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It Pays to Allow your Workers to Socialize
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It Pays to Allow your Workers to Socialize


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. It Pays to Allow Your Workers to Socialize In the 21 st Century, Business Efficiencies are Achieved Through Social Activity Rob Koplowitz, Forrester Dan Latendre, IGLOO Software Grant Sojnocki, Arrow Enterprise March 30, 2010
  • 2. Webinar Agenda
    • Forrester Market Analysis
      • Rob Koplowitz, Principal Analyst, Forrester
    • Business Value of Social Software
      • Dan Latendre, CEO IGLOO Software
    • Case Study – Arrow Electronics
      • Grant Sojnocki, Business Development, Arrow ECS
    • Q & A
      • Please enter your questions in the chat window at anytime during the session
      • Questions will be answered at the end of the session
  • 3. Our Presenters
    • Rob Koplowitz
    • Principal Analyst, Forrester
    • Rob serves Information & Knowledge Management professionals. He leads Forrester's research in the areas of how basic content management, instant messaging, blogs, and wikis relate to enterprise usage and the emerging trend of using Microsoft Office as a front end for line-of-business information and processes.
    • Dan Latendre
    • CEO, IGLOO Software
    • Dan has been a technology innovator for the past 20 years working with such pioneering companies as MKS, Delrina and Open Text Corporation. He has played significant roles in the development and marketing of numerous leading edge internet-based technologies and applications.
    • Grant Sojnocki
    • Business Development, Arrow Enterprise
    • Grant has many years of experience in information technology sales, sales management, channel management and strategy. As marketing & business development manager for Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS) Canada, Grant Sojnocki oversees marketing for the IBM Group and leads new business development for Arrow ECS' Canadian business.
  • 4. Forrester – Collaboration and Social Driving Competitive Advantage Rob Koplowitz Principal Analyst. Forrester
  • 5. Organizations are investing in collaboration and social to drive competitive differentiation. The landscape of options is rich. Invest with an eye toward driving business value.
  • 6. Tapping the power of the knowledge worker Structured human activities & system-intensive processes Ad hoc, messy, chaotic human activities
  • 7. Tapping the power of the knowledge worker
  • 8. Collaboration will get even hotter in 2010 Base: 1007 IT decision-makers Source: 2009 Enterprise Software Survey Increase deployment and use of collaboration technologies
  • 9. Social will play a major role in knowledge continuity Disparate Systems Operations in Europe Your company Email, IM English IM, Email, other collaboration Customer support in Asia Your partners, suppliers Workspaces, Social networking German, Mandarin Cross-Geography Cross- Organization Generational Communications Multiple Languages World’s best worker works for you World’s best worker leaves for competition Employee Turnover Knowledge Continuity ERP, CRM, other LOB apps
  • 10. What’s driving Web 2.0 investments? For which of the following activities is your firm currently using Web 2.0 tools and technologies? (Select all that apply) Base: 603 North American and European IT decision-makers Source: Enterprise And SMB Software Survey, North America And Europe, Q4 2009
  • 11. Enterprise 2.0 Vendors will differentiate in 2010
  • 12. Expect greater specialization and domain expertise Drive Efficiency
  • 13. A game plan to consider
    • Understand the changing competitive dynamics and harness them
    • Focus on knowledge worker efficiency
    • Reach beyond IT as you plan your strategy to move forward
    • Don’t throw tools at the opportunity; look to solve business problems
    • Leading this effort will drive IT relevance to the business bottom line
  • 14. Question for the Audience
    • How important is it to increase your company’s investment and use of social networking to accompany your existing collaboration solution?
    • Very important
    • Important
    • Somewhat important
    • Not at all Important
    • We do not have a collaboration solution
    • We have just begun to investigate collaboration & social networking solutions together
  • 15. IGLOO Software – Finding the Business Value in Social Software Dan Latendre CEO, IGLOO Software
  • 16. Some Context - Web 2.0 Phase…
    • In a phase the experts call web 2.0
    • Made popular by consumer tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
    • Free, easy to use tools that allow us to collaborate, network and share like never before
    Web 2.0
  • 17. A New Business Paradigm Business is both a personal and social activity... Companies don’t build products, do deals or make service calls... ... People do!
  • 18. Not a NEW Concept…
    • Business Social Networking (BSN) has been around for over 100 years
      • “ Face to Face” meetings, conference calls, water cooler conversations are all early forms of CSN
    Email now takes on average over 20% of a knowledge workers day.  Leading Analyst Group
  • 19. Beware - Not the Same…
    • Consumer
    • Social Software
      • FUN
      • FREE
      • YOU
    • Business
    • Social Software
      • BUDGET
      • COMPANY
    • Focus
      • Inside the organization
    • Audience
      • Employees
    • Business Value
      • Improving productivity, agility and innovation with a more connected & knowledgeable workforce
    • How?
      • Creating “ team driven ” corporate social networks that connect employees to the people, information and processes they need in order to get their jobs done effectively and efficiently
    • Focus
      • Outside the organization
    • Audience
      • Customers, partners, suppliers, members and alumni
    • Business Value
      • Getting closer to your markets to increase responsiveness to changing conditions
    • How?
