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Frictionless Participation Frictionless Participation Presentation Transcript

  • Frictionless Participation David Carter CTO & Founder Awareness Inc. Blog: Twitter: dkrcarter
  • Who the heck is David Carter?
    • Co-founder of Awareness
    • Based at our Canadian office near Toronto
    • Have been in the content management space since end of 2000
    • Prior to that Microsoft for 11 years
      • Internet Strategy Manager
      • Product Manager for IE3, IE4 in Canada (don't blame me)
      • Lots of other stuff…
    • Housekeeping for non Canadians
      • "aboot"="about"
      • "Eh" means "don't you agree?" or "what do you think?"
      • E.g. " This is going to be a good webinar eh? ", " How's it goin eh?"
    © 2008 Awareness
  • Great Customers View slide
  • Participation
    • Reading - Passive
      • Very little feedback
      • Doesn't influence the community
      • May not even need to be logged in
      • Skim along the surface
      • Not a bad thing
    • Participation - Interactive
      • Dive in
      • People interact with the site
      • People create content
      • People interact with each other
      • People update their profiles
      • It's a great metric to build an ROI statement
    View slide
  • Defining Successful Communities
    • Reading - Linear
    • Participation - Circular
      • More participation drives more content
      • More reasons for other people to visit
      • More visits means more potential participation
      • Rinse and repeat
    Participate Consume Consume
  • Friction / Engagement Scale Most Engaged Least Engaged Manage a Blog Manage a Topic Create a Wiki Topic / Start a Group Write a Guest Post Participate in a Wiki/Group/Discussion Post a threaded comment Leave a comment Vote / Rate / Bookmark Most Engaged Most Engaged Least Engaged Create a profile Edit/Update a profile View Friending Tagging
  • What customers do you think are the most valuable? Most Engaged Least Engaged Most Engaged Least Engaged
    • You know the most about this group
    • They help create a bigger footprint
    • They can drive the direction of the community
    • They consume
  • Easy Participation - Voting
    • Voting is simply a reaction to some content
    • Easy to do.. One click
    • Can influence the positioning of other content
    • Can add context to content
    • Don't think of it as simply "rate this post"
      • "mark as a favorite"
      • "was this post helpful?"
      • Or very purposed towards the category of content
        • "rate this best practice with respect to ROI"
        • "Choose this article for the 2008 end of year summary "
    • You can treat "reading" as an implied vote
  • Voting is great for sites with very little UGC
    • Add context to company information or product info
      • "great product for teens"
      • "rate the kid friendliness of this product"
      • "this product was easy to install"
    • Voting doesn't replace Survey's and Polls because it is targeted towards a piece of content. It is a reaction
    • Bookmarking is really a kind of "voting" isn't it?
      • Tag it and you added context
  • Profile Polling
    • In the past Profiles were private, now they are content
    • Doesn't it follow that profile questions could be asked in the form of a quick poll?
      • Share it as a profile item (with their permission)
      • Display the aggregate results
      • Capture the info for every single person
      • Dead simple
      • Find people who feel the same way you do
      • You don't "profile the heck" out of people when they first register
  • Show the results as you would a poll
    • However, clicking that data could show you members
    • Basically each interaction contributes to the complexity of your communities Social Graph
  • Friending
    • Friending is participation
    • It is a great point of participation because there is an implied context of "trust"
    • Make the friending process simple
      • Add this author to my people-list
    • Quick Discussion of "People-Lists"
  • Using Points of Enthusiasm
    • Opportunities present themselves that communities may already be enthusiastic about. Use those to gather content and broaden people's profiles
      • A Specific Topic
        • A company meeting
        • A company social event
        • A community happening / news event
          • See and see if there is any interest in the celtics today
      • A Process
        • A direct email campaign
        • A registration
        • A contest
      • Create a purposed "Quick Post" form to make participation dead simple
  • Comment / Threaded Comments
    • Discussion Forums are the original community
    • Next easiest participation because you still "react" but you have to formulate a thought
    • Threaded comments are a little more engaged because people can "react" to your comment
    • Make everything a discussion
    • We even have a widget for SharePoint content and script to capture discussions in your existing CMS systems
  • Imagine the interesting Aggregations Content Bookmarks Discussions Wiki Calendar Voting Profile Reputation Participation Profile Groups/ Friends Presence Photos Audio Video Clippings Voting
  • Play back the content in many ways
    • As a profile / blog
      • Show posts
      • Votes
      • Comments
      • Profile questions
    • As a category of content
      • E.g. Marketing, Sports, News etc.
    • As a result from community interaction
      • Highest voted
      • Most commented on
      • Most recent
  • Reputation can grow based on participation
    • Every interaction paints a picture
    • How people vote on that authors content
    • How that author votes
    • Where they submit content (what categories)
    • Who their friends are?
    • Where they hang out?
    • My twitter experiment.. Small world
  • What you should do next
    • Evaluate if your site (or plan) includes lots of frictionless participation
      • How can you lower the bar of entry
    • What are some obvious "Points of Enthusiasm" that you need to exploit
    • Call us and we can help you get started
  • Questions? David Carter Blog: Twitter: dkrcarter Email: