –; real-time Twitter Map.
    • TweetGrid –; real-time search dashboard.
  • 30. Integration, SEO, & Tracking Results
  • 31. Channel Synergy
    • Maintain brand and marketing-message consistency; beyond your blog, Twitter can expand your reach on your site and off.
    • Facebook – Twitter Feed; Status Updates.
    • Flickr – Tweet your updates.
    • YouTube – Link to New Videos.
    • On Your Site – Re-Tweet and Share This buttons.
  • 32. What’s the SEO Value?
    • Increased Organic Real Estate
    • Highly Authoritative Sites
    • Indirect Link Building
  • 33. Tracking Results
  • 34. Measuring Success
    • How many Followers you acquire.
    • Organic traffic / rankings.
    • But that’s NOT all…. What about?
    • How often you are RT’ed.
    • How closely you monitor and respond to your core keywords.
    • How much referring traffic you get from Twitter and/or
    • from links you post in Twitter.
    • How many sales you get through Twitter tracked via referring
    • traffic and/or special, Twitter-only promotional codes.
    • And wouldn’t it be incredible if …
    • You got press as a result of your Twitter use? (Many big brands are doing so.)
    • You formed better customer relationships?
    • You developed new, improved goods and services as a result?
  • 35. Resource List
  • 36. Questions and Answers We are now answering your questions! Please send in your questions to us, via the chat function, located towards the right-hand side of your screen.
  • 37. Thank you for attending our webinar! Questions / Comments / Suggestions? Email Us: [email_address] Follow Us Today: Send Questions via @MoreVisibility use #MVSMW4 Don’t forget our Poll: MoreVisibility offers many Social Media Programs to fit a variety of business goals and budgets. Contact us to get your company socially connected, via email or call (800)787-0497.