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Social Media Playbook

  1. 1. Social Media Playbook<br />“Your step by step guide for building vibrant online business communities”<br />Gerard van der BurgPlaybook Editor<br /><br />June 8, 2010<br />Dan LatendreCEO, IGLOO Software<br /><br />June 8, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Webinar Agenda<br />Introduction<br />Dan Latendre, CEO IGLOO Software<br />Time: 10 minutes<br />Social Media Playbook<br />Gerard van der Burg, Playbook Editor<br />Time: 20 minutes<br />Q & A<br />Please enter your questions in the chat window at anytime during the session<br />Questions will be answered at the end of the session<br />
  3. 3. Our Presenters<br />Dan Latendre<br />CEO, IGLOO Software<br />Dan has been a technology innovator for the past 20 years working with such pioneering companies as MKS, Delrina and Open Text Corporation. He has played significant roles in the development and marketing of numerous leading edge internet-based technologies and applications. <br />Gerard van der Burg<br />Playbook Editor<br />Gerard is a social media experts and consults with leading organizations and institutions on their social software strategy. Over the past 25 years, he has worked with organizations such as the Dutch Development Organization, CARE International, and Global Development Group, which has taken him to live and work in many countries in The Americas, Europe, and Africa<br />
  4. 4. Who’s Participating…<br /><ul><li>VP/Director of Knowledge/Information Management
  5. 5. VP/Director of Social Media
  6. 6. VP/Director of Communications
  7. 7. VP/Director of Marketing
  8. 8. Social Media Consultants
  9. 9. VP Business Development
  10. 10. Director of Event Management
  11. 11. VP/Director of Product/Project Management
  12. 12. Director of Web/SEO/Online Marketing</li></li></ul><li>IGLOO Software:Why Create A Social Media Playbook<br />Dan LatendreCEO, IGLOO Software<br />
  13. 13. A New Social Business Paradigm<br />Business is both a personal and social activity...<br />Companies don’t build products, do deals<br />or make service calls…people do!<br />Information<br />People<br />6<br />Activities<br />
  14. 14. A Little Context…<br />We help organizations deploy successful online business<br />communities powered by social software.<br />Partner Network<br />Marketing<br />Community<br />Audience<br /><ul><li>Employees & Teams</li></ul>Business Value<br /><ul><li>Productivity, agility and innovation through a more connected & knowledgeable workforce</li></ul>How?<br /><ul><li>Creating “team driven” corporate social networks that connect employees to the people, information and processes they need in order to get their jobs done effectively and efficiently</li></ul>Audience<br /><ul><li>Prospects, Customers, Partners, Suppliers, Members and Alumni</li></ul>Business Value<br /><ul><li>Brand loyalty and building trusted relationships</li></ul>How?<br /><ul><li>Extending social software beyond the corporate firewall to connect with your partners, customers and suppliers to create deeper, stronger & more trusted relationships</li></ul>Customer Portal<br />Association<br />Education<br />Environment<br />Healthcare<br />ServicesCommunity<br />Corporate Intranet<br />R & D Community<br />Consulting & Services<br />Government<br />
  15. 15. The Challenge?<br />Social software requires changes in business models,technologies & corporate culture.<br />3 Cultural<br /><ul><li>Distributed workforce
  16. 16. Mobile workforce
  17. 17. Gen “X” Gen “Y” issues
  18. 18. Roles
  19. 19. Behavior/expectations
  20. 20. Tools
  21. 21. Change Management
  22. 22. Incentives programs for contributions and participation
  23. 23. Code of conduct
  24. 24. Corporate governance, policies, best practices</li></ul>1 Technology<br /><ul><li>Integration,Migration & Co-existence
  25. 25. Delivery
  26. 26. SaaS, Open Source, On premise
  27. 27. Training
  28. 28. Mobile
  29. 29. Security
  30. 30. Records Management
  31. 31. Compliance</li></ul>2Operational<br /><ul><li>Brand
  32. 32. Moderation
  33. 33. Engagement
  34. 34. Privacy
  35. 35. IP Protection
  36. 36. Resources & Staffing
  37. 37. Training
  38. 38. Budgets
  39. 39. Measurement & Monitoring
  40. 40. ROI</li></li></ul><li>Key Stakeholder Groups<br />Different: Goals – Objectives – Outcomes<br />Business Owners<br />IT<br />Executives<br /><ul><li>Control
  41. 41. Ownership
  42. 42. Want it “Now”
  43. 43. Feature rich
  44. 44. Easy to use
  45. 45. Cost effective
  46. 46. Training/Tutorials
  47. 47. Support
  48. 48. Information Architecture
  49. 49. Compliance
  50. 50. Governance
  51. 51. Measurement
  52. 52. IP Protection
  53. 53. Productivity
  54. 54. Knowledge discovery/reuse
  55. 55. Risk
  56. 56. Secure
  57. 57. Reliable
  58. 58. Performance
  59. 59. Back ups
  60. 60. Extensible (API)
  61. 61. Scalable
  62. 62. Support & Maintenance</li></ul>Departments, Business Units, Committees, Project Teams<br />IT, IS, Hosting Services, Security<br />CIO, CTO, CSO<br />
  63. 63. Measuring ROI<br />ROI from a social context is not about “monetization” but measuring the incremental value it brings to your business.It is about measuring how well an employee, team and/or even company is doing in meeting the business challenges they are trying to address.<br />Do you get new products or services to market - faster?<br />Are their resulting cost reductions in existing business units because of improved processes and communications?<br />Has the community improved knowledge sharing? (i.e., best practices and tools that improve the quality of processes, products, or services)<br /> Are you better connected to your customers? And are they more satisfied? Resulting in higher customer retention and/or minimized support costs.<br />Has knowledge sharing increased rate of innovation? New product improvements, methodologies and/or ideas?<br />Employee satisfaction and motivation, has it improved? Have your employee retention rates gone up? Are more people applying for jobs? Have the number of sick days gone down?<br />
  64. 64. “Top 7” Recommendations<br />Start With a Plan<br />Measurable goals, objectives, timelines and outcomes<br />Start Small<br />Pilot Project<br />Contain It!<br />Identify/Understand/Document the Risks<br />Technology, Operational, Culture<br />Understand Your Customers<br />Needs, & Behaviors<br />Resource It<br /><ul><li>Staffing, expertise, funding</li></ul>Engage, Engage, Engage<br /><ul><li>Marketing, promotion and incentives</li></ul>Measure & Monitor<br /><ul><li>What is working, and what it not!!!
