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Unit 11 Good idea!

Unit 11 Good idea!






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    Unit 11 Good idea! Unit 11 Good idea! Document Transcript

    • Good idea! 11.1 Can you make a decision? Unit11 1 Unscramble the words and match 3 Complete the suggestions, using the them with the definitions. prompts. a copti topic 2 We could ask a famous person b rinbrmsato to come c enocidis d eotbricunt e eisda f popaint g ricciiste 1 When you say what is wrong with something or someone. 2 Another word for a subject is a … . 3 When you formally choose someone to do a job. 4 When you come to an agreement about something. 5 Possible ways of doing something. 6 When you say or do something to make a project successful. 7 When you share ideas. a We ____________________________________ could ask a famous person to come. (ask / famous person to come). b What __________________________________ 2 Complete the gaps in the text with (telephone / TV station)? the words. c Why __________________________________ appoint brainstorming contributions (invite / DJ / play)? criticise decisions idea d How __________________________________ (have / barbecue)? e Let’s ___________________________________ (play / lottery)! 4 Write the conversation in the correct order. a What type of music? ___ b OK! How about the Blue Mondays concert? ___ Decision-making or (a) ____________ is a very brainstorming c Well, there are a lot of good concerts useful (b) ____________ for making on at the moment. ___ (c) ____________. First, you (d) ____________ d What about doing our school project a chairperson or writer. This person collects on sport? ___ 1 everybody’s ideas and writes these e Cool! That’s a really good idea. ___ (e) ____________ down. It is really important f Mmm, I think we should do it on music. for nobody to (f) ____________ or discuss any ___ of the ideas. Finally, you can discuss the ideas, saying why you think one idea is better than another. 52 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
    • Good idea! 11.2 Vocabulary Unit11 1 Complete the text with the missing 2 Correct these sentences. words. a History is the study of the future. _______________________________________ History is the study of the past. activities adventure camp coral reef karting log cabins snorkelling b An autograph is someone’s address. _______________________________________ whale watching windsurfing c A bungalow is a two-storey house. _______________________________________ d Acrobats are not very flexible. _______________________________________ e If you criticise something, you really like it. _______________________________________ f Sweets taste sour. _______________________________________ g If you are a car enthusiast, you don’t like cars. _______________________________________ We went to an (a) ______________ last adventure camp 3 Unscramble the words. summer — it was wonderful! We were a You really need a raicuth, your eyes are staying in (b) ______________, which were covered. __________________ haircut really comfortable and warm. b When I was little my favourite toy was my tyded ebar. __________________ The camp was next to the sea, and one day c Look, there’s Mike Dougal, the singer, let’s we went (c) ______________. But all we saw ask him for his gorautaph. ______________ were some seagulls and another boat also d Jamie Clarke is shorter in lear file than he looking for whales! looks on the television. _________________ In the mornings we went (d) ______________. e The Egyptians used golyhiersphic to write. I was a bit nervous at first, but the (e) __________________ f I don’t want to visit more monuments — ______________ was so beautiful, that I soon I’m tired of giseehtsing! _________________ forgot to be afraid. g Kings and queens used to live in scatsle. There were lots of different (f) _____________ __________________ to choose from, on land and at sea. I decided to have (g) ______________ classes, which is a mixture of sailing and surfing. But my sister 4 Circle the correct option. chose (h) ______________! Luckily you don’t a The … office gives information to visitors. need a driving licence to drive those, because 1 tourist 2 tour 3 touring she’s only twelve. b The Egyptians built the pyramids as tombs for the … . It was all great, and I hope we can go again 1 daddies 2 mummies 3 parents this year. c There’s a really good play on at the … . 1 cinema 2 theatre 3 market d … food restaurants serve hamburgers and chips. 1 Quick 2 Slow 3 Fast e I … a cold last week and I feel awful. 1 catch 2 caught 3 found f We had a … session to get some new ideas. 1 brainlightening 2 headstorming 3 brainstorming © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 53
    • Good idea! 11.3 Can you talk about future arrangements? Unit11 1 Add the vowels to these words. 4 Look at the pictures. Then write and a m__s__ci__n u i a answer questions. b th__ __tr__ c __rg__n__s__r d f__st__v__l e m__m__ __rt__st f cl__wn a b g __cr__b__t h c__nc__rt 2 Match the vocabulary in Activity 1 to these definitions. c d a Someone who plays music is a __________. musician b A performance of music: ______________. c Where you go to see a play: ____________. d Someone who acts using only gestures, is a ______________. e An organised event of concerts, plays or e f performances is a ______________. a clowns f This performer wears make-up and does _______________________________________ Will there be any clowns? No, there won’t. silly things: ______________. b musicians g Someone who arranges things is an _______________________________________ ________________. c acrobats h This performer does amazing things with _______________________________________ his/her body: ______________. d mime artists _______________________________________ 3 Complete the conversation using e concerts these words in the correct form. _______________________________________ f a circus aren’t are there festival musician _______________________________________ organiser sold out will there be RUTH: Hey, Ciaran, have you seen this poster for the summer (a) ________? festival 5 Complete the telephone conversation CIARAN: (b) _________ any concerts this year? with the prompts and put the Last year they were very good! conversation in order. R: That’s true, but look, it says the a Cool! I have to speak to them too. What (c) __________ is Ricky Loaker — the time _________________ (meet) them? ___ are you meeting rock (d) __________! b Hi, 548971. Jim speaking. ___1 C: Amazing! Wow, The Boy Faces are playing. c OK, see you later on. ___ The tickets will be (e) _________ tomorrow d At eight o’clock. I __________________ if we don’t buy them now! (pick up) at seven if you want. ___ R: OK, let’s go, but (f) _________ a circus this e Not much. Why? ___ year too? f I’m meeting the organisers of the summer C: I don’t think so. Look, there (g) _________ festival rock night! ___ any clowns or acrobats after the problem g Hey, Jim, what ___________________ (do) with the lions last year! later on? ___ 54 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
    • Good idea! 11.4 Reading and writing Unit11 World festivals 1 Match the pictures to the texts. 1 2 3 4 5 a Throughout the spring and early summer, an annual tradition is carried out in many of the fishing ports of Japan. This colourful event is called the Haari, or Dragon Boat Races. The tradition has its beginnings in an old legend about trying to rescue a poet who was drowning. ___ 5 b The Lord of Miracles Procession in Lima, Peru, is the largest religious procession in South America. Worshippers carry the painted image of a black Christ which survived an earthquake in 1746. People dress in purple tunics and carry the image through the city in a series of one-day processions in October. ___ c The Stanga Games, an annual competition since 1924, takes place on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. In the Games, people compete in ancient square-and-border-ball, pole throwing, pentathlon, and other games for fun. Many of the games originate from the Viking Age. ___ d The Munich Oktoberfest is the biggest public festival in the world. Each year it is attended by around six million visitors, who drink around eight million litres of beer and consume over four hundred thousand pork sausages — mostly in the ‘beer tents’ put up by the traditional Munich breweries. ___ e Diwali — a Hindu Festival of Lights — is celebrated in October or November in almost all the regions of India and is like a New Year festival. It reminds people that light can end the darkness of ignorance. Every home is lit with the orange glow of oil lamps. In other countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, it is celebrated in their own traditional ways. ___ 2 Correct the sentences. a Gotland is in Iceland. _______________________________________________________________________ False — it’s part of Sweden. b The Lord of the Miracles Procession celebrates something which happened more than 250 years ago. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ c The Diwali Festival is celebrated the same way in all countries. __________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ d The Dragon Boat Races are based on a legend about dragons in Japan. __________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ e About five million people drink around six million litres of beer in the Oktoberfest. ________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ f Many of the Stanga Games were originally from the Vikings. ___________________________________ g Diwali is similar to Christmas . _______________________________________________________________ h Haari is celebrated in the mountains of Japan. _______________________________________________ © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 55
    • Good idea! 11.5 Culture Unit11 Every country has its day 1 Match these countries with their national flower. Canada England France Ireland Scotland Wales a b c d e f Wales 2 Read the text and invent your own ‘National Day’. What kind of celebrations would you have? When would it be? Would you have special food? And music? England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all have their own national days and these days correspond to the four patron saints of the islands. St David’s Day. Wales. 1st March. On this day, everyone in Wales wears a daffodil on their shirt. The Welsh flag with its big red dragon can be seen on many buildings. There is a national parade in Cardiff (the Welsh capital) and school children everywhere dress up in the national costume and dance in the streets. The Welsh love to sing, dance and recite poetry and so, on St David’s Day there are hundreds of competitions all over the country. St David died March 1st, 1120, at the age of one hundred. St Patrick’s Day. Ireland. 17th March. Everybody’s heard of St Patrick. But did you know he was born in Wales and was sold into slavery by the Irish when he was sixteen? He finally escaped to France and returned later to Ireland, where he spent thirty years setting up schools and churches. Today, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world. In Dublin, there is a week-long festival of street theatre, fireworks, visual arts and a treasure hunt. In New York, the St Patrick’s Day parade attracts over one million people. St Andrew’s Day. Scotland. 30th November. Andrew was one of the twelve apostles: he was crucified by the Romans. Legend says that some of his bones were taken to Scotland by a Greek monk. The monk was told to take the bones as far away as possible. At that time, travelling was slow and Scotland was very far. Andrew became the patron saint of Scotland in 1385. On 30th November the Scots dance to bagpipe music and drink whisky — Scottish whisky, of course. St George’s Day. England. 23rd April. St George’s Day has been celebrated in England since 1222, when the city of Oxford decided to declare it a public holiday. The day is traditionally celebrated with feasts and country markets where people sell fruit and vegetables. There is also traditional dancing and food. Not much is known about St George, except that he lived in the fourth century and died in Palestine. They say that he fought and killed a dragon, but ... that’s just a legend! 56 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE