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Tongues 4

  1. 1. IntroductionTo Spiritual Gifts
  2. 2. DEFINITION: A spiritual gift is a supernatural ability, given to a believerat the time of salvation,enabling him to minister to the Body of Christ in the area of that gift.
  3. 3. What about the “Temporary Gifts”… especially‘Speaking in Tongues’?
  4. 4. CESSATIONIST: This is the view that themiraculous sign gifts of the apostolic age “ceased” with the passing of the first generation of Christians.
  5. 5. SPEAKING IN TONGUES:The God-given ability to speak in an existing, foreign language, which the speaker has not previously known or learned,as a sign of God’s confirmation on the speaker, and God’s judgment on the nation of Israel.
  6. 6. SPEAKING IN TONGUES:• Existing, foreign languages γλῶσσα = “glōssa,” vv. 3, 4, 11; later in Acts; and I Corinthians. διάλεκτος = “dialektos,” vv. 6, 8
  7. 7. SPEAKING IN TONGUES:Confirmation on the speaker... •The Eleven Apostles, Acts 2:1-14 •Samaritans, Acts 8:14-17(implied) •Gentiles, Acts 10:44-46; Cf. also11:15-17 and 15:6-11.
  8. 8. SPEAKING IN TONGUES:Tongues are for a sign to unbelievers, I Cor. 14:20-22! Compare Isaiah 28:9-13
  9. 9. SPEAKING IN TONGUES:I Corinthians 13:8-12 says that tongues will cease: • Prophecy will be done away • Tongues will cease • Knowledge will be done away
  10. 10. When will “Prophecy” and“Knowledge” be “done away”?What is “the perfect,” of v. 10?
  11. 11. “Prophecy” and“the Word of Knowledge” have to do with God giving revelation to man!
  12. 12. “We know “out of a part”and we prophesy “out of a part.” But when that which is complete (“the perfect”) comes, then that which is “out of a part” will be done away.
  13. 13. “That which is complete” is Scripture... the completed“canon” of Scripture… God’scompleted revelation to man! ∴ When the Scriptures were completed, “Prophecy” and “the word of knowledge” were done away.
  14. 14. Tongues ceased…as a sign to unbelieving Israel, when God finally stopped “dealing with Israel,” in ~70 A. D.,when the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, and the offer of the kingdom was withdrawn.
  15. 15. Therefore, by the end of the 1 Century, st prophecy and the word ofknowledge had been done away, because the Scriptures were completed, and “tongues” ceased, becauseGod was working in the Church, not with Israel.
  16. 16. Further teaching on Tongues in I Corinthians 14• It is better to edify others than to speak in tongues, 1-19.• One who speaks in tongues “edifies” himself, 4.• If all are speaking in tongues, a visitor will think they are “mad,” 23
  17. 17. Note how Paul DE-values “tongues”: • No one understands, 2 • Edifies himself, 4 • Greater is the one who prophesies, 4. • What will it profit you?, 6 • How will it be known what is spoken?, 9 • You will be speaking into the air,
  18. 18. Note how Paul DE-values “tongues”: • I will be a barbarian to the one who speaks, 11. • My mind is unfruitful, 14. • He does not know what you are saying, 16. • The other person is not edified, 17.
  19. 19. Note how Paul DE-values “tongues”: • I desire to speak 5 words with my mind, so that I may instruct others, rather than 10,000 words in a tongue, 19. • Will they not say that you are mad?
  20. 20. Rules on the use of Tongues in a church service, 14:26-341. All things must be done for edification, 26.2. If anyone speaks in tongues, it should be only 2 or at the most, 3, 27.3. Each one must speak in turn (one at a time, not all at once!),
  21. 21. Rules on the use of Tongues in a church service, 14:26-344. One person must interpret for all tongue-speaking, 27.5. If there is no interpreter present, then there must be no tongue- speaking, 28.6.There should be no un-interpreted tongue-speaking, 26-28.
  22. 22. Rules on the use of Tongues in a church service, 14:26-347. There must be no confusion, 33.8. NO women are to speak in tongues in the service, 33-34.9. All things must be done properly and in an orderly manner, 40.
  23. 23. Rules on the use of Tongues in a church service, 14:26-34 I know of no charismatic or pentecostal churches that follow these clear, Biblical rules!
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