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Sub plan for Sept 22, 2011
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Sub plan for Sept 22, 2011


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. September 22, 2011Dear Students-I have to take my older son to some doctors’ appointments today, so I cannot be with you. I amexpecting excellent, mature behavior with a positive report from Ms. Brown, our guest teacher. Iam counting on you. Do not let me down. Remember, NO CELLPHONES, NO HATS and NO EARPHONES. If you have late work, please place it in the box. Thanks.See you on Tuesday.Love, Ms. Aughey (404) 545-9609 (for late work)Second Block- AP Language- You may do these activities in any order. Please reserve the classcomputers for the students who need them.1. Please carefully read the article ‘Why I Wrote the Crucible” by Arthur Miller. You are to take marginal notes and do selective underlining (highlighting). I prefer underlining because on the AP Language test, you will not be able to use a highlighter. You should underline about 10% of the text. You are looking for the author’s purpose, Miller’s message. You are noting rhetorical strategies that he is using to make his point. You are looking for logical, ethical and emotional appeals he is making to you, the reader, so you will connect with him. This is a masterful piece of writing. Below is an example from my notes. Read it in small groups. It is fascinating but rather long. I will check your notes on Tuesday, September 27.2. Take an orange textbook off the shelf and access the play on pages 1124-1233. Work on your Little Book. Here are the pages for you: Page 1- Diction, Page 2- Imagery, Page 3- Details- Characters, Page 4- Details- Setting, Page 5- Details- Plot, Page 6- Language, Page 7- Syntax, Page 8- Memorable Quotes.3. Work on your study guide. You may access a class computer if you need to look up something. Spark notes has a decent reference page Work on an online assessment. Currently assigned mygradebook quizzes are: The Crucible Quiz 1, The Crucible Quiz 2, John Smith and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. UN: campbell132b PW: your lunch number. Do not forget your online essay scorer practice. UN: lunch number, PW: cobb10
  • 2. Newspaper- Computer Lab 2200 all block You have the computer room for the entire block. Use your time wisely. No reporting today. I have the computer room for half the block on Friday but you can report as needed tomorrow. Courtney and Maya, lead the editors in placing already published stories into the pages of the printed-paper. Do not worry about cutting stories yet. Work on headlines and identifying what goes where so we know how many new stories need to be written. Website: Program: mydesign online. Ask Ms. Brown for the user name and password if you forgot it. Reporters- complete your stories for the week. If you have a story that you think might merit publishing in the printed- paper, please see the appropriate editor. Front Page/Back Page- Maya and Courtney News- Chloe Opinions- Tayo and Ini Sports- Greg and Alexis Features- Gabby and Hayleigh Entertainment- Daviear and Bria4th block- Am. Literature- please share the class computers.1. Watch the last 27 minutes of the film, Of Mice and Men. Complete the summer reading assignment and turn it into the box. The movie is ready to go.2. Take an orange textbook off the shelf and access the play, The Crucible, on pages 1124-1233. Work on your Little Book. Here are the pages for you: Page 1- Title, Page 2- Characters, Page 3- Setting, Page 4- Plot, Page 5- Symbols, Page 6- Figurative Language- imagery, metaphor, etc., , Page 7- Author study, Page 8- Memorable Quotes.3. Work on your study guide for The Crucible. You may access a class computer if you need to look up something. Spark notes has a decent reference page Work on the online essay scorer practice. Assignment- prompt- dress code. An A+ = 6, an A = 5, a B = 4, a C = 3. If you earned below a 3, you need to redo it until you earn at least a C. Try for a B or an A! UN: lunch number PW: cobb10Five computers with half an hour sessions will allow 15 students to use the computers. 2:00- 2:30 2:30-3:00 3:00-3:30 Jose M. Jannett Lanecia Jose G Jessica Jessica T. Aleeya Erik Takeena Matthew Juanpaul Davonti Terrance Sayuri Keon(If your name is not listed, you can use the computer on Tuesday. If you do not want to use the computer today in class, picksomeone NOT on the list to take your place.)