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  • 1. One Cool Tool to Connect, Engage and Collaborate DeborahAughey,NBCT APLanguageandJournalismTeacher Campbell High School, August 1, 2013 Edmodo
  • 2. First, some definitions- “hybrid learning”
  • 3. Advantages for a hybrid or a flipped classroom  Establishes dialogue and idea exchange between students, educators, and subject matter experts regardless of locations.  Lectures become homework and class time is used for collaborative student work, experiential exercises, debate, and lab work.
  • 4. Advantages for a hybrid or a flipped classroom  Extends access to scarce resources, such as specialized teachers and courses, to more students, allowing them to learn from the best sources and maintain access to challenging curriculum.  Enables students to access courses at higher-level institutions, allowing them to progress at their own pace.
  • 5. Advantages for a hybrid or a flipped classroom  Prepares students for a future as global citizens. Allows them to meet students and teachers from around the world to experience their culture, language, ideas, and shared experiences.  Allows students with multiple learning styles and abilities to learn at their own pace and through traditional models.
  • 6. Learning Management System (LMS) Edmodo is the 2nd most used LMS in America, ahead of Blackboard.
  • 7. CCSD Resources
  • 8. Edmodo- student’s side Go to the Edmodo home page and make an account.
  • 9. Edmodo- student’s side Input the group code your teacher gives you. Sign up only once. Each teacher will give you a different group code. For the training, the code is: mmxk5u
  • 10. Edmodo- student’s side Abide by the guidelines of digital citizenship.
  • 11. Edmodo- student’s side Groups NewsStream
  • 12. Edmodo- student’s side . Students can upload their own work into the backpack. Teachers can share resources in the folders section.
  • 13. Edmodo- student’s side .
  • 14. Edmodo- student’s side .
  • 15. Edmodo- student’s side .
  • 16. Edmodo- student’s side .
  • 17. Edmodo- student’s side demo Send a message to your instructor or your classmates. Add a link or an attachment.
  • 18. Edmodo- student’s side demo Click on the quiz and take it.
  • 19. Edmodo- student’s side demo Take the poll and see the results in real time.
  • 20. Edmodo- student’s side demo Click on the App Edcanvas. Resources can be compiled and shared.
  • 21. Edmodo Mobile
  • 22. Edmodo Mobile .
  • 23. Edmodo Mobile .
  • 24. Recap, Review and Preview
  • 25. EDMODO Part II- flip to the teacher role to create a class and use the instructor functions.
  • 26. Edmodo- teacher’s side .
  • 27. Edmodo- teacher’s side .
  • 28. Edmodo- teacher’s side .
  • 29. Edmodo- teacher’s side .
  • 30. Edmodo- teacher’s side .
  • 31. Edmodo- teacher’s side .
  • 32. Edmodo- teacher’s side
  • 33. Edmodo- teacher’s side .
  • 34. Edmodo- teacher’s side .
  • 35. Edmodo- teacher’s side .
  • 36. Edmodo- teacher’s side .
  • 37. Questions?