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Online Communities   5 Reasons To Deploy
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Online Communities 5 Reasons To Deploy


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This presentation outlines 5 reasons to deploy and online community within your company and/or organization.

This presentation outlines 5 reasons to deploy and online community within your company and/or organization.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Before we begin our talk this morning… let me provide a little context. I think we all forget how much Internet has changed our lives over the past 15 years or so - both from a social and business perspective. It is changing the way we work… and the way we live. Some believe… it is becoming as important as the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe. I know… it sounds a little over the top… doesn’t it? Well… maybe not?? According to a recent study… a leading research firm asked Canadians what they were willing to give up in these tough economic times… people responded by saying that they would brown bag it work; give up their second car and even give up TV… but the one thing they were not willing to give up… was their internet connection.
  • Currently we are in a phase … which the experts call Web 2.0. This market has absolutely exploded over the last couple of years… creating a ton of noise, hype and confusion in this space. It’s hard to believe that there are over 300 different consumer web 2.0 tools and applications available on the market today. The question everyone is asking is … how did they become so successful ? Well… for me three things jump to mind… they are all very EASY to USE … they all FREE … and they allow us to PUBLISH, SHARE and NETWORK like no application before… from almost anywhere in the world.
  • But… most difficult of all is trying to manage a successful company without the right tools, the right people and the right culture. Many organizations today… still struggle with isolated knowledge workers, limited understanding of organizational expertise and a lack of accepted best practices. Information barriers hamper productivity, decrease employee awareness and cripple the pace of innovation by duplicating efforts. This is where I see online social software playing a HUGE role in many organizations – not only inside the company, but outside too.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Online Communities Five reasons to deploy online communities in your organization IGLOO Software Presentation 2010
    • 2. Web Effect
      • Over the past 15 years the Web has dramatically changed our lives forever.
    • 3. Web 2.0
    • 4. Business is Becoming More Social Finally, technology solutions that work the way I do! People Activities Information Companies don’t build products, do deals or make service calls… people do ! Business is both a personal and social activity...
    • 5. Our Value Proposition Creating business connections – inside and out Online communities create powerful connections between people, information and processes throughout your entire company. Use these connections to build corporate capacity for real competitive advantage. The capacity of 1000’s of knowledge workers to innovate is far greater than that of a few executives.
    • 6. The Top 5 Reasons
    • 7. Reason 1
      • A call from a friend of a friend is more effective than a cold call, as is a call to the appropriate person
      • Have direct dialogue and conversations with stakeholder groups in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
      • Create “Live” networks where members are alive and kicking, talking to one another, sharing thoughts, supporting one another and expressing themselves, all keys to innovation and retention
      • Launch new products within hours rather than months with instant feedback on successes and flaws
      Social networks and online communities can build better customer, partner and supplier relationships.
    • 8. Reason 2
      • Prevent vital corporate knowledge from being trapped in information
      • silo’s so it can be reused by others in the organization
        • Personal laptops
        • Email Inboxes
        • Enterprise applications
        • In peoples heads
      • Finding information, and the people who have it, is easier when
      • relationships and activities are easily accessible to those who need it
        • Employee profiles (knowledge, skills and abilities)
        • Employee contributions
        • Relationship building (creating contacts and networks)
      Social networks and online communities improve knowledge sharing across the entire organization.
    • 9. If HP knew, what HP knows… we would be 300% more productive . - Lou Platt, former CEO HP
    • 10. Reason 3
      • Attract younger workers (generation Y) by offering web 2.o tools in the office. Give them same great tools they use in their personal lives @ work
      • Integrate your social networking tools with existing business applications (MS Office, BlackBerry, Email) so that company veterans can easily adapt and use these new web 2.0 corporate social networking tools
      • Stop knowledge walking out the door by creating staff loyalty, trust and buy-in by enabling your workforce to choose the web 2.0 applications that they believe will help them be more productive
        • Loyalty
        • Personal investment
        • Self correction
        • Commitment
      Social networks and online communities facilitate recruiting, loyalty and staff retention.
    • 11. The capacity of 1000’s of knowledge workers to innovate is far greater than that of a few executives.
    • 12. Reason 4
      • Social networks and online communities increase
      • business opportunities
        • By creating deeper and more trusted connections with your customers, partners and suppliers – they become more loyal and are less likely to leave
        • Keeping former employees in the loop may create chances to sell your products and services into their new organization.
