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Information Overload - Can Activity Streams Help?
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Information Overload - Can Activity Streams Help?


Workers increasingly need to track important business activities while on the go and initiatives like ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) are helping by making devices to the mobile workforce. But the …

Workers increasingly need to track important business activities while on the go and initiatives like ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) are helping by making devices to the mobile workforce. But the smaller tablet and smartphone form factors dictate a new user experience. Providing a meaningful mobile experience means much more than rolling out a mobile app. New “twitter-like” application activity streams represent a breakthrough because these streams can keep workers aware of updates while on the go. However, activity streams represent the next major source of information overload, since unmitigated streams create a ‘stream of unconsciousness’ that is impossible to follow. Automated filtering and context-aware technology provide some hope, but these technologies are still in their infancy. This presentation looks at the promise, as well as the issues provided by activity streams, and it proposes practical strategies for providing ‘anytime, anywhere’ activity updates in a secure and scale-able environment.

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. Can Activity StreamsFree Us From The Office?The Real Scoop onon Mobile Activity StreamsDavid Lavenda© 2013 by All rights reserved
  • 2. 2David, VP Product StrategyFast Company ContributorInformation Overload‐lavenda
  • 3. Information Overloadin The Mobile Enterprise
  • 4. Is InformationOverload New?Source: Standage, Tom, The Victorian Internet
  • 5. What is theInformationOverloadProblem? 
  • 6. 05101520251985‐1994 2000‐2009Perceived Causes of Information Overload Email / CMCS Internet / News Digital Content Traditional Content Decision inputsPersonal Communications Short Attention Span Finding information Org structure changesN=82 Source: D. Lavenda researchWhat’s Causing the Problem?
  • 7. Why is thisimportant
  • 8. 47%of respondents saidinformation collectiondistracts them from their main responsibilitiesSource: Reuters Survey, “Dying for Information”‐content/repor~13.html
  • 9. 13believe thatimportant decisions wereNearlydelayed and adversely affected due to much informationSource: Reuters Survey, “Dying for Information”‐content/repor~13.html
  • 10. 23of managers believe information overload causes loss of job satisfactionSource: Reuters Survey, “Dying for Information”‐content/repor~13.html
  • 11. 23believe itdamaged personal relationshipsSource: Reuters Survey, “Dying for Information”‐content/repor~13.html
  • 12. 13believe it haddamaged their healthSource: Reuters Survey, “Dying for Information”‐content/repor~13.html
  • 13. Why is itDifferent This time
  • 14. Cloud Mobile Social Standards Smart sensorsTechnology
  • 15. We are compelled to respond to requests at all times
  • 16. Inability to separate work and leisure
  • 17. No downtime Unable to recover from work
  • 18. We have a perception of loss of control 
  • 19. mobility is awful YUCK!!mobility is greatWOW!
  • 20. Can Activity Streams Free us fromInformation Overload?
  • 21. Social Network Activity Streams
  • 22. Activity Streams a list of (recent) events about a person, group, or topic. A person ‘follows’ other people or applications to track relevant activities.John G. is following a new colleague, Adrian S.
  • 23. Activity Streams Angela Cooper shared a picturea list of (recent) events about a person, group, or topic. A person ‘follows’ other people or applications to track relevant activities.
  • 24. Activity Streams Bob Mullins closed a deal with Acme for $300K.a list of (recent) events about a person, group, or topic. A person ‘follows’ other people or applications to track relevant activities.
  • 25. Activity Streams Deborah Nielsen updated the document “Proposal for Zimble.docx”a list of (recent) events about a person, group, or topic. A person ‘follows’ other people or applications to track relevant activities.
  • 26. Email Activity StreamsWhy Are Activity Streams Different?
  • 27. Source:‐crushing‐us‐can‐activity‐streams‐free‐us
  • 28. EnterpriseActivity Streams
  • 29. Activity Streams Present New Challenges
  • 30. Each Application Produces an Activity Stream
  • 31. Each Activity Stream Tells Only Part of the Story
  • 32. 32Some Applications Don’t Produce Streams
  • 33. Are We Back toSquare One ?Produce Streams
  • 34. Reeling in information overload
  • 35.‐time‐proven‐strategies‐dealing‐information‐overloadNo need toNo need toReinvent the WheelReinvent the Wheel
  • 36. Two Time‐Proven Strategiesfor Dealing WithInformation overload
  • 37. Aggregation (Queuing)
  • 38. But Aggregation Can Create a‘Stream of Unconsciousness’
  • 39. Context (Filtering)Context means relevance
  • 40. Context• Location• Time• Social Interactions• Interests (topics)• History• Sensors• Image Recognition• Emotion and Sentiment
  • 41. Location
  • 42. Time
  • 43. Social Interactions
  • 44. Social Interactions
  • 45. History / Topics of Interest
  • 46. Image Recognition ‐ Consumer Application
  • 47. Image Recognition
  • 48. Sensors
  • 49. Sensors
  • 50. Emotion and SentimentSmart‐scroll Smart‐pause
  • 51. The Future EnterpriseSource:‐pictures‐animals‐funny‐animals‐pictures‐animals‐of‐the‐heroes
  • 52. 54David, VP Product StrategyFast Company ContributorInformation Overload‐lavenda