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Bingiriya Area Estate
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  • 2. STRENGTHS (Internal) WEAKNESSES(Internal)1) Quality of Coconut /Copra is above standard. 1) No value added Products.2) More than 100 years in the industry. 2) Scarcity of Labor and Low Productivity.3) High Valued Assets and large Coconut Estates. 3)Poor Marketing and product Development programs.4) Highly Suitable Landscape & soil for Coconut 4)Dependence on Basic Market as a supplier ofPlantations and other Crops. raw materials.(Fresh nut,copra,husks,trees)5)Availability of lands for development of main 5)No Financial backing to start on new AgriProduct- Coconut Business Ventures.6) Opportunities for Crop Diversification. 6) Profits earned by the estate are given to otherEg:Dragon purposes not related to the estate without utilizing itFruit,Bannana,Mango,Cinnamon,Ginger,Coffee,Pe to increase the salaries of the staff and laborers.pper,Arecanut,Pineapple7) High Valued Lands for Infrastructure 7)Low Palm density, resulting low yields. SenileDevelopments. Palms.8)Potential for 8)Poor Re/Under Planting Program.InterCrops,Livestock,Cashew,Timber Plantations9) At Present The Bingiriya Area Estate is running 9)Weak a profit.10) Assured profit due to high coconut prices. 10)Non Availability of Proper Cadre system and Human resources.11) Availability of reserve investment funds for 11)Poor Capital Assets Management .new investments and development.12)Govt Owned Business with Organized 12) Unutilized structure.13) Copra manufacturing, Further manufacturing 13)Unutilized Fixed Deposits,Funds,Technicalof Coconut oil and Virgin oil. Personal14) Coir Husk Industry. 14)Unavailability of State of the art Euipment,machinery,laptops,palmtops,15) Turning Coconut Plantation into Agri Business. 15) Private Mgt until May2008 resulted in less Under Planting & infrastructure maintenance.16) Making Coconut Milk, Coconut Ghee, Coconut 16)No trained Personnel in the estate.Powder.. 17)Staff and Laborer’s are not updated or given training of latest methodologies used in the world in plantation management.
  • 3. OPPORTUNITIES(external) TREATS(external)1) Increase demand for livestock products. 1) High price fluctuation in the market.2)Close to the fence planting valuable timber. 2)Unser eyed Land utilized for paddy cultivatione.g.: teak,mahogany,nadun,jak tree..etc….3) The newest product in the estate the dragon 3)High capital expenditure in dragon fruitfruit could access untapped markets and cultivationpotential for further growth.4)Rain Water harvesting utilized for Fisheries. 4)Soil erosion5)Mango cultivation in the estate. 5)Robbing of coconut and other products of the estate.6)Getting an extra income through Dragon fruit 6)The staff and Laborers because of lack ofand using that money for the betterment of the knowledge mishandling ofestate. finances,equipment,livestock etc..7)Increase value of lands for development 7)No proper watchers ,no proper training and noactivities. mechanism to properly safe guard the estate at all times8)Demand for genetically superior high quality 8)Utilization of Inorganic Fertilizers in adverselycoconut seedlings. affecting the Crops.9)No product completion(Coconut has less 9)No funding from the top management in thesubstitutes in Sri Lanka) accurate time. 10)Dolamatation In proper time 11)Approval from head office on time. 12) Dead and fallen trees should be removed immediately. Otherwise pest will develop. 13)COP due to world market prices.(Petroleum price levels and devaluation of rupee value) 14) Changes of weather patterns affects the production and its an uncontrollable factor. 15)Non Availability of trained labor and reluctance of youth for the industry, specially picking, husking 16)Varying trade and tax policy for importation of palm oil ,which is a competitive substitute for coconut oil 17) Unknown diseases and insect damages for the Dragon fruit cultivation. 18)High capital expenditure for dragon fruit cultivation.