  65. 65. Modify and change</li></li></ul><li>Social Media Playbook:What is it and how can you use it?<br />Gerard van der Burg,Playbook Editor<br /><br />
  66. 66. Free online community sponsored by IGLOO Software to help business owners deploy social software & online community solutions in their organizations.<br /><ul><li>Expert Corner
  67. 67. Best Practice White Papers
  68. 68. Knowledge base Wiki
  69. 69. Member Directory for Social Networking
  70. 70. Social Media Event Calendar
  71. 71. Discussion Forum for Featured Topic explorations
  72. 72. Breaking News from around the Social Media world
  73. 73. Playbook editorials and alerts, updates and weekly summary
  74. 74. Re-Blogging with posts from Social Media sites on the web</li></ul>What is the Playbook?<br />
  75. 75. The Editor’s Role<br />My role is to:<br />Update you on new and/or important articles, additions, whitepapers, best practices<br />Answer any questions you may have and solicit feedback on how to many the community more valuable as a business tool<br />Weekly digest of activity<br />Create partnerships with 3rd party experts and content providers <br />- Example: blogs, sites, companies<br />Create “partner lead” Forum Topics<br />Engage, facilitate, promote!!<br />Email:<br />Skype: i2gerard5280<br />
  76. 76. Wiki Chapters – “Methodology”<br />Playbook Wiki is organized into 5 fundamental chapters:<br />Each Wiki chapter contains:<br /> Building Blocks: Implementation methodologies<br /><ul><li>Linked resource materials
  77. 77. Practical tools for implementation</li></ul> How-To Packages: Offerings for implementation support<br /><ul><li>Best practices
  78. 78. SOP’s
  79. 79. Tips and tricks</li></ul> Samples and References: Examples and links to other key resources<br /><ul><li>Whitepapers
  80. 80. POV’s</li></li></ul><li>Workbooks – “Implementation Tools”<br />Wiki Chapters are supported<br />by Practical Workbooks<br /><ul><li>Implementation guidelines
  81. 81. Structure & set up
  82. 82. Planning & ideation
  83. 83. Design, brand & layout
  84. 84. Launch, promotion & engagement
  85. 85. Sustain, resource, measure
  86. 86. Growth, ROI
  87. 87. Regularly updated with the latest lessons learned and tips for successful implementation</li></ul>I want your feedback, comments and suggestions!!<br />
  88. 88. Experts Corner – “Guides” <br />Industry Expert Blogs<br /><ul><li>Blogging on social software and media topics
  89. 89. Focus is on business issues
  90. 90. Inside and outside your company
  91. 91. Industry trends
  92. 92. Tips & tricks</li></ul>Registered Members can…<br /><ul><li>Comment
  93. 93. Rate
  94. 94. Subscribe
  95. 95. Message
  96. 96. Connect</li></li></ul><li>What’s Next?<br />Brand Awareness<br />Drive membership<br />Drive traffic<br />Attracting “New” Thought leaders <br />Member Engagement<br />Member interaction<br />Feedback<br />Contributions<br />Thought leadership<br />High Value Content & Advice<br />Expert bloggers (larger pool and more diverse)<br />Content added to the knowledge base<br />Partner, company, industry lead forum topics<br />3rd party research<br />
  97. 97. Playbook in<br />Subscribe to the expert blogs & receive email alerts on new articles and comments from other members.<br />Leverage the tips, tricks and best practices found in the playbook wiki chapters during your business social media project.<br />And… finally don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions or ideas you may have!!!<br />Become a member & actively participate in the community – comment, rate, download, contribute & network.<br />Browse, search, view and download from a collection of online whitepapers, case studies and workbooks.<br />
  98. 98. Thank You!!<br /><ul><li>Create a Free Community -
  99. 99. Become A Playbook Member -
  100. 100. Become An Expert Blogger -</li></ul>1.877.ON IGLOO<br /><br />