People talk - winter issue data-driven approach helps


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Bringing Better Data to Human Resource
Article for BCHR Magazine
Doug McCann
Managing Principal, Predictive Success
Vancouver BC

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People talk - winter issue data-driven approach helps

  1. 1. Recruitment V18 • N4 • Winter 2012 Hire Standards: Better Fit Are Your Hiring Practices Preventing You From Finding the Right Fit? A Healthy Cynic’s View of Social Media Recruiting The Expectation of Excellence: Creating a High- Supply and Demand: Performance Culture The Market for TalentPM 40010722 BC HRMA’s Information Source for Human Resources Professionals
  2. 2. CONTENTS V18 | N 4 | W i n t e r 2 0 1 2 20 46 18cover story departments20 Hire Standards: Better Fit 11 upfront and online 36 workplace wellness By Brenda Jacobsen, LinkedIn Shifting the Perception of and Twitter highlights Disability in the Workforce By Karen Lai and Mark Gruenheid 12 people and perspectives What has been the best 38 HRP update Cassociation news recruiting experience for your organization? CHRP Growing Brand Recognition By Maureen Campbell7 president’s message 14 members’ corner8 editor’s message BC HRMA Conference 2013: 40 aising the bar r Six Tips to Inspire, Influence, Policy, Property and Privacy:9 contributors Innovate Employer-owned Computers By Erin Engstrom By Graeme McFarlane 16 leadership 42 peopletech Yesterday’s Model? (New A Healthy Cynic’s View of Modes of Thinking Required) Social Media Recruiting By Jennifer Gervès-Keen By Dawn Longshaw The Expectation of Data-Driven Approach Helps Excellence: Creating a Find Employees Who Fit “You’re only as good as the people High-Performance Culture By Doug McCann you hire.” By Eitan Sharir —Ray Kroc 46 bottom line 30 researchVOICE Skills Mismatch a Supply and Demand: Growing Concern “First-rate people hire first-rate people; The Market for Talent By Jock FInlayson second-rate people hire third-rate By Ian J. Cook, CHRP Maximize the Value of Total people.” 32 recruitment Rewards in Your Hiring Process —Leo Rosten and retention By Peter Saulnier, CHRP and Are Your Hiring Practices Vincent Chow “We hire people who want to make the Preventing You From Finding the Right Fit? 50 voice and vision best things in the world.” Lang Knows Her Business By Karen Zukas —Steve Jobs (and Yours) 34 training and By Jason McRobbie teambuilding Northern Symposium Highlights New HR Realities By Isabelle St-Jean peopletalk | W i n t e r 2 012 5
  3. 3. peopletechData-Driven Approach HelpsFind Employees Who FitBy Doug McCannW h e n t h e job m a r k e t i s t igh t, de spe r at ion their array of hiring tactics with scientific, data-driven solutions may drive recruiters to hire someone who might such as personality assessments. Coast Wholesale Appliances not be the first choice. With the high cost of and more than 7,800 other organizations across the world use turnover, most prefer to an assessment called the Predictive Indexhold out for the ideal person. “Our goal is to hire the right people for “People know (PI). The tool is available in 65 languages, ideal for cross-cultural validation ofright position so we have a better retentionrate over time,” says Maurice Paquette, how to answer candidates. Developed in 1955, the PI measurespresident and CEO of Coast WholesaleAppliances, a major household appliance interview questions a person’s underlying personality traits, such as extroversion, dominance andsupplier based in Vancouver, BC. “The in the way patience. Individuals check off a list ofsavings are huge.” adjectives to describe themselves and the Getting the right person into the right you want” way others see them, and software calcu-job can be tricky. Companies need to lates and analyzes the results. Companiesunderstand where people’s strengths lie and how they will work can use the resulting two-page report on the inner drives of thewith colleagues and managers. The fit with the corporate cul- individual to match applicants with current job opportunities.ture is also becoming increasingly important as labour shortages “People can’t ‘game’ the system,” says Paquette, who has usedin Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. drive companies to cast their the tool in several companies for more than 20 years. “It showsnets in the international pool. who people naturally are and if there’s a conflict in how they To gain this understanding, smart businesses are beefing up present themselves.” Immigrant Talent A Key to Business Success “ We’ve hired skilled immigrant workers since day one and they have definitely contributed to the company’s success. We pride ourselves on being a multicultural and diverse organization with employees from around the globe. Skilled immigrants hold positions at every level of our company and strengthen the talent of our team.” – Harry Watson, President and General Manager, Metro Testing Laboratories IEC-BC champions innovative solutions for BC employers to attract, hire and retain skilled immigrant talent such as the new Employer Innovation Fund. Learn more about the Employer Innovation Fund and how IEC-BC connects employers to immigrant talent. Ali Boromand, Concrete Lab Manager and Visit Harry Watson, President and General Manager, Metro Testing Laboratories44 p e o p l e t a l k | W i n t e r 2 012
  4. 4. “People know how to answer interview questions in the way “We promote from within the organization, and a behavioralyou want,” agrees Laila Lee, Recruitment Specialist, Canada for assessment is a good indicator of an employee’s potential forcommercial real estate services company Colliers International. success in a future role or leadership position,” says Gerard“PI has given us an extra edge in Montocchio, Flynn’s vice presidentidentifying the behavioral fit from of HR. “For example, a person maythe start.” be quite good at the technical aspects She adds, “In terms of turnover, of the job, but may find it difficultthe issue for most companies tends to delegate responsibilities to be around the manager/employee Uncovering those behaviors or workrelationship. Using behavioral assess- styles leads to the right job fit.”ment lets us put the right people in New ma nagers at Microsof tthe right role. We’re a fast-paced ser- Canada were early adopters of thisvice company, and we need detail- data-driven approach to hiring.oriented, organized people who can “The managers loved it because theyadapt quickly. Knowing someone’s were able to get to know their teamsnatural style will help them stay in quicker and better,” says Randythe role for the long term.” Lenaghan, Microsoft’s vice president of enterprise sales. Checking the fit between a potential employee and manager “After seeing its value, they quickly became evangelists for itis effective for more than new hires. It also supports re-assigning throughout the organization.”hires placed in jobs for which they are not well suited, or to help Personality assessments can’t replace the standard job inter-when promoting employees. view, but they do give companies a powerful tool to make bet- Flynn Canada Ltd., a roofing, glazing and curtain wall ter hiring decisions. And when faced with fierce competition forservices contractor, uses PI when an employee is up for candidates in a tight job market, that can mean the differencepromotion. Checking the individual’s natural tendencies against between settling for second best and making the right hire.the requirements of the job allows the company to make faster,smarter staffing decisions. Additionally, insight into a person’s Doug McCann is managing principal for the B.C. and Alberta branch ofbehaviour and workplace drives can help managers better Predictive Success Corporation (, the Canadianmotivate, drive performance and improve morale. licensee of international management consulting firm PI Worldwide. Compare your results with over 100 participating organizations from across Canada Learn more about the many benefits of joining the service at one of our monthly demos — next available demo is February 7th HUMAN RESOURCES INSTITUTE OF ALBERTA 1 800 665 1961 x125 peopletalk | W i n t e r 2 012 45