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Group Spaces

  1. 1. Group Spaces WebinarTeam Collaboration<br />Discover More:<br /><br />June 8, 2010<br />IGLOO Software<br />Web:<br />
  2. 2. Our Presenters<br />Dan Latendre<br />CEO, IGLOO Software<br />Dan has been a technology innovator for the past 20 years working with such pioneering companies as MKS, Delrina and Open Text Corporation. He has played significant roles in the development and marketing of numerous leading edge internet-based technologies and applications.<br />Stephanie Sawyer<br />Product Manager, IGLOO Software<br />Stephanie is part of the IGLOO team as their Product Manager. In this role she is responsible for managing the community platform, leading the product strategy team, defining project requirements, and helping plan the product roadmap. She has spent the last 3 years working with a variety of start up companies as product manager for a number of online applications.<br />
  3. 3. Three Social Business Views<br />Team View<br />Personal View<br />Enterprise View<br />
  4. 4. Why Group Spaces?<br />We are listening <br />Team Collaboration - people generally don’t work alone, they work on teams, departments, business units<br />Build Trust – difficult to collaborate and share with people or co-workers who you have never worked with or actually physically met<br />Ideal for:<br /><ul><li>Departmental Spaces
  5. 5. Events
  6. 6. Project/Team Rooms
  7. 7. Special Interest Groups
  8. 8. Committees
  9. 9. Secure Board Rooms
  10. 10. Private Deal Rooms
  11. 11. Town Hall Meetings</li></li></ul><li>Group Space Demonstration<br />
  12. 12. What people are saying…<br />“I'm really excited to learn more about and start using those Group Spaces!! That's the exact thing we were trying to do, but having to sort of workaround it. Now we can do it seamlessly! Very cool!”<br />- Hawaii Housing Alliance<br />“IGLOO's social software suite stood out, and the seamless integration of Group Spaces is a key reason for that.  It meets [our] needs perfectly, and is as well designed and as easy to use as all of their software.”<br />- LiquidHub, Inc<br />“The IGLOO platform has allowed our marketing team to do so much more online that much quicker (& cheaper!). We absolutely love it! This is the first and most important step in moving away from a static site towards an online community for our staff, clients and partners.”<br />- Artez Interactive<br />
  13. 13. Future Directions<br />Tasks & Milestones<br />Facilitating social project management<br />Structure milestones and task with ad hoc team collaboration<br />Business Templates<br />Projects<br />Departments<br />Board Meetings<br />Deal Rooms<br />Centralized Publishing<br />Publish “Group Space” content to the main community <br />Repository of finalized and approved materials<br />State & Archiving<br />Apply a specific state to a Group Space and auto-archiving of content<br />Third-party Integrations<br />Example: Project management tools, customer support tools, eLearning tools<br />
  14. 14. SpecialOffer!<br />ComingSoon in July 2010:<br /><ul><li>Descriptions for documents and images
  15. 15. Ability to export a community event to your external calendar
  16. 16. Broadcast for all items in the community</li></ul>…and more!<br />Stay tuned for more exciting product updates!<br />50%<br />Savings!<br />Five Group Spaces<br />for $2,500<br />Offer valid until June 30, 2010<br />For more information:<br />Contact your account manager<br />or<br />
  17. 17. Questions?<br />
  18. 18.<br />1.877.ON IGLOO<br />