A bright future
7.1 Can you make predictions?
A bright future
7.2 Vocabulary                                                                                   Unit7
 1 ...
A bright future
7.3 Can you do a survey about the future?                                                   Unit7
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A bright future
7.4 Reading and writing                                                                         Unit7
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A bright future
7.5 Culture                                                                                    Unit7
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A bright future


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A bright future

  1. 1. A bright future 7.1 Can you make predictions? Unit7 1 Complete these sentences. 5 This is Lisa. Make some predictions about her future. Use ’ll/won’t and a Robots _______ do all the housework in the will one of these verbs. future. b Robots _______ work in offices. c Robots _______ replace humans. d Robots _______ cook our food. 2 Change the sentences above into questions. a a ________________________________________ Will robots do all the housework in the future? b ________________________________________ c ________________________________________ b d ________________________________________ 3 What do you think about life in the c d future? Complete these sentences with will or won’t. a People __________ live for two hundred won’t years. b People __________ speak to animals. c Men __________ have babies. f e d All animals __________ live in zoos. e We __________ eat food tablets. f Animals __________ talk to us. 4 Make predictions about your future g using I think or I don’t think. a Will you get your General Certificate of Secondary Education? ________________________________________ Yes, I think I will. / ________________________________________ No, I don’t think I will. b Will you go to University after school? ________________________________________ c Will you get married? be become get get ________________________________________ have marry study go d Will you have children? ________________________________________ a She ______________ a car for her ’ll get e Will you travel abroad? eighteenth birthday. ________________________________________ b She ______________ to University. f Will people stop fighting wars? c She ______________ a doctor. ________________________________________ d She ______________ a nurse instead. e She ______________ married just once. f She ______________ three times. g She ______________ triplets! h They ______________ medicine too. 32 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  2. 2. A bright future 7.2 Vocabulary Unit7 1 Circle the correct words. 4 Circle the correct answer. a ... is a planet in our solar system. We live on the 1 Mars 2 Maths 3 London twenty-first floor. b In my family we share the ..., my father cooks, my mother irons and the children tidy a We live on the up their rooms. twenty-first floor / flat. 1 homework 2 housework 3 house jobs b We travelled / tripped c Please ... the light, it’s too dark in here. by car. 1 turn off 2 turn in 3 turn on c I job / work as a waiter. d ... are always looking for new discoveries. d I borrowed this book 1 Scientists 2 Science 3 Scientific from the library / bookshop. e Can you ... my dog, while I’m e There are five million on holiday? inhabitants / habitants 1 look over 2 look after 3 look at in this city. f There was a ’flu ... last year. f My English teacher gave 1 epidemic 2 academic 3 endemic us lots of homework / housework. 5 Complete the text using the words given. 2 Complete the missing words. books e-books factories future a I read a n________r every day to find out ewspape healthier housework leisure offices the news. pollution robots scientists work b There was a typhoid e___________c last year. c Nostradamus made lots of p___________s. d The name of our p___________t is Earth. e S___________s are looking for a cure for AIDS. f The milk and eggs are in the f___________e. g E-books will never r___________e paper books. What will the (a) __________ be like? future 3 Unscramble these words from the (b) __________ are working hard to make life easier for us all. Soon we won’t have to do lesson. The first letter is given. any (c) __________ because (d) __________ will a thehal h___________ ealth do it all — cleaning, cooking, etc. That means b aleks l____________ we will have more time for (e) __________ c logafnit f____________ activities. But these too will be different. d sitice c____________ There won’t be any (f) __________ made of e netrentamenit e____________ paper, instead there will be (g) __________ f gidilat d___________ _ on our computers. We will be able to (h) __________ from home and (i) __________ will disappear. (j) __________ will reduce (k) __________ too and the world will be a (l) __________ place. © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 33
  3. 3. A bright future 7.3 Can you do a survey about the future? Unit7 1 Complete these sentences. 3 Make two predictions about your Use ’ll or won’t. future. a I’m thirteen now. I ’ll ________ be fourteen a education next month. _________________________________________ I think I’ll get good marks. b It’s Tuesday today. It ________ be _________________________________________ I don’t think I’ll go to University. Wednesday tomorrow. b family c I ________ go to University when I leave _________________________________________ school. I hate studying! _________________________________________ d It’s Christmas now. Our next holidays c work ________ be at Easter. _________________________________________ e She ________ travel to the USA. She hates _________________________________________ planes! d travel f We ________ go by train. It’s faster and a lot _________________________________________ cheaper. _________________________________________ 2 A fortune teller reads Carla’s palm. 4 Find one mistake in each sentence. Unscramble Carla’s questions and Correct it. write the fortune teller’s answers. a Where do humans live in the future? ________________ will humans live b I think I won’t travelling abroad. ________________ c He’ll to marry someone famous. ________________ d I be in the office