Can Do 2 Boys and girls


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Can Do 2 Boys and girls

  1. 1. Boys and girls 2.1 Can you talk about your weekend? Unit2 1 Look at the chart and match personal 4 Add -s or -es to these verbs. pronouns with correct forms. a watch ___________ watches e arrive __________ b go ___________ f do ___________ I c play ___________ g finish ___________ you have/haven’t got d get up ___________ h make ___________ he/she/it has/hasn’t we/you/they a He/She/It ______/____________ has hasn't got 5 This is Ann’s daily routine. Circle the correct form. b I _____/____________ a Ann get / gets up early in the morning. c You _____/____________ b She and her friends go / goes to school on foot. d We/You/They _____/____________ c They finish / finishes their classes at half past two. d She have / has lunch and she do / does her 2 Complete these sentences with homework. ’s/’ve/hasn’t/haven’t got. e Ann play / plays computer games in the evening. f Her parents make / makes dinner and she lay / lays the table. 6 Complete the questions with do or does. Write true answers. a ____ you get up early in the morning? Do _____________________________________ Yes, I do/No, I don't. I usually get up late. b ____ you always go to school on foot? _____________________________________ c ____ school finish at half past two? Kelly Jason Bobbie _____________________________________ a Kelly ___________ a mobile phone. 's got d ____ your mum usually lay the table? b Jason ___________ a computer. _____________________________________ c Jason ___________ a discman. e ____ your dad sometimes make dinner? d Bobbie ___________ a bowl. _____________________________________ e Bobbie ___________ a doghouse. f ____ you usually watch TV together? f Kelly and Jason ___________ a bone. _____________________________________ 7 Unscramble the sentences. 3 Write the questions and answers. a like / I / don’t / on the internet / chatting / . a Kelly / computer _______________________________________ I don't like chatting on the internet. ____________________________________ Has Kelly got a computer? Yes, she has. b you / every day / a / Do / shower / have / ? b Jason / basketball _______________________________________ ____________________________________ c at the weekend / your mum / Does / c Jason and Kelly / bowl go shopping / ? ____________________________________ _______________________________________ d Bobbie / house d a lot / you / your friends / Do / go out / ____________________________________ with / ? e Bobbie / roller-blades _______________________________________ ____________________________________ e to the disco / Sheila / her boyfriend / goes / sometimes / with / . _______________________________________ © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 7
  2. 2. Boys and girls 2.2 Vocabulary Unit2 1 Complete the story with the following 3 Unscramble the sentences. words or phrases. The first word is given. peas in a pod to get up late a I / in / watch / the / TV / evenings / chalk and cheese watching TV listens to usually / . bossy tidy my room sister twins twins ________________________________________ I usually watch TV in the evenings. b My / Sundays / always / father / cooks / on / dinner / . ________________________________________ c The / is / class / a / survey / doing / jobs / on / . ________________________________________ d My / and / pizza / friend / never / eat / her / sister / . ________________________________________ My (a) _________ and I are (b) _________ sister e I / up / Saturdays / get / late / sometimes / — not identical though! Everyone thinks on / . (c) _________ are very similar — but we’re ________________________________________ not! I like (d) _________, but she likes to be f My / swimming / likes / to / go / brother / out of bed by eight! I never (e) _________ and school / after / . I never make my bed, but my sister is ________________________________________ extremely neat and tidy. I love (f) _________, 4 Correct these sentences if necessary. especially the cartoons, but she only (g) _________ opera. She’s really (h) _________, but I never tell anyone what to do. As you can a Pizza is an Irish dish. see, we’re more like (i) ________________ than ________________________________________ Pizza is an Italian dish. (j) __________________. b Hamburgers come from India. ________________________________________ 2 Find nine words with more than three c A winner always comes last. letters. ________________________________________ d We have breakfast, then dinner, then lunch. ________________________________________ e Twins can be identical or fraternal. ________________________________________ f Curious means that you aren’t eager to learn. ________________________________________ g If you’re bossy, you like to tell people what to do. ________________________________________ B O C U R I O U S F H O B R Y C O N C L U S I O N F S H M Y W L D O N M O A I 5 Complete the words with the vowels. a f _ n a l _ st i _ i 1 uua Q U E S T I O N N A I R E b c_r___s 2 uiou A R L C O N K E T L X O V c ch _ _ c _ 3 iai H V C O J N C H O I C E L d q _ _ st _ _ nn _ _ re 4 oie A E R R S E H K N S E F I e s_m_t_m_s 5 ueioai f _ s _ _ lly 6 oeie N Y O E X R I V O T E W T 8 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  3. 3. Boys and girls 2.3 Can you talk about jobs at home? Unit2 1 Label the things Rosa has got. 5 Look at the pictures and complete the Use these words. sentences. ruler pencil case markers notebook flute Science book a b c c f a d e b d e a _________________ d _________________ Science book listen to music study read b _________________ e _________________ play basketball take photographs c _________________ f _________________ a Does he _______________________________ listen to music? 