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Powerpoint for the interview

Powerpoint for the interview

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  • 1. Demetri Kyriakis Brandeis University-LTS-Research and Instruction Services Presentation November 30, 2006
  • 2. A little about me…
  • 3. Innovation and libraries: Adapt or be irrelevant?
  • 4. For example…
  • 5. The Haskell Free Library and Opera House: the front door is in Derby Line, Vermont, the back door is in Rock Island, Quebec.
  • 6. Why I love libraries…
  • 7. Public libraries in the United States are THE most democratic and uniquely American of all our institutions.
  • 8. “ Technolust – an irrational love for new technology combined with unrealistic expectations for the solution it brings.” Technoplans vs. Technolust by Michael Stevens Library Journal, November 1, 2004
  • 9. That being said…my picks!
    • Camtasia Studio
    • Wiki
    • Podcasting
    • Tablet PCs
  • 10. Camtasia Studio
    • Best example of it’s use:
    • The Horn Library at Babson College.
  • 11. Wiki – Hawaiian word for “fast” Collaborative authoring is it’s purpose.
  • 12. For example…
  • 13. Podcasting Definition from the New Oxford American Dictionary: "a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player". More info:
  • 14. Tablet PCs Best use: Friday, March 12th • Track B — Web Tools & Practices Session B304: Tablet PCs at the Reference Desk 3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. David Bennett, Systems Librarian Donald M. Luisi, Public Services Librarian Jackie Corinth, Robert Morris University Library
  • 15. As librarians and instructional technologists, we must:
    • Do the unexpected
    • Act on crazy ideas
    • Trial and error
    • If technology serves no goal, then it serves no purpose
  • 16. Relevance to our community is to give them what they want, how they want it. As librarians, we may deem their behavior as “inappropriate”.
  • 17. I believe that libraries and technology are a natural fit together.
  • 18. Thank you!