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This presentation summarizes how an HR manager can leverage social software in their organization.

This presentation summarizes how an HR manager can leverage social software in their organization.

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  • The problem is… email wasn’t built to be a social networking tool…. It was built to be a communications tool. But, most of us use our email @ work to share knowledge, collaborate on projects and network with our colleagues and customers. And our dependency on email as our primary business tool has become a huge problem for most companies.Did you know… that on average, a knowledge worker wastes almost 20% of their day responding, managing, organizing their email in box. Ask yourself… how many times in a day are you on the dreaded email “cc” list … and you have no idea why? What a waste of time.What about the all of those personal inboxes which are constantly filling up on a daily basis with vital corporate knowledge which cannot be accessed or used by others in the company. Talk about a knowledge silo problem.And finally… and maybe the worst problem for any company…is the amount of confidential information that leaves the company on a daily basis through unauthorized email messages and attachments. These are just some of the email issues companies are struggling with today.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Meet Joanne, the HR Manager at ABC Co.
      Business Social Software for Human Resources
      IGLOO Software Presentation
      September 21, 2010
    • 2. As an HR Manager, it is her job to worryabout:
      employment policies & practices
      employee rights
      employee satisfaction
      employee on-boarding
      skillretention & transfer
      employee productivity
      performance reviews
      employee retention
      knowledge walking out the door
      new employee orientation
      attracting GEN Y
    • 3. Her job is getting tougher…
      Instant & text messaging
      As the workforce is quickly changing
      Tech savvy
      Use different tools
      They blog... Twitter… network… message…
      Prediction: within the next 5 years, the Net Generation will out populate baby boomers in the workforce
      They have higher expectations when entering the workforce
      social profiles
    • 4. Over 80% of her workforce don’t work here…
    • 5. They work @ home…
      On the road…
    • 6. And… they are becoming much more mobile
      Over the past five years, there has been an 800% increase in mobile workers and employees now change job roles on average every 2-3 years.
    • 7. At the company, the #1 collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking tool is email. On average, employees spend over 4 hours a day reading,crafting& responding to emails.
      Email now takes on average over 20% of a knowledge workers day.
      - Gartner Group
    • 8. The Business Result…
      • Isolated knowledge workers
      • 9. Limited understanding of organizational expertise
      • 10. Vital corporate knowledge being trapped in information silos
      These barriers hamper productivity, decrease employee awareness and cripple the pace of innovation by duplicating efforts.
    • 11. With over 1,200 employees, in 3 different locations… Lillian is looking for a new way to help her company attract, discover and develop talent, knowledge & relationships across the entire company to improve overall productivity.
    • 12. Then Joanne discovered business social software from IGLOO.
      A new breed of social software – built for business. Employees can create powerful online business communities to network, share and collaborate around daily tasks, projects and work activities.
      And better yet, no IT help is required.
    • 13. Getting started was quick, easy and very cost effective.Joanne just chose the business community template that fit her company’s needs – right off the IGLOO website.
    • 14. Joanne then organized staff into specific groups, teams & roles which match the current corporate environment.
      Joanne sent out customs invitations to all employees instructing them to join the new corporate network.
    • 15. Employees received their invitations right in their favorite email package or mobile device.
    • 16. Employees accepted their email invitations & simply signed in to the new corporate social network.

    • Employees like Yvette completed & their personal profiles & made them accessible to everyone in the company.
      She added things
      like her…
      Over the past five years, I have worked in the manufacturing sector as a project manager. Areas of expertise include MS Project, phase and gate process and MS Office applications.
    • 27. Using the central member directory, staff quickly and easily can now:
      • Find expertise & skills anywhere in the company
      • 28. Discover new team members in other office locations or business units
      • 29. Know who is currently online or working late
      • 30. Bookmark team members as peers & knowledge resources
      All profile information is protected by permissions
    • 31. By simply clicking on an employee profile, staff quickly discover corporate contributions made during the last 7 days.
      The new community manages all types of content including…
      “Knowledge in Context”
    • 43. Employees can bookmark, download, RSS or email subscribe to corporate content, conversations & people that can help them do their jobs more effectively.
    • 44. Employee specific content is pushed to & pulled from their own personal Facebook®-like environment.
      PULL - Employees bookmark, RSS & subscribe to corporate content that is critical to their specific job function
      PULL - Employees connect with experts & content located anywhere within the company
      PUSH- Employees can push personal profile information – knowledge, skills, experiences to others in the company
      PUSH – The system pushes network activity to users based on role
      Employee Dashboard
    • 45. Teams, departments and even business units can set up their own private or public group spaces within the community.
    • 46. Joanne has also set up a dedicated group space for her department within the community.
      Within this area, Joanne and her team can create, share and collaborate on:
      • Employee orientation process
      • 47. Employee review process
      • 48. Best practices
      • 49. How To’s – tips & tricks
      • 50. Employment agreements
      • 51. Benefit plans
      • 52. Job descriptions
      • 53. NDA’s, confidentiality agreements
    • ABC Employment Agreement
      All documents within the community are converted to Flash Paper for quick online viewing & commenting.
      Employees with the right access levels can:
      The termination section is too narrow. All property must be returned to ABC Corporation within 5 days of termination… not 30 days. Please make these changes and upload a new version.
    • 61. Corporate data & IP is protected & monitored by the system
      Protect Against:
      • Litigation – know “who has done what” in the network
      • 62. Regulatory compliance
      • 63. Sarbanes Oxley
      • 64. Health & Safety
      • 65. Fraud
      • 66. Intellectual property
      • 67. Copyright infringement
      • 68. Patent claims
      • 69. Knowledge leakage
      • 70. Losing expertise
      • 71. Knowledge walking out the door
    • Joanne now communicates via a new HR blog… instead of mass emailing… keeping new, existing and future staff up to date on policies, practices and corporate news.
    • 72. Joanne is helping to transform how ABC co. does business… using a more effective & productive bottom up approach which leverages your most valuable asset… PEOPLE.
    • 73. Sales
      We would like to have a means of contributing to your product.
      Other Business Scenarios…
      We have some tips on using our product that we’d like to share with customers.
      We need to discuss pricing proposals and achieve consensus.
      We need a central place for staff to manage & publish their personal profiles.
      We need an experts area for technical collaboration & problem solving.
      We want a forum
      to share our win-loss experiences
      from the field.
      Human Resources
    • 74. Start your 15 Day Premium Trial today:
      1.877.ON IGLOO