tomorrow morning. ________________ e Who will won the Football League next year? ________________ 5 Classify these predictions, as health, buildings or transport. a People won’t get ill. _______ health b Cars won’t use petrol. _______ a I / pass / all my exams? c There won’t be any AIDS. _______ ________________________ Yes, _______ Will I pass all my exams? you will. d Planes will have no pilots. _______ b my parents / buy me / a car? e People will live for 125 years. _______ ________________________ No, they _______ f Doctors will find a cure for cancer. _______ c I / marry / a handsome man? g Houses will use only solar energy. _______ ________________________ No, you _______ h The fridge will tell you what to buy. _______ d I / be / rich and famous? i Trains will run at 1,000 km per hour. _______ ________________________ No, you _______ j Cars will turn into planes in traffic e I / buy / my own house? jams. _______ ________________________ Yes, you _______ f my sister / live / with me? ________________________ Yes, she _______ And will you please stop shaking your hand? I can’t see anything! 34 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  4. 4. A bright future 7.4 Reading and writing Unit7 1 Read the text and put the Eco-houses section headings in the correct place. 1 Tropical satisfaction 2 Your outdoor supermarket 3 Rest in the sun 4 What’s an Eco-house about? 5 What’s in an Eco-house? 6 Get a good night’s sleep (and eat well, too!) Eco-houses: learn to live with nature a _______ We want house owners to learn about nature. As consumers, we have a relationship with 4 plants, and we depend on them. The way we treat and use plants is the story of the planet. Much of our food, clothes and medicine come from the plant world. Without plants there would be no oxygen for us to breathe. That’s why our Eco-houses will have lots of plants. b _______ There will be over fifty plants in each house, representing more than ten species from different climatic zones. Some of these can grow in local conditions, but others need special constructions. c _______ You’ll experience the sights and smells of a hot and humid rainforest in your greenhouse with bananas, coffee plants and more! d _______ Your sunny living room will include plants from warm climates like the Mediterranean, South Africa and California. These plants won’t need very much water or attention. e _______ You’ll sleep well, thanks to the herb gardens in each bedroom that give relaxing aromas and fragrances and are great to use in the kitchen! f _______ Outside you’ll find the crops, plants and fruit trees that grow in Britain, America, and many other parts of the world. Here are plants that made history and caused wars. These same plants will continue to feed us and save lives. 2 Answer these questions using will or won’t. a Will the living room be cold? _________________ No, it won't. b Will people sleep well in the Eco-house? _________________ c Will the greenhouse have fruit trees? _________________ d Will the plants in the living room need lots of water? _________________ e Will there be plants from different continents? _________________ f Will there be a herb garden in the kitchen? _________________ g Will we eat plants in the future? _________________ 3 What will your future house be like? Use will or won’t. My house (a) __________ be on the moon. It (b) __________ be in a big city. My house (c) __________ have a lot of plants. It (d) __________ have a digital book library. There (e) __________ be a greenhouse outside. Everything (f) __________ be connected to the internet and robots (g) __________ do all the cleaning. I (h) __________ go out to work. © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 35
  5. 5. A bright future 7.5 Culture Unit7 The Eden Project 1 Name all the plants you can in your language. Where are they from? Are they in danger of extinction? 2 Why do humans need plants? Order these words to form one long sentence to answer this question. and / be / breathe / Earth / for / life / no / no / on / oxygen / plants / there / to / us / without / would / Without ___________________________________________________________________________________ so __________________________ Earth. 3 Read about the Eden Project and answer the questions. a What is the Eden Project? _________________________________________________________________ b Where is it? ______________________________________________________________________________ c Is it just a big garden with plants to look at? __________________________________________________ d How many species of plants can you find there? ______________________________________________ e What is a biome? _________________________________________________________________________ f How is EFTE special? ______________________________________________________________________ g Is the Eden Project a popular place to visit? ___________________________________________________ h How long do visitors stay there? ____________________________________________________________ i Would you like to go there? ________________________________________________________________ Cornwall, in the Southwest of England, 270 km from The Eden Project is a giant interactive park in London. Opened in March 2001, the Eden Projec t is entertaining and educational. It combines to find answers to all your questions about science, technology and art and is a fabulous place people. plants and the interdependence between plants and of 5,000 species from the different climatic zones The Eden Project has 100,000 plants representing ouses. the world. The plants grow in two gigantic greenh • The Warm Temperate Biome is full of plants • The Humid Tropics Biome, the world’s largest from the Mediterranean, South Africa and greenhouse, is home to rainforest plants: California. bananas, rubber, cocoa, teak and mahogany. material which is transparent to UV light and not The biomes are made of ETFE, a strong, recyclable degraded by sunlight. e you celebrate the world we live in, and will inspir The Eden Project helps us to understand and to hours, into action. Last year it had two millio n visitors. Visits to the park take about four it all more slowly. although most people want to go back again to see 36 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE