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It's Elementary: Web 2.0 in the elementary classroom

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Slides from a presentation given to elementary teachers on Friday March 30, 2007. There's quite a bit of video content and lots of links. All sources are cited. Enter the urls into your browser to …

Slides from a presentation given to elementary teachers on Friday March 30, 2007. There's quite a bit of video content and lots of links. All sources are cited. Enter the urls into your browser to view the multimedia content.

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  • Great demonstration. I've taken a number of the framework graphics as well as adapted to my startup
    http://financeadded.com http://traveltreble.com
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  • 1. It’s Elementary ... Web 2.0 in the Elementary Classroom "the real value of blogs What can I do with this “object”? and wikis is not the How can I re-use it? tool itself. It's what How can I “recontextualize it”? the tool enables" What is it exactly I can do with it? Here is the big answer. George Siemens I can link to it. Alan Levine Darren Kuropatwa http://adifference.blogspot.com
  • 2. What is Web 2.0? one way web vrs. two way web attitude Photo source: http://flickr.com/photos/30153399@N00/245962103/
  • 3. An Attitude everything is customizable, personalized, interactive and constantly evolving video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4mStrgvzXs
  • 4. http://www.go2web20.net/
  • 5. What is a blog? Howard Rheingold: "Blogs are publications on the internet that enable many people to publish their words in text, or spoken word, or videos, or paintings, or music. Whatever form you want to show the world you can use a blog to show the world and you can do it everyday. It’s not static, it changes when you have a new creation, when you have a new thought you add that to your blog and your readers can see it wherever they are in the world." source: The Weblog Project http://www.theweblogproject.com/
  • 6. What is a blog? Nancy White video source: http://www.theweblogproject.com//2005/10/28/nancy_white.htm
  • 7. Two of my blogs ... http://adifference.blogspot.com http://am40sw07.blogspot.com
  • 8. What is a wiki? One of Kathy Cassidy’s Class wikis “My grade ones and twos want to know what 1000 looks like. We are collecting 1000 names. Can you help us by adding your name to our wiki? Just click on edit at the top of the page, add the next number and your name at the bottom, then click save.”
  • 9. source: Kathy Cassidy’s Grade 1& 2 Classroom Blog
  • 10. What is a wiki? Learn more ... Wisconsin Online Resource Center: What is a wiki? See Heavy Metal Umlaut: the movie, by Jon Udell
  • 11. What is podcasting? Ask a Ninja video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEmss2lg-ug
  • 12. What is podcasting? Learn more ... From Podcast Alley: What is a podcast? From the Free Podcast Tutorial: How To Podcast
  • 13. K12 Online The conference that never ends... March 27, 2007 Hi Darren, Teachers and staff developers have echoed this thought. I have learned more from other teachers workshop leaders and bloggers online during the last few years than I learned in graduate school. This is surely true for me. This network of teachers are incredibly generous with their time, energy and ideas. The K12 Online conference stands out as a watershed event. It was there then but continues to keep on giving. I use the podcasts and video presentations to demonstrate to my high school students , as well as my graduate students, how to use web 2.0 applications. They can see teachers experimenting with these tools and student work that demonstrate the effective use of technology. It also created a watering hole, or if you wish a cafe, for kindred spirits to meet and learn from each other. I am sure my experience was not unique. My experience is licensed by Creative Commons and maybe used without my permission. Stephen Fink
  • 14. K12 Online A Week In The Classroom Kathy Cassidy video source: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=39 Visit K12 Online
  • 15. Kathy’s Tools Class Blogmeister flickr.com audacity (a video tutorial) bubbleshare.com wikispaces.com
  • 16. The Story of Eddie
  • 17. Classes That Blog A quick overview of kindergarten through grade 8 classes that blog ... hold on to your seat ... Photo source: http://flickr.com/photos/igormazic/386777826/
  • 18. In Kindergarten ... http://kinderteacher.podomatic.com Kathy Shields, Alpharetta, Georgia
  • 19. Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2 ... Barbara Cohen, Corte Madera, California last year they adopted a duck ... Winner of the 2006 Edublog Star Award http://duckdiaries.edublogs.org/ (Convenors choice)
  • 20. Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2 ... ... this year ... trout. http://mcdsblogs.org/trout
  • 21. Grade 3 Mark Ahlness, Seatle, Washington The Mighty Writers Blog
  • 22. Grade 4 A multi purpose blog - class use, educational dialogue, blog resource and development. I'm a full time teacher at Glenelg School (Adelaide, South Australia) with a passion for professional learning, computer games in education and exploring the role of emerging technologies in education. My focus is catering to busy teachers with time commitments, crowded curricula and often elusive lives of their own. The miniLegends are Year 3 and 4 students - 9 year olds. Look for them amongst the meerkats above. http://alupton.wordpress.com/minilegends/
  • 23. Grade 5 and 6 Teresa Almeida d'Eça, Parede, Portugal Winner of the 2006 http://fwe2.motime.com/ Edublog Award for Best Teacher Blog
  • 24. Grade 6 Mike Hetherington’s Social Studies Class, Connecticut http://hetherington0607.learnerblogs.org ... you can find last year’s class blog here.
  • 25. Grade 7 and 8 Clarence Fisher, Snow Lake, Manitoba http://mr-fisher.edublogs.org This class is doing some remarkable collaboration with 3 other classes: one in Virginia, one in Cartagena Columbia and one in Kuala-Lumpur Malaysia ... it’s called The International Teen Life Project.
  • 26. Did You Know? video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXbBVY5aZ-I
  • 27. Thanks