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Ultra smallest Multifunction Mouse
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Ultra smallest Multifunction Mouse






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    Ultra smallest Multifunction Mouse Ultra smallest Multifunction Mouse Presentation Transcript

    • Lingo Computing Episode 1
    • The marketing team of M&L Company has a plan of business trip to USA, which is 4 nights and 5 days long While not knowing what materials the customer company will ask for, team members are backing up the main materials to a large-sized hardware and printing th hd d i ti them t speedily respond t to dil d to any request.
    • Simple & Multiple However, Miss. Lingo has finished all his preparation with his sub-laptop and Lingo in the bag.
    • Remote Computing Wireless Mouse It is because you can get access to the main computer in Seoul for necessary materials and use them through remote computer control of Lingo while using wireless mouse for laptop works. Mr. Lingo brings Lingo only for a meeting where he is doing a presentation. He gets access to files of his main computer through the computer at the presentation site. • Ultra-small RF (2.4 Ghz) wireless mouse You should stop trying to find pointing devices appropriate for Net computer and laptop. Experience Lingo's interface, smallest in size, portable, and enabling delicate design works. • Remote computer control software loaded (Coolgate) Wherever you are, Lingo will enable you to get easy access to the main computer with key materials and data, study or download documents or materials.
    • Wireless RF Mouse Lingo Specification • Mouse 800 dpi Optical Sensor, Wireless RF 2.4 Ghzz • Ultra-small micro dongle (the maximum reception distance: 10 m) • Push Scroll Method • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer 320mAh • Time for charging after complete exhaustion: approximately 45~50 minutes • Continuous use: 14~16 hours •A t Automatic power control ti tl
    • PC Remote Control Lingo Li ① Connect (charging + data integration cable) to the main body and computer ② Recognize as a removable disk, ③ Double-click [CGstart.exe] within the folder of (remote computer control) ④ Connect or click Connect (1) (2) (3) (4)
    • Lingo Entertainment Episode 2
    • Lingo Life Miss Lingo, after a lecture, does not put the laptop mouse into her bag as her friends do. She connects earphones to Lingo and listens to music with the MP3 function. Also in commercial computer rooms or public places, she surf the web with her own mouse. Whenever the simply designed MP3 Player changes to wireless mouse, she would only have to connect the ultra-small dongle to the computer to sense the surprised looks of people.
    • “MP3 Player” MP3 Player of Lingo is not just an added function. It provides rich sound quality and equalizing function that any comparison would never find it inferior to other famous MP3 Players.
    • MP3 Player / USB Memory (1G/4G) Lingo Specification • 3.5mm All in one Cable port (Integrated cable for charging and data transmission + Earphone) • MP3 Player: support MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG • LED indication in colors of blue, red, and orange. • Equalizing (Normal, Bass, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classic). • Auto Power Control • USB 2.0 supported • Lithium Polymer 320mA • Time for charging after complete exhaustion: approximately 45~50 minutes • Continuous use: 14~16 hours • 1G / 4G Flash Memory
    • Lingo POP UP Episode 3
    • Lingo Pop-Up Virtual Driver (L) Insurance company chose Lingo as the marketing tool which works for customer promotion and can narrow t ti d the distance from insurance planners of the company and customers. Customers will use functions of Lingo g provided as a present and when they connect to computer, automatically they will be logged in to the web-site or promotion site of the relevant insurance company and will be able to simply learn the responsible planner, own insurance information and so forth without having to access several times. Also insurance planners directly get access to the intranet of h /hi company and easily th i t t f her/his d il identify customer information for consultation. This is not stored in computers but works within Lingo itself, and y g you can use the relevant information in computers in public places with security.
    • Ready Booster Lingo Internet Ad [News] (1) (3) Notebook Auto Function PC Connect (2) [Homepage] Lingo provides the portable flash memory space. When connecting it just like other general memory sticks, it automatically reads memory areas. [Program] Ready Booster of Li RdB t f Lingo i a f is function of which a program runs within it own CPU areas ti f hi h ithi its without installation of programs in computer. (programs using the relevant function or Web Site can be added after the company's choice)
    • Have or Not (Whether (Wh th you h have Li Lingo or not) t) Integration of user interface and peripheral devices and optimized for Mobility Life, Lingo will create a new culture in using ubiquitous information devices. The world that owns Lingo and the other that does not The differences of these two starting from the question not. two, whether you own Lingo providing diverse functions and convenience in mobility, will become standards to decide whether you have access to the new interface culture presented by Lingo. The freedom of mobility coming along with Lingo proves that you are already advanced in the world. Technical & Entertainment Four functions held by Lingo provide more advanced technologies and more innovative interface than single products products. It will surprise and entertain you with ‘MP3 Player’ while on the move, with ‘RF wireless mouse and USB storage media’ while at work, and with remote computer control software while on an overseas business trip or outside. Multiple & Simple Throw away the preconception that a complex product with diverse functions is complex to use. The function interface loyal t each and every f l l to hd function i d i ti is designed f easy and i t iti use of anyone. d for d intuitive f
    • Lingo Advance & Technology Compact, Silky Design p y g Compact design of Lingo, smallest in size in the world, provides not only portability and mobility but also convenient UI. Delicate Pointing, body-fit click, push scroll Throw away the preconception that mouse shall touch the palm. The touch of a body-fit soft click makes you feel easiness on your fingertips. Elaborate Optical Sensor of 800Dpi and Push Scroll technologies of Lingo only will satisfy you with correct searching in long d l documents, i internet and so f h all easier and speedier than the existing R lli d forth, ll i d di h h ii Rolling S ll method. Scroll hd Rich sound quality, equalizing, sound quality correction Lingo s Lingo's MP3 Player is not just an additional function. You can enjoy not only the basic functions of MP3 Player such as sequential play, repeated play, random play and so forth but also the feelings of original sound itself with equalizing (Normal, Bass, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classic). Lingo MP3 Player finds the optimum range of the stored multi-media files (MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC Multimedia File) and provides technologies that amplify, correct, and play back.
    • Lingo Advance & Technology Automatic power control device When the main body does not operate for a certain length of time (1~5 minutes), it automatically intercepts the power and reduces unnecessary consumption of internal battery so that working hour is extended. (for both mouse and MP3 Player) Provision of Blue and Red LED and back light Changes of LED colors in power switch provide aesthetic splendidness and at the same time, allow you to intuitively confirm all information including functions of Lingo and working status, remaining charge of battery, status of charge and so forth. Simple setting of remote computer control program Remote computer control software installed by global firms like Sam Sung, San disk and so forth have already been proved f or its security and accessibility. Don't be afraid that environment establishment and setting for remote computer access are difficult. Lingo's remote compute r control solution will suffice with just one click..
    • Thank you