        • Networked organizations are closer to their markets, act faster, and acquire the valuable survival skill of learning to swerve
      Social networks and online communities can improve business opportunities in your marketplace.
    • 13. Reason 5
      • S ocial networks can build a sense of community across geographically
      • dispersed teams, business units and your growing mobile workforce
        • Employees must work across time zones, language barriers, cultural differences.
        • Employees are more distributed - 70% of employees work somewhere other than at head office
        • Within 5 years the “Net Gen” population will out number the rest of the working population
        • Over the past 5 years there has been an 800% increase in mobile workers.
        • Employees now change roles and jobs more frequently (on average every 3 years)
      Social networks and online communities can help to connect your distributed and mobile workforce.
    • 14. Implementation Challenges
    • 15. Business Challenges
      • May require changes in corporate culture and work processes
        • Understanding the challenges is one key to using the networks successfully
      • Can be very time intensive
        • As with Internet access, the tool has to be focused on work and not become a distraction
      • May mean giving up some control
        • Allowing workers to add information and access it freely means breaking down old hierarchies. Managers need to become enablers
      • Can challenge the organization chart
        • Tensions are possible when the best person to contact is in another division, or a direct report to another manager
    • 16. A Few Leading Adopters
    • 17. Some of the largest companies in the world rely on IGLOO Software to power their online business communities. We hope you are next!
    • 18.
      • Business Challenge
        • Local city officials needed a way to improve transparency, accessibility and feedback on taskforce reports published by the city
        • Could not have the solution hosted internally due to security reasons
        • Needed the community up and running in 5 business days
      • Solution
      • Created an online government network where:
      • City officials and researchers collaborate on taskforce reports
      • General public can view and provide feedback and recommendations on published reports
      Mayor Taskforce City of Ottawa
    • 19.
      • Business Challenge
      • Create a publicly accessible web site to promote the fund on a global scale to potential partners building applications for the world leading BlackBerry® device developed by RIM
      • Set up a private online community for the investment committee to coordinate, manage and collaborate on potential partner funding applications and competitions.
      • Solution
      • Created a public web site to promote the BlackBerry Partner Fund to companies interested in developing applications for the BlackBerry mobile devices
      • Private network for certified partners to help them:
        • Manage the investment and due diligence proc
        • Collaboration and knowledge sharing environment for partners including online support forums; wiki for best practices; and access to expert bloggers
      Blackberry Partners Fund
    • 20.
      • Business Challenge
      • Working within a short window - 37 days to be
      • exact , the David Suzuki Foundation needed to
      • create an interactive online community for public
      • engagement focused on raising the visibility of
      • environmental issues during the 2008 Canadian
      • federal election.
      • Solution
      • David Suzuki Foundation created the Vote Environment 2008 website
      • Vote Environment 2008, which took only three days to build and deploy, already has more than 500 community members and 25,000 page views each day
      • Easy-to-use, the site lets members quickly post content and opinions to the site and discuss topics of importance to the election
      David Suzuki
    • 21.
      • Business Challenge
      • Rotary International has long played a role in relief efforts, most recently in Myanmar and China.
      • By using powerful new social networking software, DRRAG helps to significantly increase the speed with which member clubs coordinate relief efforts, funnel donations and provide support for the implementing agencies on the ground.
      • Solution
      • The DRRAG online community securely connects Rotarians using a collection of easy to use Web 2.0 tools.
      • When a disaster occurs, members from more than 200 countries can instantly tap into the DRRAG network to solicit support from other Rotary members, offer volunteering support and access links to other international emergency management NGO's and governments.
      Rotary Disaster Relief
    • 22. Conclusion
      • Businesses, organizations and institutions are looking at their stakeholders as a community of individuals whom they are trying to build a long term relationship with.
      • Social Software and online communities can help by offering easy to use, cost effective and fast to deploy tools that help in:
        • Creating direct dialogue and conversations with stakeholder groups in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
        • Establishing networks – where members are alive and kicking, talking to one another, sharing thoughts, supporting one another and expressing themselves, all keys to innovation and retention.
        • Increasing the speed and the ability to launch new products within hours rather than months with instant feedback on successes and flaws.
        • Creating loyalty and trust through direct engagement with employees, customers, partners, suppliers and peers.
    • 23. I.877.ON.IGLOO
      Start your 15 Day Premium Trial today: