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Bbb nycbug


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Presentation for March NYCBUG meeting on BigBlueButton.

Presentation for March NYCBUG meeting on BigBlueButton.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Introduction to BigBlueButtonDru LavigneCommunity Manager, PC-BSD ProjectNYCBUG, March 2, 2011
  • 2. This presentation will discuss:The origins of BigBlueButtonBigBlueButtons components and featuresInstallationDemo of useHow you can help
  • 3. OriginsEducational Development Center atCarleton University (Ottawa) was expandingits distance education programExisting proprietary solution cost ~$3000per month in licensing fees and did notmeet all of their needsSCE department head was open sourcesavvy and knew that components existed--what was needed was the “glue” to createan integrated solution
  • 4. OriginsFunding was obtained from the Ministry ofResearch and Innovation to create thesolution, initially dubbed TFN-100First class to use the solution was 09/2007Spun out as a LGPL licensed open sourceproject (BigBlueButton) and a commercialsupport company (Blindside Networks) in03/2008
  • 5. OriginsNow available in 17 languagesUsed by at least 20 companies in Ottawa aswell as many more companies anduniversities across the globe39 active committersOver 750 members on developers list
  • 6. Open Source ComponentsComprised of 14 components:ActiveMQ, Asterisk, Asterisk-Java, Flex SDK,Ghostscript, Grails, Image Magick, MySQL,Nginx web server, OpenOffice, Red5 flashserver, SWFTools, Tomcat, and Xuggler Javalibrary
  • 7. Features● server runs natively on Linux and BSD or as VMware image● client is any flash-enabled web browser on any platform● upload and share PDF and PPT presentations● shared whiteboard● live chat (public and private)● shared desktops
  • 8. Features● can connect through browser or VoIP● raise hand● see all participants that are connected● see and hear other participants through video● see the presenters cursor● moderator can mute or eject users● presenter can share their desktop● moderator can make anyone a presenter
  • 9. Features● .8 will support record and playback● integrates into Moodle, Drupal, Sakai, TikiWiki, eFront, WordPress, Joomla, RedMine, Foswiki or can run stand-alone● Matterhorn is working on integration
  • 10. InstallationInstructions for FreeBSD port are here: will be updated as package, PBIand others become available (e.g. pkgsrc?)
  • 11. DemoBigBlueButton project provides one here: http://demo.bigbluebutton.orgThis presentation will use a temporarydemo here:
  • 12. How you can helpTry it out to see if it can act as areplacement for a current proprietarysolution or to augment your organizationscollaborative communicationsPort to pkgsrc, OpenBSDGive feedback on scalability or tuningLet us know who is using it
  • 13. Additional ResourcesProject website:http://www.bigbluebutton.orgSupport: http://www.blindsidenetworks.comInstallation on FreeBSD/PC-BSD:
  • 14. Discussion URL to slides: /bbb-nycbug