      • Extending social networking beyond the corporate firewall to connect with your partners, customers and suppliers to create deeper, stronger & more trusted relationships
  • 21. Why Should We Care? If HP knew , what HP knows , we would be 300% more productive.  Lou Platt Former CEO, HP
  • 22. Workplace: Benefits of Social Software
    • Connecting your dispersed employees & teams to improve productivity
      • Departments, Lines of Business, Geographies, Company-wide
    • Learning & Collaboration
      • On average, 70% of learning occurs informally
      • Real-time, continuous, on-the-job training and knowledge-sharing for your workforce
      • Eliminate redundancy - projects and tasks
    • Talent & Expertise Location
      • Finding and connecting with top talent across the organization is critical for organizations to effectively and efficiently respond to daily workplace initiatives
    • Leadership Development
      • Creating an environment for bottom up innovation
      • Motivating leaders to become enablers, not gatekeepers
      • Involving employees in the enterprise strategy and collaborative decision-making, as well as supporting innovation and idea generation
  • 23. Marketplace: Benefits of Social Software
    • Building your brand & reputation management
      • Across all of your key external stakeholder groups including prospects, customers, partners, suppliers and influencers
    • Market Responsiveness
      • Social organizations are closer to their markets, act faster, and acquire the valuable survival skill of learning to swerve when market conditions change
    • Recruit & Hire Top Talent
      • Use the power of social networks and talent communities to find, connect, and eventually hire top talent into the organization
    • Reinforce & Build Corporate Brand
      • Online communities and social networks can help to build trust and loyalty with existing customers
      • Be more responsive
      • Be more transparent
      • Be more engaging
  • 24.  
  • 25. Motorola product experts blog and moderate product forums while members post upcoming meeting, conferences and events.
  • 26. Account Managers can now support GG1 320+ retailers online – answering questions, promoting thousands of products and managing incentive programs.
  • 27. Social Business Software In Action Partner Portal Intranet & Partner Portal Website Web site Website & Customer Portal Website & Customer Portal Website & Customer Portal & Intranet Website Innovation Portal & Website Customer Portal & Website Website-Fundraising Intranet
  • 28. How it Pays to Socialize “ Employees”
    • know-how
    • skills
    • ideas
    • conversations
    • experience
    • expertise
    • relationships
    “ Teams”
    • focus
    • control
    • buy-in
    • collaboration
    • knowledge sharing
    • efficiency
    • reduced duplication
    • learning
    • knowledge
    • capacity
    • productivity
    • innovation
    • trust
    • loyalty
    • culture
    “ Enterprise” Marketing Community Customer Community Partner Community Services Community R & D Community
    • Step 1: Goals - What do you want social software to do for your business?
    • Step 2: The Plan - How will the goals be achieved? Budget? Resourcing?
    • Step 3: Implementation – Timing, Training, Marketing, Technology, Ownership? Roles? Sustainability, Growth?
    • Step 4: Measuring results – What are your measures of success? How will they be measured? Communicated?
    • Step 5: Revisit/Refine/Redeploy - You've gathered information now it's time to look at what's working and what isn't.
  • 30. Measuring ROI
    • Do you get new products or services to market - faster ?
    • Are their resulting cost reductions in existing business units because of improved processes and communications?
    • Has the community improved knowledge sharing ? (i.e., best practices and tools that improve the quality of processes, products, or services)
    • Are you better connected to your customers? And are they more satisfied? Resulting in higher customer retention and/or minimized support costs.
    • Has knowledge sharing increased rate of innovation ? New product improvements, methodologies and/or ideas?
    • Employee satisfaction and motivation, has it improved? Have your employee retention rates gone up? Are more people applying for jobs? Have the number of sick days gone down?
    ROI from a social context is not about “monetization” but measuring the incremental value it brings to your business. It is about measuring how well an employee, team and/or even company is doing in meeting the business challenges they are trying to address.
  • 31. Question for the Audience
    • What is the primary reason you are investing in collaboration and social networking?
    • Knowledge share
    • Bridge disparate geographical locations
    • Improve customer support
    • Modernize company intranet
    • Reach new customers
    • Reduce email usage
    • Manage projects
    • Drive competitive advantage
    • Corporate communications
    • Foster innovation
    • All of the above
    • Unsure – just beginning to investigate alternatives
  • 32. ARROW ECS – Case Study Grant Sojnocki Business Development, Arrow ECS
  • 33. Arrow Electronics
    • A major global provider of products, services, and solutions to the electrical component and computer product industries
      • Headquartered in Melville, New York.
      • 70 years of computer product and component distribution
      • Fortune 500 company
      • Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS )
        • A leading value-added distributor of hardware, software, storage and security solutions.
    Arrow Electronics, Inc. . Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS) Global Components
  • 34. Challenges and Objectives
    • Version nightmare
    • E-mail
    • We need…
    • Security
    • Ease of use
    • Self managed
    • Private & Public
    Resellers Market Public Prospects
  • 35.
    • Private
    • Branded
    • Flexible
  • 36.  
  • 37.
    • Live view
    • Access
    • Audit
    • Versions
    • Search
  • 38.
    • Public
    • Branded
    • No IT
  • 39. IGLOO Software – The Right Choice
    • Quick To Launch
      • Beta Community Launched in 72 hours
    • Cost Effective
      • Lots of standard functionality
      • Limited “I.T.” requirements
      • SaaS Model
    • Flexible / Met Our Needs +
      • Private and Public flexibility
      • Easy To Collaborate as individuals or groups
      • Strong Content Management Capabilities
    • Secure & Branded
      • Easy to manage all levels of security
      • Easily DC-3 Branded
    • IGLOO Partnership
      • Flexible and responsive
      • continued enhancements we can easily adopt
  • 40. Q & A Thank-you