2 Open your schoolbag. Compare four _______________________________________ Yes, he does. He's got a lot of CDs. of your things with Rosa’s things. b Does he _______________________________ Use have got. Yes, ___________________________________ a _______________________________________ Rosa's got only one flute. I've got two. c Does he _______________________________ b _______________________________________ I haven't got a ruler, but Rosa has got one. Yes, ___________________________________ c _______________________________________ d Does he _______________________________ d _______________________________________ Yes, ___________________________________ e _______________________________________ e Does he __________________________ a lot? f _______________________________________ No, __________________. He fails his exams! 3 Complete the chart with suitable 6 Find one mistake in each sentence. adverbs of frequency. Write the correct answer. a G G G G _____________ always a My mum goes shopping on the evening. b G G G _____________ ______________________________________ c G G _____________ b Daniel does his homework in the night. d G ______________ ______________________________________ e ______________ c We go dancing in Friday evening. ______________________________________ 4 Write true sentences. d I don’t never do my homework after dinner. ________________________________ a I never _________________________________ do my homework on Friday evening. e They usually have French in Monday. b My best friend often _____________________ ______________________________________ c My parents always _______________________ d My English teacher sometimes ____________ e I usually ________________________________ © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 9
  4. 4. Boys and girls 2.4 Reading and writing Unit2 1 Put these sentences from Amani’s letter to her grandmother in the correct order. a My teacher’s name is Gordon and he’s from Scotland. He’s got a strange accent and he’s really funny! b Every day we get up at 7:00 and have a shower. Sometimes we play some games before breakfast at 8:00. We usually have juice and toast or croissants and fruit. c After lunch we all do different activities – sports, drama, music, nature walks… I do drama and music, but sometimes I choose sports. This lasts until dinner time at 6:00. d After breakfast we all do the same thing. We make our beds and clean the tent. It’s boring, but usually we finish quickly and then we do our morning activities. e When we finish dinner we do sports or sometimes people practise their parts for the concert. We go to bed at 11:00. We are all really tired! f 1 Hello! How are you? I’m fine. I am at an English camp and it’s fantastic. Everyone here is brilliant. The other children (we are called “campers”) are from all over the country and the teachers and monitors are from all over the world! Wow! g For our morning activities we have English classes, but they’re not like classes in school. They’re fun! I’ll write again soon. Lots of love and kisses, Amani 2 Complete these sentences with words from Activity 1. a People at the camp are from all over the ___________. world b For ___________ we have fruit and toast. c In the ___________ the campers have English classes. d The English classes are ___________. e ___________ is Scottish. f After dinner the campers ___________ for the end-of-camp concert or do sports. g Everyone is ___________ when they go to bed. 3 Design an ad for the camp. Choose three different activities. drama English classes sports nature walks music Make your ad exciting! Use these words. fun activities friends new special fantastic summer 10 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  5. 5. Boys and girls 2.5 Culture Unit2 Generation EA a Read the first two paragraphs of the article and answer the questions. What does EA mean? It means 'ethnically ambiguous'. Why don’t the old race labels work any more? b Read paragraph three. What’s going to happen in Britain in the next decade? c Read paragraph four. Complete the definition. A ‘wigga’ is d Read paragraph five. Is Beyoncé’s hair naturally blonde? e Read paragraph six. Do you agree with the conclusions? Is your generation EA? Are there many mixed race students in your school? Do you know any wiggas? Forget black, forget white. EA is what’s hot! 1 EA means ‘ethnically ambiguous’ and describes a new generation — from US stars to London clubbers. 2 If you talk to any young person in London, it soon becomes clear that they don’t think much about race or colour. Herelle, a student from Camden, says: ‘Black and white people interact so much that we have lost the distinction.’ Khan, a young nurse from West Ham, agrees. ‘Trying to define people by the old race labels doesn’t work any more. Look at the people around you. We are the new ‘‘blended’’ youth.’ 3 Herelle and Khan and millions like them are part of a new group called Generation Ethnically Ambiguous (generation EA for short). It reflects the demographic reality of countries like the United States and Britain. In the last census, almost one million Britons identified themselves as members of more than one race, or members of ‘no race’. In ten years, ‘mixed race’ is going to become the biggest ethnic minority group in Britain 4 White teenagers are adopting ‘black’ lifestyles and culture in fashion, looks, music, sport and language. ‘Black urban culture has become everybody’s culture’, says journalist Paul McKenzie. ‘It represents the triumph of the immigrant black community’. In the past, a young white person who copied black style was sometimes called a ‘wigga’, a negative term back then. Now wiggas are every place. The extremely cool David Beckham, Justine Timberlake and Eminem are all famous wiggas. 5 EA is very hot now. Beyoncé, a black American, dyes her hair blonde, Cristina Aguilera accentuates her Latin-American roots with her black hair, and multi-racial bands like the Sugarbabes are more popular every day. 6 The barriers between black and white are disappearing. ‘People don’t make a distinction now because the distinction isn’t there — culturally and sometimes even physically!’, concludes Nick Leader. ‘We are the new mix. We are the remix generation’. © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 11